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Sat Oct 13 to Fri Oct 19- Sun City AZ

Saturday- They were predicting heavy rain today, so we left early and went to the library and Walmart. We stopped at Fry’s also. It had started to rain very hard. Rain in Arizona is like snow in the Washington DC area. People do not know how to drive in rain and act like complete idiots!

We managed to get back to the MH before the flooding started. We had a quiet afternoon at home, reading and watching TV. It rained all day.

Sunday- We did our usual tasks. The Redskin game started at 10, so we watched the game. The rain continued this morning, but stopped around lunch time. We left and went to the storage unit, then Costco. The car had a weird sound, like rubbing. It was very loud. We assume it is the brakes, as we are having them replaced tomorrow.

We returned home, read, ate dinner and watched  TV.

Monday- Bob took the car to Complete Auto Repair for the brakes to be replaced.  I did laundry and cleaned. Bob returned around 10:30 to say that it was the not the brakes, it was a wheel bearing and hub on the right front. He has to return on Thursday as they needed to obtain the parts.

We ate lunch and Bob went to the library and Lowes. I read and MaryAnn came over to use our label maker. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Tuesday- I was out the door at 6:30 to Sonora Quest Labs for my blood draw. I arrived at 6:45 and at 6:50 others started showing up. When I checked in they told me that they would take me, but they were now requiring appointments. Huh? Bob was just here a couple of weeks ago! Lasts year, appts were a month out, so we gave up trying…. anyway, I was first in the door and waited 45 minutes. I kept being bumped down the list…

I returned in time for Bob to leave for his Cardiologist appt. I went to Maj, with Donna having to pick me up since it had started to rain. The temp is in the 60’s, about 10 degrees cooler than usual. We played  5 games and MaryAnn won all 5 of them! I was close for most of the games, but she would just beat me at having Maj.

While I was gone, my glasses had arrived via UPS, this was 10 days! I opened the package and the red marks were still on the glasses. I could not remove it. So I left and ran back to Visionworks. I showed the glasses to the guy, who turned out to be the acting manager. He was able to clean off the red marks, but if the red marks that the gal had put on there the last time I was there was still there, what had they done with the glasses? I tried them on and found that the top was blurry, still, and the bi-focal area was also blurry.  I told the guy and he adjusted the pads. Then he disappeared. Evidently he had to assist with a pallet being delivered.

The gal who had ignored my comments about how the glasses were not right when I originally picked up the glasses came over. She asked me the same questions. I requested to see the manager. that is when she told me the first guy was the manager and he was busy. I asked for a refund. She left to go get the form….

She returned with one of the gals who is an optician who makes the glasses, in house. She did more adjustments, the glasses were still not right! She said that they always make adjustments. Hmmm, is that what they did when they sent them off, since they returned with the same red marks? I demanded a refund.

This time the original gal started on the cash register. She said she had to go get the form, and another guy showed up to do the refund. He tapped away for awhile, then the acting manager arrived and completed the info.There was never a form. I signed electronically and left.

I returned home and retrieved my prescription. Then I left and went to Costco. It was 1:30. I walked into Costco, tried on 5 different frames, settled on one, and my number was called. I ordered the glasses, and returned home.  I was back by 2:30. I arrived just after Bulls Eye RV Repair arrived. Larry from Bulls Eye immediately realized that they had sent the wrong part. He called the supplier and they are going to re-send the part. He also gave us the estimate on the slide toppers. We ordered them. They left and will be back, hopefully next week!  I had parked the car in the neighbors driveway, as they have not returned yet, so Bob moved the car back into our driveway.

I started the laundry that I had been waiting to do… We ate dinner, and watched Poldark season 3 on Amazon Prime. I am not sure how we missed the season, as season 4 is currently showing.

Wednesday- We left at a little after 9 for our dental appointments. We had good reports. I went next door to the Chiropractor, then we went to Target. From there we stopped at the library to pick up some of my requests.

We ran by the Vet office to drop off Karlie’s rabies vaccination record. Then we went to Ace Hardware for me to pick up a small personal fan for Square Dancing. We stopped at Walgreens to pick up one of Bob’s prescriptions.

We stopped on the way home for a lottery ticket to both of the lotteries. We returned home, ate lunch, and watched some more Homeland on DVD.

While Bob walked the dogs I rode my bike around the park. We ate dinner and settled in for the evening. We did not go to Square Dancing as my ankle was bothering me. 

Thursday- Bob took the car back to United Car Care for the bearings and hub to be repaired. I went to Mahjongg. We had 5 gals, only one left early to go shopping. Bob returned around 10:30. They did not have the time to check the sunroof and the problem that we have with the shifter. We put the shifter into park, but sometimes it does not recognize that it is in park, and we have to work on getting it to recognize it is in park. The car is in park and does not move, its just that the car does not recognize it..

We ate lunch and settled in for the afternoon. We watched some Homeland and read. We ate dinner at home and watched some TV.

Friday- We took the dogs to be groomed at 8:30. We returned and I ran to the card room. I picked up some paper and cut it, then Bob and I went grocery shopping at Walmart and Fry’s. We returned home and waited for the call that the dogs were done. The call came around 11:15, so we went to pick them up. They were groomed pretty well. We like this facility, as they let the dogs loose on the floor. They do not put them into cages. Karlie was waiting at the fence with the other dogs. Roxie was in the back of the room doing something…

We took them home, ate lunch, and I received a text from Diane. She asked if we wanted to come over and play Pegs and Jokers. We said yes, and went over a little before 2 .We played until about 4:15 with the gals winning twice and the guys winning one game. We invited them to dinner at the Elks with the group.

We returned home, fed and walked the dogs. While Bob was walking the dogs, his cell phone rang. It was the surgeon’s office, calling to schedule Bob’s BAHA surgery. He asked the gal to call back in 15 minutes, as he had two dogs to control.

He returned home and we waited. It was now 5:10, on a Friday night, so we were afraid that the gal was not going to call until Monday! She called! The surgery is set up for Monday 11/5. Bob had a pre-op appointment on Friday the 26th. At that appointment the Doc will explain the surgery more clearly and the post-op recovery.

At 5:20 we went to the Elks Lodge for dinner. MaryAnne and Ray were there and were saving us a table. Mike and Linda were in line paying when we arrived. The 8 of us had a nice dinner.

We returned home and watched some TV. 

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