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Sat. Apr. 7 to Fri. Apr. 13- Hemet California

Saturday- We did our walks, then went to the coffee and doughnuts with the Roadrunners. We picked up our very good, very fresh doughnuts and returned to the MH. I worked on another article that my editor had sent to me. I finished the article and sent it back to him. Bob went to Dale’s Tech Talk. While he was there, the washing machine, started making very strange noises.  Finally, it started howling. So I turned it off and went to find Bob. He returned and fortunately, it did it for him. He ran it on rinse, and then spin, and for some reason that seemed to take care of the issue.

We left and went to the Hemet Farmers market. It was not much. Then we went to Dollar Tree and to the 99C store. Rudy had told Bob they had some German Beer at the 99C store, so Bob looked it up. It did not have great reviews, surprise, surprise!

Then we went to the party store. We use cheap plastic serving spoons for the pot luck’s, so that we do not lose our good spoons ( the voice of experience). Our old spoons had broken, finally, so we needed new ones. I purchased two of them.

We returned to the MH and ate lunch. Two of my three missing medications had arrived. Still waiting for one. I looked it up and called UPS. I gave them the site number and they are to deliver it on Monday.

I had made broccoli salad for this evening, so we took a nap. We went to social hour at 5, then the pot luck dinner at 6. We of course had a great time with our Alfa family!

Sunday-  At a little before 8 we went over to the Roadrunner room and worked on the pancake breakfast. We were the servers. People came through the line and we served them the pancakes and sausages. There were leftovers, which after everyone was served, they put out for anyone who wanted more.

We returned to the MH. Bob took a picture of the generator radiator, which he had repaired, and he put that out on the table for sale. I went to Susan’s meeting about the basket for the raffle. I donated a few items and we discussed what she was purchasing.

I returned. Bob had started the sheets and towels, washing. I worked on the blog from last week and Bob did some tasks. Then we did out usual Sunday tasks. We went to social hour at 5, and we brought a cake for our anniversary tomorrow. We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday-  It is our 30th wedding anniversary!  Bob went to Dale’s Tech talk. Ruth Anne, who is a new Alfa owner, came by and asked to see the coach. I showed her all the changes that we have made and she took pictures of the various items. Bob had left his coffee when he left, so Ruth Anne took his mug over to him at the tech talk.

Bob returned and we ran to the liquor store. Dale was asking for 4 craft beers as payment for him moving the drivers seat last year, so we ran to a couple of stores looking for craft beers. Bob found 4 and gave them to Dale. He also paid Dale for wiring our batteries together.

We attended the afternoon social, then went to the Sheriff’s dinner. We sat with Judi, Gene, Sid, Barb, and another couple John and Carol who we did not know. Our table was called last and Bob did not get dinner. They had run out of salad and he could not eat the lasagna as it had bell pepper. Barb Leachman, who was in charge had let the caterer know that there should not be any bell pepper in it. The guy told her there was no green pepper in it. She told me and I asked her to re-ask if there was ANY color of bell pepper in the lasagna.  She came back and said yes, he finally admitted that there were bell peppers in the lasagna. So Bob was just going to eat salad, fruit, bread and desert. By the time we got there, there was no salad left. The guy was rude about it, saying it was not his fault. Well, yes it was, and I told him so! A good caterer comes prepared for enough food for everyone. There was left over lasagna, bread, fruit, and éclairs. But no salad? Seriously??

Barb Z was the Sheriff. We don’t know who the Sheriff is, but whoever is kept anonymous so that you don’t know your infractions. You end up paying 25cents per infraction and the money goes to charity. The infractions are usually silly things. We were fined for having our wedding anniversary during the rally.

They announced the nominations for officers. I do the newsletter so we don’t get dragged into that!

Tuesday- We went over to the main building at 10 to the registration for the Alfa Owners Club Rally(AOC). We received our packet of information. I signed up for 2 of the 4 craft classes and we signed up for the dog show. We do not like the categories, so we just signed up for the best costume. We don’t have any costume! Oh well….

We returned and I finished some articles. We went to lunch and did laundry. We had the social at 4, but they did not say where, so we all went over to the main building. Not there, so we all sat out on the patio by the pools. At 5:30 they started lining up at the door. We were all given 1 ticket, per couple, which assigned us to a table, so that we mix up the various club groups. There were only 6 of us at the table. Rudy and Beth ( who are Roadrunners from Germany) were at our table. We had great conversations.

