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Sat. Aug 18 to Fri. Aug 24- Salt Lake City to Grand Junction CO

Saturday- We were off to the very large Farmers Market in Pioneer Square in downtown Salt Lake City. Pony Express RV Park is right between I-15 and – 215, so it is a quick drive to downtown, only about 15 minutes. We easily found a parking space right across from the market and walked around. The FM is an entire square block, with vendors on both sides of the sidewalk around the block and then a food court in the center. We saw this and thought it was a hoot!


We did not buy anything, but it was fun shopping! Lots of craft vendors and of course, vegetables and fruits. We were able to taste a lot of peaches.

We left and went to Costco and Walmart. We returned to the MH and had a nap. There is still a lot of smoke in the area, so we are staying inside much of the time.

We ate dinner at home and watched some TV.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday morning tasks. I washed the sheets and Bob took the towels over to the park laundromat. After I finished the sheets, the washing machine started the blinking again. Bob ran the water cycles to try to clean the lint out again. We are trying to keep it working until we get back to Paradise in September.

We ate lunch at home and left at 1:40 to go to the State Fair Grounds to attend the Utah Beer Festival. It had popped up on Trip Advisor and I told Bob about it. He had purchased tickets. $5 for the designated driver and $10 for the beer drinker. We also had to pay $7 for parking and then Bob had to purchase beer tokens at the token booth once we entered.

Since the Festival started at 2 PM, we were able to walk right in, as we easily found parking right at the entrance.

20180819_140152 (2)

We were each given bracelets. Both had an electronic square on them. When Bob purchased the tokens, he “loaded” the money onto his square and he used it at each of the vendors.

20180819_140155 (2)

Bob had a list of beers that he wanted to try. The beers were supposed to cost between $1 and $5 for the tasting. We were each given a small mug. There was also a big water tent for me, and lots of water kegs around the area.

The festival was not very busy when we arrived, but as we were leaving it had become very busy. This was a 2 day festival, and Saturday had been sold out. Odd that they are having a beer festival in Mormon country, and very odd that it was on a Sunday! They had Mormon Beer Drinkers T-shirts for sale…

Anyway, some of the beers were a $1, many were $2, and even a few for $5. The tastes were small, so Bob did not get tipsy. He did not find many of the beers that he wanted to try, as they had a lot of the IPA’s. He found enough though.

Lots of people had brought chairs and put them out around the area, in the shade. They would drink, eat, and listen to the bands. There were about 10 food vendors.

There was also a Hard Cider room, in the Grand Hall, which was inside and air conditioned. There were not a lot of ciders although we saw other vendors like State Farm and some outside RV vendors.

It was very hot, code orange air quality, the temp was in the 90’s, humid, and by 3:30 we were done. We decided to stop at a car wash, but they were all the “do it yourself” variety. So we ran back to the MH. We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday-We left at 8:40 to travel to downtown to the LDS Family History Center. Since we had been here before, in 2011, we knew the area. We easily found parking in a lot half a block away, $5 for the day.

We walked over to the Center. Both of us were interested in the British Iles, so we went to that floor in the Center. The Center has 5 floors. B1 is British Iles, B2 is International, M if Main floor where there are different exhibits, 2 is US and Canada films, and 3 is US and Canada books.

We set up and started to work. I was looking for my maternal 3rd great grandfather. He had immigrated from Ireland. Poor Irish documents are very hard to find, if they even exist.  The volunteers are very helpful. I tried looking for Confederate War info. We found his name, but Martin Lawlor is a very common name. The volunteers tried for me. Eventually, I had 3 ladies (they are called Sisters, the men are called Elders).  We think we found him in the Massachusetts Infantry. He did one year of service. I also had a will for him, which contradicted the other info that I had. I finally decided that it was not his will, as the probate ( which is what they helped me find) lists my 3rd grandmother as deceased in 1890, and I have her departing in 1896, and him in 1904. We ate lunch( which we brought with us) in the Main floor vending room. It is the only place for food in the building. We could have water bottles with us, as long as they were in secure top containers. Bob has been working on re-building his tree, after the loss of his computer and scan disc in Montreal.

We stayed until about 2:30, then returned home and Bob walked the dogs. We had to run out to pick up mail . We decided to stop by Bucca de Beppo and picked up carry out for dinner tonight and tomorrow night.  Bob went to Walmart to get Karlie’s dog food. We were both tired and had a quiet evening at home. It rained hard this evening. Hopefully, this will clear out the air a bit!

Tuesday- We were awake at 2: 30 this morning due to a thunderstorm and hail. Not much we could do about protecting the MH and car. At least it did not seem as bad as it had been in Denver last year!

