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Sat. May 12 to Fri. May 18- Oceano CA to Salinas CA

Saturday-  We drove north again to San Luis Obispo. We went straight to the Farmers Market. This market has weird hours. It is open from 8:30 to 10:45 AM on Saturdays only. There is also a Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings.

It was a very nice Farmers Market. We purchased local Romaine lettuce, nectarines, oranges and cucumber. We left and went to the Mission. We wandered through the museum.

20180512_101030 (2)

Above, the alter is not the original, but the Tabernacle is the original. I thought that this dress was interesting. It is a black wedding dress.

20180512_101411 (2)

I originally thought that it was a mourning gown. For a second marriage, the custom was for the bride to wear black. The dress was very ornate with lots of beads.

The church was stark, compared to others we have seen. We did not stay long, as a Baptism was taking place.

20180512_102000 (2)

We had parked across from the Mission in a parking place where the meter was broken. So we hustled around town. We stopped at the Visitor Center. The gal said to move the car to the parking garage, as the first hour is free. Okay, so that is what we did. The garage is located in their one block long China Town. The area was under construction, but this was interesting. This mural was on the side of the parking garage.

20180512_110709 (2)

We walked back past the Mission, and through Mission Plaza, where there was an Environmental Fair going on. We passed through, and went to Bubble Gum Alley.When the gal at the Visitor Center told us about it, my first thought was that it was for kids. Well, sort of, there are over 1 million pieces of bubble gum on the walls. It is 15 feet tall and 70 ft. long. Gross, but fun….

20180512_105700 (2)

Since it was only 10:45, we decided to walk back the car and drive to the Madonna Inn. It is an interesting place. It is white on the outside, but pink on the inside.

20180512_124744 (2)

The picture above was taken from the 101. The area we went to is in another area.

20180512_111547 (2)

20180512_112009 (2)

We walked in and OMG, they were cooking bread! It smelled wonderful. We went downstairs to the gift and wine shop.I took these pictures of post cards of the rooms.

20180512_112851 (2)

20180512_112858 (2)

In the lobby.

20180512_113105 (2)

The main dining room.

20180512_113127 (2)

Okay, enough pink. We wandered into the very busy Copper Cafe, and went to look at the bakery. They are known for their cakes. The cakes were about  a foot high. They looked really good. We decided to pass, as they looked like they had way, way too many calories!

We left and returned to downtown. We parked in an open lot, on a meter. It had 22 minutes left on it ( we sure have been lucky) and we just added time to make it an hour. We went to the SLO Brewery for lunch. Bob had a flight of beer with the Cali Weisse, A Blackberry Ale, the Nitro Oatmeal Stout and the Triclover Stout. He liked the Nitro the best. Lunch was just okay, nothing terrific.

We passed this Adobe on the way to and from the parking lot.

20180512_114709 (2)

20180512_114714 (2)

We left and went back to the MH. We took the dogs and went to Oceana State Beach. We parked in the lot outside the beach, and walked in for free. You can drive on the beach for $5 per car. We chose not to…

The dogs had a great time until they got bored. So we returned to the MH. Below, that is Bob walking the dogs….

20180512_150440 (2)

20180512_150414 (2)

We decided to go to dinner at Gina’s Italian Restaurant in Arroyo Grande, one of the local towns. We had seen it when driving by…. The food was awesome. Bob proclaimed it one of the top 5 Italian Restaurants we have ever been too. Their specialty is the ravioli. Bob had the chicken and spinach and I had the shrimp and lobster. I also had a glass of Castoro White Zinfandel . The wine was excellent and when we looked it up, it was from a vineyard in Pas Robles, and costs $10. We are going to try to buy some bottles of it…

Sunday– We left at 9 and went to Oceano Elks Lodge for the Mothers Day Breakfast. Actually, we just went for the Sunday breakfast, but it turned out they were having a special Mother’s Day breakfast.  $10 for a buffet breakfast, which included an egg casserole (full of bell pepper) potatoes ( also had bell pepper, I was getting worried that Bob was not gong to get enough to eat), Danish, biscuit and gravy, pancakes and scrambled eggs. Also bacon and sausage, and fruit. So he had plenty to eat.  Whew!

We drove south on the 101 to Santa Maria, where we went to Costco ( a brand new one), and then a Walmart Neighborhood Market.  We stopped at a car wash, as the car was filthy. $8 this time. Much more reasonable!

We returned to the MH and had a quiet afternoon and evening. We noticed that Roxie was licking her paw a lot. We checked and could not see anything, so we shaved the top of her paw. We found a bump and red spot. Hmmm

Monday-  Bob took the dogs for a walk and I called the local VCA Animal Hospital. I made an appt. for 8 AM. We packed up both dogs and ran over to the hospital. The very nice Vet looked at the red spot and decided that she needed to do a fine needle aspiration and needed to really clean the paw. So she kept Roxie. We returned to the MH and packed up a go bag. We took Karlie with us, since her separation anxiety is so bad.

