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Sat. Jun. 23 to Fri. Jun 29- Tillamook OR to South Beach OR

Saturday- We left to go downtown for the Tillamook Dairy Parade. The theme was “Party in the Pasture”. We easily found a parking place and walked about 1/2 a block up to Main Street. We put out our chairs and waited about 30 minutes for the parade to start. We thought, oh, an hour, tops. The parade was 1 hour and 45 minutes with at least 110 exhibits. I hesitate to call them floats, as most were not. Even the number is deceiving, as the Shriners had about 10 different exhibits in their number.

There were the usual vendors who wandered with junk for the kids and a away for the parents to part with their money for that junk. Of course, the participants threw out the usual candy. One group came by and gave away free water bottles and others gave away pamphlets. The Tillamook Creamery gave us individually wrapped Colby cheese slices.  There were the usual candidates for the various offices.

Below is the Honor Guard.

20180623_111315 (2)

20180623_111412 (2)

The Swiss in honor of their ancestry. Did not know about them settling here.

20180623_111444 (2)20180623_111537 (2)


Below is the Idaho Potato…


Of course there were many fire trucks. Here is the oldest one.

20180623_114256 (2)

Here is Smokey the Bear…

20180623_114423 (2) Below is the Hispanic float. is i20180623_114511 (2)

Here are the dancing horses, ridden by the Caballeros.

20180623_114513 (2)

This is one of the many bands. They only had one marching band and that was the military band.


Here are the Shriners. There were a lot of them!

20180623_115056 (2)

20180623_115157 (2)

And more Shriners.

20180623_115319 (2)

And more…

20180623_115555 (2)

And of course, you can’t have Shriners without their little cars….

20180623_115634 (2)

Whew, done with Shriners…The interesting thing about the bands, is they all seemed to be playing “Wooly Bully”

20180623_120116 (2)

Cool old cars…

20180623_121527 (2)

An the Native Americans…

20180623_121945 (2)

Like I said, the theme was party in the pasture.

20180623_122734 (2)

20180623_123406 (2)

Once the parade ended, and we weaved our way through the traffic, we parked in the Safeway parking lot and walked over to the Elks Lodge for lunch. They were grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. We each had a surprisingly good cheeseburger with potato chips and water.

We went to the Farmers Market, which was more market and less foods. We didn’t purchase anything.

We returned to the MH. It was about 2 pm at this point. We took the dogs and went to the beach. It was a long drive, as we had to pass over the mountains to get there. We arrived to find the wind so strong it tipped over the the chair. Bob took the dogs for a short walk on the beach.

We went out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant that friend MaryAnn suggested. We had a nice dinner. The weather was beautiful today with temps in the 60’s and bright blue skies.

Sunday- We woke up to fog. Ugh, we thought! By the time we were ready to leave at about 9:30, the fog had cleared and there was not a cloud in the sky. We drove out of the Elks Lodge RV Park and turned south. We are having to back track due to our having to go for the repair in Salem.

We drove south and at Lincoln City, the RV GPS and Google Maps, told us to turn left to go on a road around the city. We turned left onto an awful road. It was two lanes, winding with a lot of up and down. There was no shoulder! It was about 5-6 miles of this awful route!

We eventually turned back onto Hwy.101 and continued south. Now we were in and out of the fog. It’s called a marine layer, caused when the air is warmer than the pacific ocean.

When we went up in altitude, we had bright blue skies, and down closer to the water we had fog. This continued to Newport. We drove a few miles south to South Beach and turned into Whalers Rest TT. We were lined up to go into the park at about 11:15.

Finally it was our turn. I asked the ranger for a site with internet and satellite access. She assigned us to site 93. We continued on the one lane road around the park. We caught up with the two rigs ahead of us. While we waited for them to park, we disconnected the car. I passed Bob at a wide spot in the road, and went to the site. The first rig ahead of us had parked. The second, who blocked us from our site, took 20 minutes to disconnect their car. We are not sure why, as it took us about three minutes. Finally, they backed into the site, clearing the way for us to park.

We ate lunch and checked for satellite. Nope no satellite and minimal internet. So I went to the office to see if we could change sites. There was only one site, on the north side, where we stayed last time. I returned and we drove over to the north side to look at the site. It was too un-level for us to use. So we are stuck in the first site, #93, for the night.

Bob went down to the Ranger Station to sign up for 1 night of cable TV. The guy said it was too much trouble for one night and gave us the night of cable for free. We walked around the park and checked for who was leaving in the AM. Nothing on this side that would help us. At a later walk, Bob walked over to the north side and found one site where the folks were leaving in the morning, site 146. We need to be at the Ranger Station at 8:30 in the morning to request that site. We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- We woke up to rain. At 8:30 we went to the laundry room and started the towels. Then we checked with the Ranger. The site Bob had chosen was filled last evening, but the gal said go take a look at 119. We did and decided to take it. It is listed for a 35ft rig, but the Ranger said that she has put 40 ft rigs in there.

We packed up and moved. It was a very tight fit getting into the site. Bob did an awesome job of backing in with me directing him with the radio. At one point, the lady in the 5th wheel across from us was inside her rig, screaming stop. Of course, I could see what she could not, and we had several feet between the front of the MH and her rig. Once Bob was past the trees and somewhat straight, we had to do some back and forth to get the rig situated. Now we have FHU 50 amp with satellite access for the next 9 days. Bob put up the WIFI booster and so we have some WIFI, through the park, but not through our Verizon.

