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Sat Sep 1 to Fri Sep 7- Westminster CO

Saturday-  We dropped my prescriptions off at Walgreens. Then we ran downtown to Union Station to the Farmers Market. We were not impressed with the market. We left and returned to pick up my prescriptions. There is a potential problem! I am allergic to Levaquin. It turned out one of the eye drops is in the Levaquin family of medications. So I will need to call the MD office on Tuesday morning. The Pharmacist did not think it would be a problem, but he wanted me to know and to let the MD know.

We then went to Best Buy. This morning, both Bob and I received texts that our data minutes are running out. Huh? In the settings app on our phones, it says that we have 13 gigs used. Okay, we are allowed 22 gigs before they slow us down. So we went in to ask what is going on. The gal said we had to go to Verizon. There was a Verizon store in the parking lot, and we went there. The gal there explained that we had 15 gigs of data on our hot spot. Hmmm, my history shows that we have gone over that in the past!

The gal also explained that we should not use the settings app on the phone, we should use the Verizon app. We also have to close out all the apps in addition to the hot spot, which we have been doing.  I have a problem with the fact that we should not use the setting app on the phone, why would it be so different from the Verizon app????

Anyway, she changed our plan to one with 22 gigs, which we had before. We are thinking that when my phone broke and they updated the plan, the guy accidently(?) changed our plan. We now have 22 gigs on the hot spot, for $10 less per month. Isn’t this crazy????

Then we stopped at Costco for gas $2.59 gal. We ran into Costco, because they have the reading glasses on sale. While at Walgreens I had tried several pairs and figured out what I need, based on my left eye.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon. We decided to go to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Hacienda, in Broomfield. We were both very disappointed. They have changed the menu and both of our meals were not what we liked. We did not bring home the leftovers! We will not be going there again….

We stopped at a Super Target and then went to Flat Iron Mall to the Container Store. We purchased a tray for the top shelf of the refrigerator. I had a 20% off coupon! We wanted to see how this works, and we might buy another one when I have another coupon.

We returned home and watched Patriot Day which we had recorded off the Labor Day free Showtime.

Sunday- We did out usual tasks, laundry and bills. We went to lunch at a little bistro which we have never to before, The Noshery. We will go there again as we had great sandwiches! They bake their own bread and it was right out of the oven!

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Monday- Labor Day! We had a quiet morning. We went to lunch at the Lodge, as they were having a BBQ. We each had cheeseburgers, chips, baked beans and a slice of excellent watermelon. We returned to the MH and had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Tuesday- Bob started getting sick at 2 AM and was in the bathroom from 3 to after 4. We ran through everything he had eaten, and I had eaten the same thing, and I was not sick. We finally decided its was the baked beans at the Lodge yesterday. We think there might have been bell pepper in them. Neither of us saw the pepper, and neither of us tasted them. That is the only thing we can think of. …he is taking it easy this morning.

I was on the phone promptly at 7:30 to the Ophthalmologist office about the prescription for the eye drops. I am to start them today, so I need to get this situation taken care of quickly.

They called back and said that I was okay to use the medication. So I started the drops. I left at 11 to go with the gals from the Lodge to lunch. We went to La Concinita on 29th street. The food was very good and inexpensive. We returned and played Ponytail Canasta until around 4. I returned and Bob was still not back to normal. He wanted to go out for comfort food, so we went to Wishbone, a family owned restaurant. We had to go the long way around as there had been a police shooting in the area.

We returned home after a nice dinner and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- Neither of  us slept really well last night as in the middle of the night it rained, very hard.  I do not have to be fasting today for the cataract surgery, so we ate breakfast. Then Bob called the Doctor office. He had to leave a message. So we decided to go over to the office.

We arrived and found that they still had not received the info from True Med MD in Arizona. Grrrr! So Bob called AZ again, and was told that they never received the request and the permission to release. The LIARS! The office here in CO had called them 3x.

So Bob completed another request form with permission to release and we left. We picked up lunch at Panera, then returned home and ate lunch. My sunglasses were ready at Costco, so we left and went to pick them up. We went from there to the Harvard Surgical Center in Edgemont for my R eye cataract surgery.

We checked in and waited for them to confirm the  Medicare and secondary insurance. I thought I was going to have to pay the Medicare co-pay of $150m, but my secondary picked that up. Yea!

I was taken back. Things are a lot different this time. When I had the L eye done in 2012, they gave me anesthesia. This time,  I will be ‘relaxed’ with a pill. No anesthesia. The nurse gave me 12 eye drops and 2 Halcion pills. I was not happy, as I knew everything that was going on.

I had learned when I did my surgical rotation in Nursing School, that I don’t do eyes! I am terrified of eyes. I have held amputated body parts and seen insides of many patients, cleaned up a lot of stuff, but I don’t do eyes!

So they gave me a third  pill. They took me back and I remember most of the surgery, but I was really relaxed. I remember the nurse and Bob walking me to the car, I put on my seat belt and I slept the rest of the way home. Bob evidently asked me, when we were on Federal, if I wanted pizza for dinner. I must have said yes.

I remember walking into the motor home. I settled into the recliner. I do not remember Bob leaving, picking up the pizza, cooking it, or making the salad. Bob said when he returned that I was sound asleep in the recliner with both dogs on my lap. They did not get up to greet him, they just glared at him wondering what he had done to me!

