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Sat Sep. 8 to Fri Sep 14 Westminster to Colorado Springs

Saturday-  Bob said that he did not sleep well and that his fever seems to have broken at around 3 AM. His temp is normal this morning but his eyes are still really red. He seems to feel okay this morning, but neither of us think that is going to last.

We went to lunch at Ihop as I have a free meal for my birthday. As usual I bought home half of it. We were shown right to a table. I sat down and the seat was wet. I jumped up and said to the guy that the seat was wet. He laughed and walked away! He never came back.  We used one of our two napkins to dry the table and seats.

We had a nice meal, but I saw the jerk on the way out and walked up to him and told him I did not think it was funny and that I thought he demonstrated very poor customer service. He stood there with his mouth hanging open. Geez, if they had used bleach in their water my capris would have changed colors!

Anyway, we returned home, I did my eye drops and we took a nap. It was beautiful today, so we sat outside enjoying the weather. I need bifocal sunglasses to read outside! I had not thought of that….

We went to dinner at Bucca de Beppo, using our gift card that has been sitting here ( Costco has them for $69 for $100 in meals) plus Bob had received a $15 off coupon. So we only paid about $20 and have several meals with our left overs. Bob also pointed out to them that it was my birthday, (tomorrow) so they sang the song and gave me a free scoop of ice cream that we shared.

Sunday- My birthday. Yup, FB says I am 100 hundred. Don’t I look great for 100 years old, LOL!

I decided to purchase bifocal reader glasses and sunglasses online, so I used Amazon Prime. Bob took the towels to the laundromat, and I did the sheets here at home. We went to lunch at Denny’s as you get a free Grand Slam on your birthday. Bob had a club sandwich. The restaurant was slammed and we had to wait for our food.

We returned and watched the Redskins beat the Cardinals! Yeah! An actual win!!! That is a rare treat! After the game we rant to Bed Bath and Beyond. Bob had rec’d a 20% off coupon which was expiring today. The throw rug in the bathroom had deteriorated to the point it had a big lump in the center. This occurred from washing it so many times and we had tried to fix it. We purchased a very nice rug with the discount.

We had a quiet evening at home eating leftovers.

Monday- We had a rough night. Bob woke up really angry about the Doctors office in Phoenix. So he could not sleep. He went for an early morning walk and we called another office in Phoenix to set up a new patient  appointment. 

We ran to Kohl’s, then to the Urgent Care/Doc office. Bob picked up a copy of his chart. He was hoping that they had documented all the calls and faxes to the office in Arizona. The assistant to the PA said no, that they do not document those. The gal did say that one of the times that she called she was informed that they were too busy to be bothered with this issue. Huh? They are too busy to send a copy of the chart to another medical provider? That is “willful negligence” under the HIPPA guidelines! Bob is going to be discussing this with the owner of the practice.

We stopped at Walmart to request another of Bob’s prescriptions. He needs the prescription transferred from a Walmart in California. We went to the Mexican restaurant for lunch, as Bob had not been there. We both had excellent meals which were very inexpensive.

We returned to the MH and Bob took a nap. I had dropped off in the recliner when Bob’s phone rang. The Pharmacist from Walmart was calling. He needed the documentation of Bob’s Medicare Part B, as this is who is handling the prescription for the glucometer strips. So we ran over there with that. Then he also needed a copy of the prescription. So Bob went back with that. The Pharmacist stated that he was not sure that Medicare would accept a digital signature. Bob told him then to call the Endocrinologist office in AZ if he needed too….they sent a text later that the prescription is ready. We had a discussion about moving from Walmart to Walgreens!

We had a quiet evening at home eating leftovers for dinner. Tonight was the last dose of my antibiotic eye drops! Yea, down to 2 drops, 2x a day tomorrow. from 3 drops, 4x a day!

Tuesday- We ran to pick up groceries, then I left to go to lunch with the gals from the Lodge. We went to a Pho restaurant. It was my first time eating Pho. I was okay, but not something I would want all the time.

