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Sat Sep 22 to Fri Sep 28 Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went early to the storage unit. We brought back the bikes because they take up so much room. They really need to be cleaned. We also brought back the Jabba parts. Bob put them together and set up the Jabba internet. We pay $29 a month while we are here for the Jabba, as it is awesome. We have really missed it this summer. As soon as Bob connected it we had internet. I even put us back on Netflix.

We ran around Sun City and Glendale. We went to Costco for gas, $2.67 gal. Then we went shopping at Costco. From there we went to Walmart. The temps were high. When we got up in the morning the temp was 80, by 11:30 it was 100. Yes, a dry heat, but still hot. We had to run home because we could not leave anything in the car.

We went to lunch at Cafe Zupas. We had nice salads, then stopped by the library. We stopped by a place to check out the detailing. EEEK, $180. We pay $110 in Denver. From there we returned home and had a quiet afternoon. It is so hot, 102, that we stayed inside. Even the dogs do not want to go out.

We ordered Chinese carry out for dinner and watched some movies on Netflix.

Sunday- The dryer is still not working, so Bob took the sheets, towels, and the bedding over to the park laundry. I did some more laundry in the MH. We had it hanging all over the MH for it to dry. Fortunately, it is so dry here that laundry dries very fast.

We watched the Redskin game, yea, they won! We went to In’nOut Burger for lunch. We had a another quiet afternoon and evening, as it remains very hot with temps in the 102-103 range. We are dreading our electric bill!

Monday- Bob had hunted for a place to detail the car. He ran over there and made an appointment for this afternoon. We went to Panera for lunch, then went to Target for eye exams for glasses. They do not have the Verilux, and the price of glasses was very high at Target, but we liked the Optometrist.

Bob dropped me back at home and went to get the car detailed, $133. He arrived back around 4. We cooked dinner and watched TV.

MaryAnne and Ray are still traveling back here. She had some items sent and they were not delivered to us via UPS. So Bob ran over to their site and found one of the items on the neighbors porch. That neighbor is not even here! One package, which was delivered yesterday, is still missing. MaryAnne spoke with Customer Service and around 8 pm the gal delivered another package to us. I hate UPS, I would also prefer FedEx for all deliveries, as UPS messes up almost every time!

Tuesday- Bob left for his doctors appointment. This is his pre-op appointment for his surgery  While he was gone I cleaned. He returned a little after 10:30. We had a quiet day, as it is still hot. Around 102.

Wednesday- Bob needed fasting blood work done, so we left at 6:30 to go to Sonora Quest Labs. We arrived at about 6:45 and there was no one there. That is surprising, as usually there is a long line. Two other people arrived at about 6:55. Bob was first in line.

We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrell. We stopped at the Vets to pick up some medications, and returned home. At 9, I went for my mani/pedi. I returned and we went to lunch at the Haymaker, then to Sprouts, and Walmart.

We returned to the MH and had a quiet rest of our afternoon and evening. The temp was a little bit better with a high of about 98.

Thursday- We watched the Judiciary hearing along with everyone else. Bob ran out to rent a heavy duty vacuum to try to loosen the clog in the dryer vent. So he climbed up on the ladder and tried vacuuming the lint out. He did not get any, but he ran the washer/dryer to hopefully remove the lint that he may have loosened.

In our site is a streetlight. They put in the new bulbs and it is like daylight out there. In the spring, they sent APS to put in a cover. The APS guy arrived, he did not have a cover, and he put tape over the opening. The other day I stopped by the office and submitted a put in a repair request. Nothing has happened, so while Bob had the ladder out, he climbed up and put some tape over the side facing the MH.

We had a quiet afternoon, with temps around 100. Bob had rec’d a birthday freebee from Texas Roadhouse, so we went to dinner there.

Friday- I did some laundry. We did some errands. In the evening we met up with everyone, Karen/John, Linda /Mike, and Ray/MaryAnn at the Elks Lodge for dinner. We all arrived to find that the kitchen was closed due to a propane issue, and it would be a 90 minute wait. We punted and all went to Tivoli Gardens for dinner. We had a great time visiting. MaryAnn and Ray had just arrived back at the park this afternoon.

Bob’s glasses were ready at Costco, so we drove over to pick them up. Anyone who knows this area knows how awful Bell Road is, its the main artery through the area. We left Tivoli Gardens driving east. Wow, we did not get a red light until 83rd street! That was several miles. It just goes to show that the snowbirds are not here yet!

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