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Sat. Oct 6 to Fri Oct. 12- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We had a very busy day. We took off and went to Vision Works. My glasses just did not seem right. I felt like the bifocal area was too high. It turned out I was right. So they are replacing the lenses.

We went to Costco for gas, $2.79 gal, then on to Walmart shopping. Then we went to Sprouts for some items, Petsmart for low calorie dog food for Roxie, then to Home Depot for a small table for outside, and two tiles for our bike kick-stands. The bikes are on rocks, and we had trouble using the kick-stand.

We stopped for lunch at IHop as Bob had a free stack of pancakes for his birthday. The gal forgot to take off Bob’s freebee. So she took off the amount. I was concerned, as she did not take the credit card with her, and it did not show up on my card. So she sent the manager over. He took off the entire bill, so we had a free lunch.

We returned home. By this time it was almost 2 pm. We put everything away, and watched some episodes of Homeland.

At 4:45 we picked up friends Jim and Diane and we went to the Peoria October Fest. We had a great time eating German Food, listening to music, and they drank beer. I drank water, as I can’t drink beer.

Just as we were leaving, the sky sent a few large drops of water down.

Sunday- Whew, another storm came through with strong winds and heavy rain over night. The MH was rocking! It woke me up and I read for about an hour.

We did our usual Sunday chores. Bob took more items to the laundry, as the dryer is still not working. We need a new sensor, which is on order. Last Thursday morning Bulls Eye RV Repair had arrived and gave us the diagnosis. They are also giving us a price for replacing the toppers on our slides. After 14 years, they are starting to fray…

We watched more of Homeland, ate dinner at home, an watched some of the new season on TV.

Monday- I went to water aerobics this morning. When I returned, Bob was working on several items in the MH. The top of the steps needed to have the tape removed and the bar painted. He did both.

We ate lunch and then I took of to pick up Diane to play Maj. We went to a house around the corner from her home and played Maj until almost 4. There were 15 people in this large, very nice home in Sun City. I won 2 games.

I returned and Bob said didn’t you get my text? No, my phone had not gone off. For some reason I am not getting text alerts. The Doc had lost the paperwork for sending Bob’s info to the surgeon. Grrr, so we ran over to Sun City West to drop off another copy. Bob also got a copy of all the paperwork. He also watched them fax it to the surgeons office. He is going to call in the morning to make sure that they had received it and to request an appointment so that he can get the BAHA started!

We ate dinner at home and watched the Redskin game. After the game we completed this DVD of Homeland.

Tuesday- We had a very busy day. Ray and MaryAnn picked me up at 10 this morning to head for MaryAnn’s breast surgery appointment. It was an almost 45 minute drive, as the Doc is located on the other side on I-17, closer to Phoenix. She seems to be a very good Doc. I was the designated writer, to take notes about this stressful visit.

They dropped me off at 1 pm. I ate a quick lunch, and we took the dogs for their Vet appointments at 2. Karlie was due for her physical. Both of them had their yearly heartworm blood tests. Karlie’s mitral valve prolapse has stabilized at 4 out of 6, so that was good news. The dogs were very happy to leave the vet office.

We left at 3:15 to head out to my new PCP office. The office is a little farther away than our previous PCP office. We arrived to check in, and the new Doc met with us. I had an EKG (normal) and my Previnar 13 injection. We left there at almost 5:30. It took awhile to cook our spaghetti squash lasagna for dinner, we watched TV and went to bed.

Wednesday- We slept in a bit this morning and it was too late to leave for my fasting blood work. So hopefully on Friday morning… I went to my hair appointment at 12:30. We had a quiet afternoon at home.

Thursday- I played Maj this morning with Sharon and Donna. We ate lunch and had a quiet afternoon, reading and watching DVD’s. We spent some of our time getting ready for carpet cleaning tomorrow. We went to Sun City West for Square Dancing. We left just before the last dance, as my left ankle started to hurt.

Friday-  Excel carpet cleaning arrived promptly at 8 AM for our carpet cleaning. They were impressed that we had everything ready for them. We took the dogs with us and sat outside reading. They cleaned the floors, ceiling, chairs and the drivers and passenger chairs. They were done by 11:30.

We turned on the air conditioner, as it is fairly humid for Arizona, with the humidity at 75%. We had the fans running to get everything dried out. We left at 12:45 for Bob’s Ophthalmologist appointment. He had a good appointment, but was dilated, so we returned home. We had a quiet evening at home.

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