We returned and played cards. My glasses had arrived and  the sunglasses were bifocal but the regular reading glasses were not. My fault, I ordered the wrong glasses. So after cards, I packed them up to return them .We dropped them off on our way to dinner, at an Amazon Lock Box.

We went to Golden Europe for dinner. This is one of our favorite German restaurants. We saved it for the end of the time we are here. We had a great dinner, but the beer that Bob ordered, which came in a bottle, did not get a head on it when he poured it into the glass. Then he thought it tasted off when he tasted it. Our server was the owner of the restaurant. Bob called him over and showed him that the expiration date on the bottle was last June. So the owner replaced the beer with another beer and did not charge us for the beer. That was good customer service!

We returned home and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- We ran over to the Urgent Care again to get the other paperwork. Bob’s prescription was put in again to Walgreens. We went to Costco for gas and ate lunch. We had a quiet after noon and evening.

Thursday- Our last day here. I had my follow up appointment for my eye. We drove to Edgewood for the quick appointment. All was good and I no longer have any restrictions, I just continue the two eye drops until the first of October. 

We went to Walmart and ate lunch. We had a quiet afternoon. We went to Ihop for dinner, as I had another free stack for my birthday. Then we stopped at Walgreens to pick up some of Bob’s prescription. The medication has gone up over $200 since the last time we purchased it. The 90 day prescription was outrageous, so Bob only took 30 days worth. Then he will get another 30 days worth. We may run to Mexico and pick up the medication there.

Friday-  I did not sleep well, I kept tossing and turning. I had horrible itching on my right buttock. Bob woke up a little after 5 and I had him take a look. I had a bad rash on the area. So we dressed and ran to an urgent care which said it was 24 hours. We arrived at 6:10. They were an emergency room. The Urgent Care opened at 7.( Not what the website said!) So I completed the paperwork and we waited. Bob walked across the street to a gas station and picked us up some coffee. At least I was 1st in line!

At a little after 7 the nurse came to get me. The Doc had just arrived and he was a new Doc. The Doc came in and took one look and said it was Shingles.( Our guess too)  He gave me a prescription for the Valacyclovir. I had seen my AIDS patients taking this medication, so that was weird for me! But it is an antiviral.

We raced back to the MH, ate a quick breakfast and pulled out of the RV park at about 9:20. We had to exit a different way, taking 72nd street to Sheridan. We have not gone that was since 2010, but there was a lot of construction on the route we usually take.

We drove west on I-76 to I-70 to Hay 470 to  Hwy 85 south. This route is our way around using I-25 thru Denver, which is awful. There is bumper to bumper traffic on I-25 with lots of slow downs. That is the way we have to go to the eye doctor. 

Hwy. 85 used to be a very nice drive, but now it also had a lot of traffic. At least we had no construction or slow downs. We entered I-25 at Castle Rock and traveled to the Pilot in Monument. We purchased diesel. Then we continued south to the south entrance of the Air Force Academy. We have gone in the north entrance and will never do that again.  The south entrance is easier to enter with a big rig. The bases make you zig zags thru barriers for safety reasons.

$27 for FHU in a nice park, and we could get satellite. We quickly set up, walked the dogs, then left to meet up at Colorado Mountain Brewery for lunch with friends Jim and Becky Godfrey. We drove up to the restaurant and knew they were already there because there Alfa was sitting in the parking lot! They were leaving for a weekend of camping with their local camping group.

We had a great lunch and fun catching up with them. We will not see them until we meet up with them in Texas for the AOC rally in April.

We ran to Walgreens to get my prescription. Then we ran to the Amazon Lock Box in a Whole Foods to pick up my Prime order of bifocal glasses.  We returned to the MH.  We walked the dogs, fed them, then went to dinner with Marvin and Marian Grier at an Italian restaurant.

We had a great time catching up with them. Marvin is doing much better health wise, as the Doc’s seem to have cured his heart problem  Unfortunately, Marian has had two strokes, since we saw them last year. They are selling their Alfa due to their age and health.

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