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Sat Oct. 20 to Fri Oct.- Sun City AZ

Saturday– We left at about 8:45 and stopped at Costco for gas, $2.79/ gal. We went to JoAnne’s. I wanted some material to make table cloths for the card room tables for Mahjongg. I promptly ran into a gal from Square Dancing who was there purchasing material for a skirt.  I found the material that I wanted for $6.99 a yard. I picked up some gold metallic thread and refills for my tape runner. I had a 60% off coupon, which I used on the material, making the three yards cost $8.39! I also used a Hobby Lobby coupon for 40% off and that also brought the total down. It was some sale, and the checkout line showed it. We waited in a long line with only two cashiers!

We stopped at Dollar Tree, for a cheap plastic pumpkin for the table. That will decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. We also picked up some lighted items which we will wear at the Halloween dance.

I texted Linda to ask when the sewing room was open. Then we went over to the card room and measured the tables. Three yards will do two table covers. We returned and Linda texted back that she was in a very long line at JoAnne’s. She had a key and said she will be going over there in about an hour. I was working on making the few Christmas cards that I sent to my elderly cousins who are not on Facebook or email.

Linda stopped by and Bob went with us to the sewing room. Linda was moving her machine and materials back to her rig, as more ladies are coming in to the park and she had to make room for them. She had left her stuff there all summer as they were here for Mike’s heart surgery.

Bob designed the circle for me and marked it. Then I cut the material. Now we have two more covers for playing Maj.

We returned and ate lunch. We read and watched more Homeland.  We ate dinner at home and watched some recorded TV.

Sunday-  A somewhat quiet day for us. Laundry and checking our accounts. Bob took the towels and sheets over to the laundry. At 10 I ran to Costco to pick up my new glasses. I returned and we retrieved the laundry. I was doing some laundry in the rig also.

We had a quiet afternoon and sat outside reading in the lounge chairs. We ate dinner and watched some recorded TV.  With all the awful political ads, we record everything and buzz through.

Monday- It rained again last night. They were not predicting it and we did not take in our lounge chairs! I went to water aerobics. Bob had to call and cancel his appointment with the new Primary Doc, since it is scheduled the day of surgery. The next available appointment is for January 17! He is going to need to have his meds renewed, so he is going to have to go back to the dingbat he saw for the pre-op, Oh well…

After lunch, we ran to Costco for me to get my glasses adjusted and to Walmart. We returned and had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Tuesday-  Bob cleaned the front of the motor home. I went to Mahjongg. After lunch, we read and watched some of Game of Thrones. Bob went to walk the dogs, but he  had to do it quickly. Thunderstorms were building and the winds started blowing. Both of our phones went off with an alert, as we were now under a flash flood warning. It flooded in downtown Phoenix, and we had a lot of rain. The park floods in a few areas, but we are not in those areas, so we were okay. We ate dinner and watched TV this evening.

Wednesday- Bob left at 8:15 to take the car back to the repair facility. I went to Mahjongg. The sun is shining and the weather is supposed to be drier with temps in the high 80’s. Bob was back in 1.5 hours. They need to order parts. So he has an all day appointment on Monday.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday-  I went to Maj this morning while Bob went to the exercise room. I returned, ate lunch, and left for my mani/pedi. Bob waited for Bulls Eye RV Repair to arrive. I stopped in at the Vets office to pick up Karlie’s expensive medication. Foster and Smith did not have the medication and was not sure when they would get it. The Vet only had 200 pills, and we only purchased 50 for $129. We are hoping they both get more of the pills before we need them again in 50 days. Karlie gets 1/2 a pill 2x a day.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. We finished this DVD of Game of Thrones.

Friday-  I went to water aerobics and Bob went to the exercise room. We returned and left for Bob’s Otologist appointment. It is in downtown Phoenix, so it takes awhile to get there.

It was a good appointment. They checked Bob’s hearing again, which we all agreed was a waste of time, but it was required by Medicare. Then the Doc came in and explained the procedure and answered our questions. The procedure will take 20 minute, from start to finish. Bob will be placed under general anesthesia and getting him under and then back up will take up most of the time! Bob has to take his hat with him so that the Doc can use it to mark where the post will go. He had to have his hat with him for this visit also.

The procedure is done by a “punch” where the skin and underlying tissue is removed. Then the Doc uses a slow drill to drill out the bone. A fast drill would damage the bone enough that it would not re-generate. The object is for the post will be imbedded in the bone to secure it with the bone re-growth. This is like what they do with dental implants.

The peg is inserted, it will have a cap on it, and a dressing. He will be able to shower. He will return in one week to have the dressing and cap removed. Then we wait 3 months for it to heal and for the bone re-growth.

In three months they attach the hearing aide, which is small box. Then they begin the calibration. I said to the Doc that then he will not be able to say he cannot hear me. He said no, that he can’t fix that, it’s genetic. LOL

The office had called earlier in the week to say that when he filled in the hospital information, the Anesthesiologist wanted a copy of Bob’s last Cardiology visit. Bob had given the name of the Cardiologist office.  They had not received the information. So when we got in the car,  Bob called the Cardiologist  office. They said they had not received the info. So Bob called back the Otology office ( they were of course closed for lunch).

We went to lunch in downtown at Mike’s Big Breakfast restaurant.  We had a nice lunch, then we drove across McDowell to I-101. We turned north and stopped at Famous Footwear at the outlet mall. They did not have Bob’s size. So we continued north to the next Famous Footwear. They had Bob’s size and he bought a new pair of  Teva sandals.

We continued north and went to the Library to drop off and pick up books and the DVD’s. We stopped at Walmart for groceries and returned home.

I had been texting with MaryAnne, and she responded. We all went to the Elks Lodge for the fish fry dinner. Bob and I both had the grilled shrimp salad. We dropped MaryAnne back at home and returned home to watch some TV.

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