We returned to the Genealogy Center. I had decided to work on my paternal grandmothers family today, so I went to the 3rd floor to the books. There are lots of books on the areas in Quebec that the family lived in, although they are in French. I have Google Translate on my phone, so I am able to look at typed info.  Bob went back to the British Isles. He had found some issues with dates ( the guy was born 2 years after his fathers death). Anyway, we met up for lunch. We continued working in the International area. I am not sure why. But one of the sisters assisted me with 5th grandparents marriage info. It was written with horrible handwriting, in French. She ended up calling over another gal, and I found where they lived and the corrected names.

We stopped at Costco for gas and Walmart for a few items, on the way home. We had a quiet evening at home. More storms this evening.

Wednesday-  Off to the Center again today, for our final day this trip. We split in the morning, I went to the 3rd floor books and Bob went to the British Isles. I found a book, a census, that I wanted to check out. I went looking for the book and could not find it on the shelf. So I went to one of the Elders. He was confused with the number, thinking I was wrong with the number. We went to where I was looking, and it was not there. Then we went back to the office and he looked it up on another system. He said follow me…. he was late 80’s, so following across the room to the last row, to the very back, was a slow process! I was right with the number, but the book was oversized, so it was located in a different section. I took it and found what I was looking for…

I looked for more info, then joined Bob in the British Isles. I continued in Family Search, looking for more relatives. I found an error, in which one of my grandparents marriage form was listed. When I went to look at it, the search took me to some one else’s information.  I checked forward and backward, and finally went looking for help. They sent a Sister over to assist. She found the same thing, and she walked me through sending in an error message to the Indexing Dept.  so that the issue can be fixed.

We left and returned home. Bob quickly walked the dogs, as the sky was turning ugly. We ended up having a severe thunderstorm, with awful winds ( the MH was rocking) and more hail. The hail was pea size, so we did not note any damage. Whew!

We decided to go out to dinner as the sky was clearing. We went to Black Bear Diner, along with a lot of other folks, as it was pretty busy. We were quickly seated. It is a large menu, so we did not notice how long it was taking for the waitress to show up.

The manager arrived and apologized. She asked us if we would mind moving to a different table, and she would comp us dessert. Okay! So we moved a few feet away, and they used the old table for a group. We had good service at the new table. We ate dinner, taking half of each of our meals home with us. We each ordered a dessert to go.

Thursday-  Moving day. We left the park around 8:45 and drove south on I-215. We turned onto I-80 west, and went to the next exit to stop at a Flying J for diesel. We purchased the diesel and the GPS said to go to I-15. Bob checked on Google Maps and no traffic back up, so we took I-15 south. The traffic was moving, but it was extremely heavy traffic. The problem was the lanes kept coming and going. You could not just pick a lane and stay in it.

We traveled about 40 miles and stopped at what was supposed to be a Flying J rest area. No rest area and difficult to get around in there! We ‘rested” and took off. At the next exit, we turned onto Hwy. 6.

Here is some scenery…

20180823_140048 (2)


20180823_143825 (2)  We traveled through the mountains and canyons, stopping at an overlook to eat lunch. We continued on to I-70 west, traveling to Grand Junction CO. We drove into Junction West RV Park at about 3:15. We settled into a FHU 50 amp site, $48 night, for 4 nights. Expensive, but a nice park. We are here for the Annual Peach Promenade Square Dance Festival. We have clean air finally!!!!

We had a quiet evening at home.

Friday- I was finally able to get out and do my early morning walk! Yea! It felt good!! We have the windows open for the first time in a long time! Cool clean air!

We did some tasks around the MH. I did laundry and we updated some of the Genealogy that we found in Salt Lake City. We went to lunch in Fruita, a town just to our west at a place called Camilla’s Kaffe. We both had excellent food.

I took these pictures in Fruita.. the next two pictures are in front of a car supply store.


20180824_115511 (2)

This next picture was across the street. You don’t see this every day!

20180824_124205 (2)

We returned to the MH and took a nap in anticipation of dancing this evening. We ate dinner at home and left to go to the address on the form for the dance. We ended up at a warehouse in a not so great part of town. So we put in the middle school where the dance was being held, which turned out to be about 2 miles away.

We arrived and checked in. Hmmm, this Festival is smaller than our usual dances! We were disappointed, and it got worse.

Friday night they did not have the national caller, Tom Roper, attending. They had four local callers. These guys not only could not sing, we had trouble understanding them. It is always difficult to dance to a new caller, since you do not know their rhythm, calls and tone. They switched callers for each tip. Bob had problems with his hearing aide, as he had to re-adjust the aide at each tip, and could not do it until after the first dance of the two dance tip. We were not having fun! .

The last tip we danced, broke up constantly, and it was not our fault. Somehow we ended up in a square that had a lot of issues. It was amazing, as the previous tip danced perfectly. So we left early, about 9:45. We still have tomorrow afternoon and evening with Tom Roper.

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