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Sat Aug 25 to Fri. Aug 31- Grand Junction to Westminster CO

Saturday- We did some tasks around the MH and went to lunch in downtown Grand Junction. We went to a little Bistro which is a fundraiser for the local Hospice. It was located below the Hospice in a new building. It was a very nice place with an extensive menu and is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The food was good.

We returned home and took a nap. I had not slept last night, and really needed some sleep, so we skipped the afternoon Square Dance Festival. It was a workshop anyway.

We ate dinner at home then went to the Square Dance. What a difference having a really great caller makes! We had a wonderful time dancing from 8 to 10:30. They had the Grand Parade dance first, and we watched, we did not participate. This gave Bob a chance to get his hearing aid set up with the caller. We also ran into a couple, Bill and Mary Lou, who we know from Sun City. Bill has been the Angel in our Plus Dancing Workshops.

The caller was Tom Roper, who is a National Caller. He was awesome, and we danced all the tips.

Sunday- Our plan was to leave tomorrow to miss the mountain weekend traffic. Bob checked the weather and a front is coming through. They were forecasting 25 to 30 mph winds in the canyons. So we decided to leave today and head for Westminster.

I let the park know that we were leaving and asked for a refund, which they declined. Some places will refund and some won’t. It never hurts to ask. We called Julie and she said that she had a spot for us at the Elks Lodge.

We packed up and left the park at about 10 AM. We drove east on I-70. The farther east we traveled the heavier the traffic became. The engine temp went up on the climb to Vail Pass, so we pulled over and let the engine cool. Vail Pass is 10,000 feet.

When we arrived in Frisco, we pulled into a scenic overlook and disconnected the car. We were very glad that we did. The Eisenhower Tunnel is at 12,000 ft.  I took the dogs in the car with me. They prefer riding in the car and immediately fell asleep. I followed Bob  who was driving the MH.

We made it up the mountain to the tunnel, but it was close to over heating. The road is three lanes going up, but there is nowhere to pull over. Whew!

Now for the downhill. The signs were warning of very heavy traffic, duh, it was already bumper to bumper! Colorado has put in an Express Lane, which I did eventually see, but very few people used it as it cost $8.

At one point Bob had said there was a very slow drive in the right lane and he wanted to move over, so I moved to the left lane, to open a space for him. This happened right as the left lane came to a dead stop. The right lane kept moving. Bob never got over and ended up miles ahead of me. We use radios to talk to one another and I told him to just keep going, I would catch up.

Drivers everywhere are crazy, and this situation was no different. There was a guy in a burgundy Mercedes SUV, who just decided to change lanes. Fortunately, the guy he cut off was able to turn into the shoulder and miss hitting him. I was the next car, and I slammed on the brakes. The guy then went to the side of the road and continued, driving down the shoulder as far as he could go, before he cut someone else off. Then when we arrived at Georgetown, he got off at the exit, and ran back onto the road, cutting off another car, all this saving himself 7 car lengths! What an idiot!

Anyway, I finally caught up with Bob and we arrived at about 4 PM at the Elks Lodge. Julie met us in the parking lot and told us to pull into a 30 amp site on the wall. Originally she thought she was going to have to put us under the trees. We do not want to be under the trees, as we are tall and they might scratch the MH. So we were happy to pull into the wall site. We may be able to move into a FHU site on Wednesday.

We had emptied out our water tank before climbing the mountains, ( we had disconnected from any water source for a few days and used the water in the tank for laundry and showers so as not to waste water)  but this meant, we needed to add water to the tank. Julie had a water hose waiting for us. Wasn’t that nice!

We parked and set up. We were both exhausted after the awful drive, so we ran to the local Chinese restaurant for take out. We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday-  At 4:30 AM the winds picked up. Boy, did they ever! The wind woke both of us up, it was so loud and the rig was rocking. It lasted about 1/2 hour, then settled back down to just being strong, but less noisy. I was awake at that point, unfortunately. Bob was able to go back to sleep. When he woke up, I went in and went to sleep for about 45 minutes.

We had planned to do the laundry yesterday while we were still at the RV park,  on Sunday, as we usually do. Since we left instead, Bob took the sheets and towels to a local laundromat.  I stayed home cleaning and working on the blog.

When Bob returned, Julie showed up and said that we should move to the 50 amp site on the wall. So that was what we did. We just packed up, pulled forward, backed around the MH on our right, and into the 50 amp site. We had confused dogs, LOL!

We set back up and we went to lunch at Westies, a small breakfast/lunch restaurant right around the corner. We had not been to their new location, but had been to the old one years ago. We had a nice lunch.

