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Sat. June 30 to Fri. July 6- South Beach Or to Vancouver WA

Saturday- We went to breakfast at the park at 8:30. They do a nice breakfast for $6.75. We returned, gave Karlie her 9AM pill, and drove north to Newport. where we visited the Farmers Market. It was large, with about 60 vendors, about 10 being food trucks. We did not purchase anything.

We drove through town and spotted a sign for the “Pick of the Litter” thrift store, a non-profit for the local Humane Society. We looked for the Pyrex bowl. They did not have one, but they had a metal container, 7” for $1. So we purchased it.

We went through Nye Beach, coming up to a curve, we drove around the curve and this was our view!


We stopped on the way back and purchase some more Rainer cherries. They guy said they were picked yesterday!

I had woken up this morning with the Vertigo. Bob assisted me with the exercises, but I was worn out. So I took a 2 hour nap, waking up just in time to go to the Ice Cream social. They had many flavors of the Tillamook ice cream in big canisters. We did the same thing that we did at the Creamery, we split one scoop of the Oregon Dark Cherry and 1 scoop of the Mudslide. Again, they were delicious, tasting like Black Forest when combined.

We returned to the MH and sat the rest of the afternoon outside as the weather was really nice. We went in right before dinner. We had decided to have some boneless beef short ribs for dinner. We put them in the Instapot using a recipe from Pinterest. Basically, we just added 1 C water and 1/2 C Apple Cider Vinegar. We cooked for   25 minutes, let the machine rest for 10 minutes, and then let off the steam. We were able to cut the ribs with our forks! Oh, were they good…..

Sunday- We went to breakfast again this morning at the resort. We cannot get any internet today at the MH. We stopped on the way to breakfast to put the towels into the washing machines. I was already washing the sheets in the MH.

We had a great breakfast, with enough leftovers for lunch. We were pretty bored, watching TV, as it was cold and windy outside. Finally we had enough and went to Nye Beach.

We returned, walked the dogs and eventually went to dinner. We went to Nye Beach to Georgie’s Restaurant. We walked in and realized that we had eaten at the same restaurant the last time we were in this area. Bob even checked his Yelp review!

We were seated in the bar at a table right by the window, overlooking the ocean.. The scenery was spectacular. I could see the lighthouse in the distance. Bob saw a whale breach and I watched a whale blowing several times.



My dinner was excellent. Bob was a little disappointed in his. He had really wanted razor clams. That was what he ordered, but it was covered with a lot of Panko, and even with scraping that off, he said that the clams did not have a lot of taste.

Monday- We had a quiet day at home. Nothing special. We went to the beach in the evening with the dogs, so that they could run and play. I turned my bad ankle, slightly, when walking over the rocks. It bothered me for a few days.

Tuesday-  We went to the Family Lodge and used the internet.  We decided to drive north to Lincoln City. Bob had found a German Restaurant for lunch, so we stopped at Autobahn 101. Bob was really excited, as they have one of his favorite beers, Old Rasputin, on tap.; he has never had it on tap. The German food was okay. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. We would give it a 6-7.


Since we were in town, we stopped at the Outlet Mall. It was a very interesting mall. The shape was interesting. It was shaped like a pyramid with the top chopped off and stores there. There were stores in the center. The parking lot was at the bottom of the pyramid, with shops behind the lot. Then there was also a parking garage at the very bottom.

We parked and wandered around the mall. We went to the Kitchen Collection and purchased a new meat thermometer. We also need a collapsible salad spinner, but they did not have one. Both items have bit the dust!  We also stopped in the candy store for a piece of chocolate for dessert. Bob found this piece.


We stopped at some of the pull outs to look at the scenery on the way back south.


20180703_141953 (2)

We returned to the MH, ate dinner, then took the dogs to the beach to let them run and play again. They had a great time.

Wednesday- Happy 4th of July! Another quiet day for us. We went to the Crab Shack for lunch. We had been there the last time we were in the area.  I had a shrimp sandwich. Bob had the clams. Again, he felt the clams did not have much flavor. We watched some movies. They had fireworks at 10 pm over the bay in Newport, but we just could not get motivated to go to view them. We could hear them in the distance. The weather was cold and rainy.

Thursday- Moving day. The weather improved today. We left around 9 AM hooking up on the road out of the park. We turned north on Hwy. 101 and turned east onto Hwy. 20 in Newport.

We traveled this nice road out to I-5 where the traffic was pretty heavy.  As we were traveling at mile maker 34, we were hit by a rock on the passenger side of the windshield. I swear I levitated, as it was so loud! Whew, it was scary! At least it did not crack the windshield, we just have a ding. Of course, it is 4th of July week, so getting someone to fill the divot is going to difficult.

We stopped at the Flying J just north of Salem. We topped off the tank with diesel as the price of diesel is much higher in Washington. We stopped at the rest area for lunch.

We drove to Portland, turning east onto I-205, the by-pass. The traffic was very heavy, but better than remaining on I-5. Google maps showed lots of bad areas on I-5, and only one small one on I-205. This was a little longer drive, but worth the effort.

We arrived at our destination Route 99 RV Park with is in Salmon Creek,  a part of Vancouver Washington. It is located pretty much at the intersection of I-5 and I-205.

We pulled in and paid  $28 a night for FHU 50 amp pull-thru with our discounts. Normally the price is $34. The park is full! We have stayed at this park in the past. We settled in. We went to little Italian Restaurant in downtown Vancouver for dinner. Bob put his card into the parking meter. It charged 60 cents. He tried again, again it would be 60 cents. Hmmm, the meter said 2 hours. Then we realized we were only paying until 6 PM. Duh! The food was okay.

Friday- We ran south on I-205 to visit the famous Voodoo Doughnuts. There are two of them, but the original is in downtown Portland and has no parking. We went to the second one, which has a parking lot.

We stood in line about 10 minutes. We had read that they have long lines, but that they move fast. It is an interesting place. The doughnuts are pricey, and large. They were okay, but not the best we have had.




We went to the Portland National Cemetery to visit Bob’s Uncle Gary’s grave. He had passed away last November.

20180706_111322 (2)


Our next stop was at Costco. It was pretty close to the cemetery. We wanted to shop in Oregon, as there is no sales tax.

We returned to the MH to put the groceries into the refrigerator. We walked the dogs, when drove back into Portland to the Eclipse Brewery for Bob to sample some beer and for lunch. Bob had a burger and I had the grilled cheese sandwich, both of which were pretty good. We left there around 2 pm.

We returned home and digested lunch! We fed the dogs, then went to Panera for salads for a late dinner. The weather is perfect here, 70’s and sunny!

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