We drove north to San Luis Obispo (SLO) and stopped at the Home Depot. I walked Karlie and Bob went in to purchase a new magnet for our bathroom door. It keeps the door open as our bathroom is small.

We drove north a couple of exits, and turned towards the coast. We turned north on Rt. 1 and drove along the coast. Our first stop was in Morro Bay to look at the Embarcadero ( just a bunch of beach stores) and Morro Rock. Morro Rock is 576 ft. high and is a Volcanic rock.  As soon as we left the car, we could hear the Harbor Seals.

20180514_102459 (2)

We also spotted this sea otter enjoying sunning his belly.

20180514_102515 (2)

Of course, we could not miss the rock. We could see if on the way into town from Rt. 1.

20180514_102526 (2)

We continued north on Rt. 1 to Cayucos, which is only 4 miles north. We looked at the town while driving through, and continued north. Our next area to view was Cambria. We turned off the highway to drive through this Welsh themed town. There were lots of little shops with arts and crafts. We did not stop, but did see this very large Fresnel Lens.

20180514_110837 (2)

We could see a little bit of Welsh in the buildings.

20180514_111038 (2)

We continued north driving along the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

As we were driving north, we saw people had pulled over and were standing on a hill looking at something. So we stopped to take a look and found a herd of Zebra’s. Well, that is not something you see everyday! They must be descendants of the Zebra’s at the Hearst Zoo. There were about 60 in the herd. How did we know that they were Zebra’s? We used the binoculars and saw the stripes!

20180514_111655 (2)

We turned right in San Simeon and drove up to the Hearst Castle visitor center. This is totally different than when I visited in 1975. At that time I had taken what is now the Grand Rooms Tour. There are now 5 normal tours and other special tours.

20180514_112356 (2)

Since we had Karlie with us, I walked into the Visitor Center and asked if there was a tour that we could take her with us. The Docent said no ( of course, but I had to ask). He said that she could come into the Visitor Center. So I texted Bob and he walked up with her. We wandered through the Visitor Center and took a quick tour of the Museum. We decided that we will just have to return at some point in the future. She was unbelievably well behaved! She walked between the two of us just strutting her stuff!

20180514_114938 (2)

We returned to Cambria and picked up two sandwiches at a Deli. Then we went to the state park and had lunch. Here was our view from the picnic table….

20180514_123701 (2)

20180514_124040 (2)

We left and returned south and turned east, traveling to Paso Robles. On the road was the Castoro Vineyard. We stopped in to purchase the White Zinfandel that I had at the restaurant on Saturday night.

20180514_134250 (2)

The testing room was packed with people. Evidently, this is a popular vineyard! There was a group ahead of us and we think that they purchased about $1000 in wine! I bought 3 bottles of the White Zin, $10 each, their least expensive wine. They purchased 4 cases of the very expensive wines….

We continued to the 101 and drove south to SLO, where we stopped at Costco for gas. $3.49 gal. We returned to the MH. We both fell asleep in the recliners.

At 5, we went to pick up Roxie. The Vet assistant showed us a whole bunch of stickers that they had retrieved from all of Roxie’s paws. With all the fur, they had to shave all 4 of her paws, even between the pads. We immediately realized that we were going to have to shave Karlie’s paws and clean them out. We thought we had gotten all the junk out of both of their paws, but these were little pieces that were migrating into the skin.

We returned home with poor Roxie in “the cone of shame”. She kept bumping into everything! She did not drink and did not eat. She also has a bandage on her left front paw.

20180514_204027 (2)

After dinner, we took the dogs outside and we shaved Karlie’s paws. She was not happy! We had problems with between the claws, and nicked one of the pads and she bled.

Then we brought them back in and used scissors to cut the hair out. While doing that I found lots and lots of the little pieces and even some of the round burrs. Ugh, I am not sure why she was walking normally!

We were all exhausted after that 1.5 hours of work! We settled in for the evening and watched TV.

Tuesday- I woke up at 2:30 and Roxie was sitting up on the bed. She was just miserable. She could not get down off the bed and could not sleep in the cone. So I got up and took her into the living room. She immediately drank a lot of water. I took off the cone, put her on my lap, with her paw under the blanket. She sighed and went right to sleep. I read until 6 AM, then put the cone back on and took her back into the bed. I went to sleep and Bob got up with the dogs. I slept until 8.

We plan to stay home most of the day with the dogs. But first, friend Barb Zielke had sent me a text about the Kong Cloud which looks like an airline neck pillow. So I had Googled it. We left, taking the dogs with us,and went to Petco, the only pet store in town. We purchased an inflatable neck collar, a different brand. We put it on in the store and it was so much better for Roxie. She could drink, eat, and was not bumping into everything.

We returned and had a quiet day at home, with me taking a long nap to catch up on some sleep. We were going Square Dancing this evening, but decided to stay with the dogs instead.

