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Sat. July 28 to Fri. Aug 3- Spokane WA to Coeur D’Alene ID

Saturday- We left early again due to the heat, and  traveled to  just a little west of Spokane, to Cheney.  The drive was uphill and through some more smoke in the area. It was an easy drive on Hwy. 2.

We entered Pondarosa Hills RV Park. The is the first KM resort that we have visited and we will look at more of their resorts! We ended up, through RPI, paying about 12.50 per night for FHU 50 amp.

I requested a site where we could obtain satellite. The gal asked if we were RPI Plus (we are) and she put us into a very nice site. Unfortunately, even with moving the MH back and forth, we could not find a spot where we could get satellite using the roof mounted dish. The site had cable, so we used that overnight.

They were having a pot luck this evening, so we ran to Walmart and picked up a couple of items. I made a nice pasta salad for the dinner. We went over at about 5:20. It was to start at 5:30, but there were only 6 people there. A few more came in and we ended up with 10 people. We had a nice time chatting with folks. One was a newly retired male Nurse, who is also an Escapee. We returned to the MH and watched some TV.

Sunday- Our usual laundry day. Bob took the sheets and towels over to the laundry. I did some clothes, but the dryer is still not working right. So Bob is contacting companies to see if anyone can clear out our lint.

Bob also worked on setting up our portable satellite dish. He found that the app on his phone was not giving him the correct position of the satellite, so once he discovered that, he was able to find the right place to set up the portable.

We sat outside enjoying the the awesome weather. We had a quiet day at the home.

Monday- Bob got on the phone to the various repair centers in the area for the washer/dryer. He finally set up an appointment for Thursday at 12;30. We ran into town to look around and found a crepe restaurant for lunch. It was a little early, so we took the food home with us. We took a nice nap, ate dinner, and went Sq. Dancing at the Western Dance Center.

This was not an actual dance, it was a Mainstream workshop, which was fine with us. We are a little rusty but we had a great time dancing. We have danced before at the Western Dance Center. It is used be all of the clubs in town and is unique. The disadvantage, is that it is not air conditioned. They have exhaust fans and HUGE floor fans, plus ceiling fans. It was warm, but not too bad… the people in the picture below are round dancing.


Tuesday- We went to downtown Spokane to visit the falls.



We went to Costco and Camping World. At Camping World we were looking for either a lens for the light fixture or a new light fixture. We did not find what we are looking for… We stopped at in at a My Fresh Basket, which is a store like Whole Foods. We just purchased some spring onions.

We returned home, ate lunch and had a quiet rest of the day. We spend a lot of time sitting outside enjoying the nice weather.

Wednesday- We spent the day doing tasks around the MH. I have three articles to update and need to work on the Roadrunner Newsletter. Bob worked on a few tasks. We ate lunch and dinner at home.

Thursday- I went for a mani/pedi at 9. Bob continued doing tasks at home. The guy from the washer/dryer repair arrived at about 12:30. He was a ‘duct’ cleaner. He had never worked on a motor home or a Splendide. He blew air into the pipes and we are hoping that will get us to Arizona where we can has our usual RV repair guy work on the issue.

We sat outside enjoying the weather. Mark Fingard stopped by on his way out of the park. We had met the Fingards in Minnasota last year. They also own an Alfa.

Friday- Moving Day- We decided since it was not a really long drive, that we would not hook up the car. We left at 8:45, driving east on I-90 thru Spokane and into Idaho. We drove directly to the Elks Lodge in Coeur D’Alene. We pulled into the Lodge parking lot and met up with the Camp Host. It was about 9:50. We had been told to be there early if we wanted a site. The CH said that he had one site where the folks were leaving. They had gone out so he had us just park and sit. Bob walked the dogs and I read my book. Check out is 11 AM. The people in the site returned at 10:55 and signed up for 2 more nights!

So we moved into the boondocking area. We are first on the list for a site in the morning. Fortunately, we are having a break in the weather and the temp is lower. The high for today was going to be 76 degrees. So we opened the windows and turned on the roof vent fans.

We set up and went to lunch at Cheeze, a grilled cheese cafe. We each had half a sandwich. Both were very good. Then we went to Costco for gas and Walmart .

We returned and had a quiet afternoon.

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