Bob woke me for dinner and then again at 8 to do my eye drops. We went to bed at 10 and slept.

Thursday-  I am feeling great. We were off to the Doc’s office for my first follow up appointment. Since the Ophthalmologist leaves to go out of town today, I saw Dr. Brown, who is an Optometrist. He did the checks and I have 20/20 vision, my pressures were good and he was pleased with my progress. I have not had any pain, but it feels like I have some junk in the outer aspect of my eye. That is perfectly normal!

We ran back to the Urgent Care/Doc Office for Bob, as he could not get through on the phone. They had faxed 3 x on Tuesday and called AZ and still no response. Bob called AZ from the parking lot. We had confirmed that the fax number was correct. AZ states that they have not received the fax. So Bob had them re-fax, while he watched and confirmed the phone number, which was correct. They state that they still did not receive the permission to release form. So Bob took a picture of it. He then emailed it to the gal in AZ. He called her to make sure that she received it. She finally did ( Bob kept her on the line until she said that she had received it!). We notified the gal here in CO. Finally, in the afternoon, Sandra, the gal in AZ called Bob to let him know that she had faxed the info back here to CO. Then Bob confirmed that the office had received the info. We did not hear from them today!

We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Friday-  I had been invited to play Mahjongg with the two ladies in the RV next to us. So I met up with them at 9, and we played until 11. It was so good to get back into playing, as I have been in Maj withdrawal.

Meanwhile, Bob called the office here in CO. They finally sent in the prescriptions to the Walgreens at 64th and Sheridan. Not a Walgreens we use and Bob had requested they be sent to Walmart. Whatever, at least the prescriptions were sent. Walgreens was to call him when the prescription was ready.

We decided to go to lunch at the Smiling Moose, one of our favorite places in the area. We arrived to find that they had changed there menu. There was nothing either of us wanted. So we went to George’s for lunch, another one of our favorite place in the area.

We had a great lunch. Since Walgreens had not called, we decided to stop in and check on the prescriptions, as it was close by. The guy behind the counter, well he was different. He had a grungy beard with pieces sticking out, kind of curled. Not the typical curl of a mustached, this was the beard. It was weird!

Anyway, he was the tech, and he said that he could not completed one of the prescriptions because they had to get approval from the insurance. No surprise there, we expected that. But he also said that he could not completed the Vitamin B12 because they had not said how it was to be administered. At this point, Bob was so frustrated he put his head down on the counter. I explained to the guy that it was Vitamin B12, we do not need syringes, and that it is always given intermuscular. The guy said that he had to get the Doc’s approval for that and that they were closed until Monday. I explained I am a nurse and Bob piped up that I have been giving it to him every 3 weeks for 3 years!

The Pharmacist came over and she overrode the tech, putting in “give as directed”. We FINALLY got the Vitamin B12! We returned home, as I was overdue at this point for my eye drops. I gave Bob his injection!

At 2:00 we went to a different Walgreens, the one we usually use, for flu shots. I handed my insurance info to the gal. She saw  my birthdate and said that they cannot give me the flu shot. My birthday is Sunday, when I will turn 65. The computer system would not allow me to have the upgraded flu shot until at least Sunday. Bob could get the the shot. The difference in the flu shots is that the regular flu shot has two strains, the upgraded flu vaccine ,for 65 and older, has three strains. So Bob had his flu shot and I am waiting until Monday.

We left and went to Baskin Robbins for some free ice cream. I had a freebee, and Bob had a freebee for my birthday. They had my favorite, German Chocolate Cake! Wahoo, something is going right….

We returned to the MH. Marianna, who had hip surgery last week, called me and we talked for a long time. Then MaryAnne, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, sent me a text. I was concerned and called her. She and I talked for a long time. She will be returning from Idaho, where they currently are, and Donna and I will be helping her through this in Arizona.

Bob returned from walking the dogs. He said that the Vitamin B12 had kicked in, as all of a sudden his head cleared. He really could notice the difference!

We went to the Lodge for dinner. If you follow the blog for the last 8 years, you know that we eat at the Lodge frequently when we are here. We have not this time. There have been a lot of problems in the Lodge and the RV’ers are boycotting the Lodge. We decided that 1x a week was more than enough.

We had ribs, which were okay, but not great. Nothing like the awesome ribs we had in Tillamook at the Lodge! They had the baked beans again, but Bob did not eat them this time!

We walked back up to the MH. We settled in to watch some movies. The first one was Marshall. It was a very interesting movie about Thurgood Marshall. We were about an hour into the movie when Bob said that he thought he had a fever. I looked at him and he was red and felt warm. I went and retrieved the thermometer. His temp was 99.6, high for him. 98.6 is just a guideline. Bob usually runs 96 to 97. I offered him Tylenol, but he declined. About an hour later, his temp had gone up to 100.6, so he took some Tylenol. He also had chills. I had closed up the MH, as the temp today was in the 70’s and sunny, but it was starting to get cooler. He was covered with a blanket and two dogs!

We watched an older movie, Rock. It was another good movie, staring Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery. We went to bed at about 11, which was late, but we wanted to finish the movie.

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