We settled in and went to lunch in Nye Beach at Samantha’s Café. We had a nice lunch, then stopped at Walmart for some groceries. We stopped at Builder Supply for an item Bob needed and returned to the MH.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. The skies had cleared and it was bright blue without any clouds! We sat outside for awhile, BBQ’d dinner, and had a quiet evening.

Tuesday- We woke up to a temp of 61 with bright blue cloudless skies. The high temp is supposed to be 64 degrees. Hmmm, quite a head start…. it never got above 64 degrees, although it remained beautiful. Later in the day the winds pick up.

We left around 11:30 to go out to lunch. We stopped at a seafood restaurant. Bob had fish tacos and I had a crab po’boy. Both were really good, but for lunch, with tip, it was $36. Over our lunch budget!

We went to a car wash, as the car was filthy, $11 for a minimal wash and a very poor dry. Then we drove a little bit north. When we were coming into town, Bob had seen a sign for RV sites for sale, right on the ocean. So we drove up to take a look. It was gated but we picked up a flier. It is basically a time share of 6 sites, directly ocean front. They had paver stones and even glass/plastic wind block at each site. They had FHU and we assume with 50 amp.  We could not get in but it looked really nice. Bob looked up the name and it is a “boutique” RV park. I am not sure what you pay for the site, but you pay for three months a year, and the months are January, June, Oct or Feb, July, Nov, or March, Aug, Dec. So you are paying for months that you would not use the site due to the very cold, windy weather in this area. They are not rentals and can only be occupied by a non-owner for 3 nights. We had no plans to purchase one, but were just curious.

We stopped for gas at a Mobile station, $3.19 gal. Surprisingly, the cheapest in town! We returned to the MH and took a short nap. We had a quiet evening at home, BBQ’ing chicken for dinner.

Wednesday- Bob worked on getting his medications. Before we left AZ, we both went to the PCP to get our prescriptions sent in to CVS/Caremark. Mine were sent and and Bob’s were not. So when Bob went to order the meds, his prescriptions were all out of date. Our Doc has left the practice, so they assigned a new Doc. Bob has an appt. with the new Doc for when he gets back, for his pre-op tests and authorization.

He called the office and they were to send over the prescriptions. CVS /Caremark has said that they have been requesting them. So 3 of the 4 medications went through. The fourth has been an issue. Bob had called yesterday to get the order faxed over and rec’d an email this morning that CVS still does not have it. So he called the office again. The gal said that he could not get it as our Doc had left. He pointed out we are traveling and that they had sent the other 3. We think we may go ahead and change offices, as we have been having problems with this office! Anyway, the other 3 meds are being sent overnight. What he really needs is, of course, the one that he can’t get the prescription over to CVS!

We left a little after 11 AM and went to the Whalers Rest office area, to the internet room. We are having difficulty getting online and staying online in the MH, even with the booster up. We can get on in the early AM, but not the rest of the day.

At the internet room, I was able to renew my Nursing License with the SD Board of Nursing. Bob did some internet tasks. We spent about 1/2 hour there, then we drove north on Hwy. 101. 

We stopped at a stand selling cherries and bought some Washington red cherries. We went to the Pig ‘N Pancake restaurant for lunch. Bob had a sandwich and I had a half eggs benedict with Dungeness crab.  Both were good and everything was much less expensive than yesterday.

We went to Walmart shopping, then tried stopping at a thrift store. We are looking for a Pyrex bowl, 8”, to use in the Instapot. We did not find one at Walmart or at the thrift store. We will keep trying….

When we left the RV park it was 58 degrees. The temp was 64 in town, and 60 when we arrived back at the resort. Bright blue sunny skies, so it is just going to be chilly while we are in this area. Then, it clouded over. Bob went out to grill our pork chops and it started to rain. Well, Oregon coastal rain… that means just enough to be annoying!

Thursday-  We woke up to bright blue skies, without any clouds. I was able to do some work on the internet, including some Genealogy, up until 8:15 Bob was back on the phone with CVS/Caremark and the Doc office. CVS still does not have the 4th prescription, AND Caremark is waiting for it to send all the medications. So he called the Doc office again. He has now run out of the med, the dogs pills arrived via General Delivery at the local Post Office, but we can’t get Bob’s medications from a Doctor and CVS/Caremark. SAD!

At 9:30 we went to the internet room. We both did some internet tasks, then at 10 AM we had a large fresh cinnamon roll home make, at the park. They were very good!

We went south for lunch to a little café in Waldport.   Neither of us were thrilled with our sandwiches. On the way back, the Edge was complaining about a low tire. It was the front passenger side, again. We stopped at a gas station and filled the tire with air, again. This has been going on for awhile. We discussed getting it fixed at Les Swab in Newport. Bob noted that we were almost ready to replace the tires. So we decided to go ahead and replace them while we are in a no sales tax state.  Bob dropped me off at the MH, he walked the dogs, and  he took the car to Les Swab. They ordered the new tires. He returned and we read books, watched TV and walked the dogs.

We ate dinner at home. At 8:30 we left and went over to the state park to watch the sunset.

Sunset, South Beach OR

Sunset, South Beach OR, whale

It is hard to see, but that black area is a whale. I could not catch him blowing but we watched him do is several times.

Bob had taken the dogs out on the beach and took them off leash. They ran and played for over 5 minutes.

Friday- We went over to the office to use the internet, as even with trying to get online early in the morning was not working. At 12, we walked down to the office area and purchased hamburgers at the grill. They grill on Fri and Sat. We had a very good cheeseburger.

We returned and Bob went to Les Swab for the new tires. He returned and we had a quiet afternoon, as the wind had picked up and it was chilly.

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