We went to Costco for gas, $2.55 gal. Its been a long time since we paid less than $3 for gas! We ran into Costco and picked up a few items. This is not our favorite Costco, but the gas was less expensive at this one. We stopped at Walmart then returned to the MH. We caught up with Julie and paid for the 19 nights that we will be here.

At 5:06 my phone rang. It was the Doctors office. They needed to change the date of my surgery. We went back and forth on the dates and finally changed to this Thursday. I am having my right cataract done. I called and changed my Chiropractor appt. Bob made all the changes on the calendar, and suddenly said, “ Medicare”. Oh no, my Medicare starts on Sept. 1, Saturday! I can’t have surgery on Thursday the 30th! So I tried calling back, but the phones were already flipped over and I have to wait until the morning. I was just sick! We are only here so that I can get the surgery done by the same surgeon that I used in 2013 for my left eye. I was depressed all evening and did not sleep well.

Tuesday-  The Doctor’s office opens at 7:30, so at 7:30 I was on the phone to them. They had to check to see if they could move me to the 5th, but they had to talk to the surgery center first. They had to call me back, which they did. So we left and went for my 10:30 pre-op appointment. We arrived and I had my eyes dilated and I went through all the tests. We ended up having to wait for the Doc. He finally arrived and he checked my eyes. He declared them both very healthy. No film on the left eye, as I had that removed in 2015.

We discussed what kind of lens to place in the right eye. He recommended a regular lens. He uses them for truck drivers, as they are distance lenses. Since I drive the MH, he thought that would be the best choice. It means that I will have to use reading glasses.

Then they took me into a different room to discuss the Harvard Center, connected to Polk hospital, where the procedure will take place. They will give me pill, so I will not have an IV or be under anesthesia. I so not even have to be fasting. Megan also gave me the eye drop prescriptions and we discussed the insurance.

We left and went to Smash Burger, nearby, for lunch, as by this time it was after 1 PM. We returned to the MH. I dropped off my stuff and went to the Lodge to play Ponytail Canasta with the girls. There were 6 of us. We played until about 4:30, and the game was a tie between the two teams.

We looked at the menu for the Lodge, but decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Wednesday- I had changed my Chiropractor appt to 8 AM today, so I was off early to go to that appointment. We did tasks around the MH. I had a hair appointment at 1:30. I went and wished I had not. My cut is good, but the color, well I use a 10 minute color and I told the gal that. She left it on for 20 minutes( she had disappeared) and it is now too dark. Well at least it will fade out! My usual gal here in Denver had back surgery and is out for months. I really prefer an older woman rather than a 26 year old who can’t multi-task. We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- Bob had an appointment at an Urgent Care/Doctor’s office. We arrived and Bob’s appointment was with the PA. That was okay, he was really nice. To order Bob’s Vitamin B12, he needed his records from Arizona. So Bob signed for the forms to be sent. He also called the office and they said to put STAT on the form. Bob told the office that and they did it right then. He called back in the afternoon and they said that Jeremy, the PA, had even called requesting the records. He was told that they are 6 hours behind! Grrr, now it is the holiday weekend and Bob needs the medication. His last Vitamin B12 shot was 5 1/2 weeks ago. By the time we get to Tuesday, it will be 6 week. He needs the injection every 3 weeks. He has been taking the oral Vitamin B12 tablets every day, but they do not seem to be enough.

We went to Costco and I purchased two pairs of sunglasses, good ones to use post surgery. Bob dropped me off for my mani-pedi and he went to Total Beverage in search of a local beer he had at Texas Roadhouse the other night.

We tried to stop in at the place we usually go to to have the car detailed, but they are under construction. We went hunting other places, but could not find one. So we ran the car thru the car wash, $10. We returned to the MH and had a quiet evening at home.

Friday- Julie had told us we would not be able to move until Tuesday or Wednesday next week, so we decided to go do laundry, as our hamper was running over. We went to a local laundromat that we have used in the past. We did not dry anything, we took everything back home. We placed them on hangers and on the laundry rack to dry, except for the socks and underwear, which we dried in our dryer.

Just as we finished, at 10 AM, Julie knocked on the door. We could move at 11 AM. Okay, figures doesn’t it!  So we packed up and actually moved at 12:15. We ate lunch and set up the MH. We are now in a 30 amp, FHU site for $18 night.

We had a quiet afternoon. There were thunderstorms with lightening.( well we washed the car yesterday…) The lightening caused some small fires, but the fire departments in the local areas were able to put them out quickly. The weather has been good, with temps in the 70’s to 80’s, but the air is clear and we can see the beautiful Colorado mountains!

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