Wednesday- Bob refreshed the water filter. Then I went to have a mani/pedi. I returned and we ate lunch. Then in the afternoon I went to a hair appointment. Really good cut this time!

Karlie kept licking her paw, where we had nicked, so we put the ‘cone of shame’ on her. Roxie has one more day!

Since they were doing good, we decided to go to dinner at Splash.  Yummy! We both had the crab melt sandwiches, although Bob had his without the avocado. He also had a cup of their award winning clam chowder. The spoon stands up in the cup!

We returned and did a few tasks, then we took the dogs and ran to Oceana beach to watch the sunset. We left the dogs in the car, as we did not want sand in the wounds, and walked out onto the beach to watch the sunset. The wind was howling, so I did not do a Facebook Live.

20180516_195753 (2)   20180516_195913 (2)

20180516_200018 (2)   20180516_200039 (2)

20180516_200100 (2)

Thursday- We left as soon as we could, around 9AM. We wanted to be on the road ASAP to avoid the winds that pick up in the late morning or afternoon.

The Salinas Valley is notable for its produce. While the previous areas were famous for vineyards, the farther north we drove, the more farms we viewed. The Salinas Valley is known as the Salad Bowl. They grown most of the romaine lettuce. They also grow cabbage, cauliflower,pimentos, broccoli,  wine grapes, artichokes, and celery. We viewed lots of migrants picking the vegetables. It was interesting. They arrived in school buses, painted white, and we noticed different names on the sides of the buses. The buses pulled trailers with port-a-potties on them. The workers were working very fast. When they say ‘hearts of romaine’, they must mean that they pull off the outside of the lettuce, as we could see that they left those leaves on the ground. We could easily see the difference in the different vegetables, as the color would change of the fields. We also saw flowers being grown.

We continued to travel north on the 101, turning off in Salinas at a Pilot for diesel. $3.97/ gal UGH!. We drove back south one exit and turned into the Salinas Elks Lodge. Another MH pulled in behind us. Bob and the other guy went to the camp host’s rig. His truck was there but he did not answer his door. So they went into the Lodge and spoke with the bartender who gave them sign in sheets and told them to put them in the box out by the Camp Host’s rig.

Meanwhile, I was talking with the wife. We each chose spots. Bob checked to make sure that the electric and water were working and we parked. We settled in, walked the dogs, then drove to Carmel. There was a big art show this weekend in Carmel, so we wanted to get in and out of town quickly. We drove the 17 miles west to town.

We drove through the ritzy downtown, and out to the ocean. There was a Frank Lloyd Wright house. It is privately owned and a family is living there.

20180518_143915 (2)


20180518_144203 (2)

There were other really nice houses on the same street.

20180518_143956 (2)

We drove down the ocean a ways then, went to the 17 mile drive. They charge $10.25 per car to drive on the ocean drive. It had changed a lot since I drove this in 1975. There was no charge then!

They have built many mansions along the ocean. The trees were overgrown and it was difficult to see the ocean in many areas. Most of the houses had vegetation around the property.

Bob downloaded the App, which as we approached a site would give us some historical information. Their map showed 21 areas to view, but we only stopped at a few. The first stop was Spanish Bay. Spanish explorers camped her in 1769 while searching for Monterey Bay. We drove through the very crowded parking lot. Then we stopped at The Restless Sea. This vista point had a view of the unique offshore turbulence generate by the submerges terrain off Point Jo. They have been known to have 50 ft. waves at this point. Early mariners believed it was the entrance to Monterey Bay and  crashed on the rocks. My picture did not turn out, but the sea was fairly calm.  This was looking back on the area.

20180518_154948 (2)

This is bird rock. We could hear the birds and the harbor seals.

20180518_154857 (2)

We continued on to Crocker Grove. This is a 14 acre nature preserve. The largest Monterey cypress is located here.

20180518_160109 (2)

20180518_160115 (2)

Of course, we could not miss the Lone Cypress. This is one of California’s landmarks. It has been on this rock for over 250 years

20180518_160608 (2)

This is The Ghost Tree.  It’s supposed to be spooky looking….

20180518_161220 (2)

20180518_161245 (2)

20180518_161248 (2)

The route continued past the well known Pebble Beach golf course.They use the cypress tree as their logo.

Image result for pebble beach logo

The Lodge was built in 1919. We did not stop as there was lots of traffic,we continued on. The tour then circled and returned to the entrance we had come in. Much of the open land is sponsored by Del Monte. At this point, all of a sudden we noticed that the marine layer had started to come in with wisp’s of clouds covering us. We could no longer see the ocean. It was interesting how quickly this occurred! I can imagine this was why there were so many ship wrecks in the area!

We went to downtown Old Town Monterey. Then we returned to Salinas. The traffic was pretty bad, as there is only one road from Salinas to Monterey, and it is two lanes. A traffic light caused a 7 mile back up. We had a quiet evening at home.

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