The dinner was sponsored by Redland Trucks. They do a lot of RV work in southern California. It was a delicious BBQ dinner catered by a local restaurant. Excellent food!

The entertainment for the evening arrived late. They were horrible! It was a Hawaiian theme and the dancers were college kids. Plus the guy running it kept messing up the music. It was terrible! We did not win any of the door prizes. 

Wednesday- After my walk I stopped in at the coffee and doughnuts to check on what we need to do, as we are the volunteers for early tomorrow morning. I was given a tour and showed what to do. I returned and submitted one of the new articles to my editor.

At 9, we went over to check out the vendors. At 10 Bob went to the Redlands seminar. We ate leftovers for lunch and took a nap. I had been up since 3 AM. Sometimes that just happens. While I was sleeping Bob ran over to see what the other seminars were, as there was no listing on what the seminars where, just the name of the person giving the seminar. This is a very poorly managed rally! Usually they are much, much more organized. The Wagon Masters are not people that we know and are not from our club. We went to the social hour and then out to dinner with Barb, Sid, Carol, Brian, Judi and Gene. We went to Polly’s Pies and had a great time!

When we returned we had to set up the coffee pots and the water pot for the morning. So we went over to the ballroom. We found all the doors locked, as it was 8 PM. Hmmm, so we walked all the way around the building to the registration door. That was open and we walked back through the dark building. We got into the kitchen and turned on some of the lights.

We started setting up the coffee. One of the guards walked in and I said hi and he about jumped out of his skin! It was funny! Poor guy, I did not mean to scare him.

We got all the pots filled and ready to go, but not plugged in. We turned off all the lights and returned home to go to bed.

Thursday- At 7, I went over the the room and plugged in the coffee pots. I returned while Bob was walking the dogs. At 7:30 we went back over to the ballroom to put out the rest of the items, juices, cups, spoons, stirrers, sugars, yogurt etc. We were on duty until 8:30 when the next crew arrived. They did the clean up portion, so we left and went back to the MH.

At 9, I went to Susan’s MH and we worked on the basket, with Barb, Judi and Carol. I returned home and Bob went to another seminar. Bob popped eggs into the Instapot for devil eggs.

We met up at 11:30 and went back to the ballroom for the luncheon. Same caterer, but he had enough food this time. It as sandwiches, salad, pasta salad, some gluten free items, and a huge cupcake for dessert.

We left before the, already late, entertainment.( We have decided it is the rally management, not the entertainment, who are having the issues). Again, we were the last table called!!! We came back to the MH and got ready to move. We were having the MH weighed since we have the new tires and we have not had this done since 2010. While the guy was doing some of the prep, I made the devil eggs.

We are overweight in the rear, as always. So Bob flipped the switch to make us use the water in the tank, so that we can get that weight off the tires.

We went over to the social hour at 4. Well, it was on the schedule for 5. We were not the only  ones and pretty soon everyone showed up! Like I said, the schedule is crazy!

We returned to the MH and had a quiet evening at home, eating leftovers for dinner.

Friday- We both were off for our walks. Bob has been trying to move heavy items forward under the MH. We had emptied out the back of the MH, above the bed before we left AZ, so items in the basement have to move!

At a little before 10, I went to one of the craft making classes. We ma\de an ALFA! I am not much of a painter, but it came out okay…Actually, it looks better in person than in the picture!


I returned to find that Bob was having an issue with the tires, again. This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks that he has had to call our road service to have the valve stems on the tires replaced. So he stayed home and I ran to Walmart.  Then I stopped at the 7-11 to purchase a lottery ticket. Hmmm, the gal motioned to a guy standing in front of the store while she was running off my ticket. As I walked out of the store and across the parking lot, he started to follow me. There was no one in the parking lot, so I turned around and glared at him. He shrugged his shoulders, turned and walked the other way. Not sure what I would have done if he followed me, but that seemed to work. I hot footed it to the car! Weird!

I returned home, we ate lunch and sat waiting. The guy got stuck in traffic but called to let us know why he was late. He arrived and right after he did, the guys from Leisure Coach Works arrived to reseal the window on our door. So we had a lot going on at the same time. Since he had to lift one side then the other on the MH, I took the dogs and we sat outside enjoying the nice weather.

At 2, I walked over to the main building to pick up ice cream sandwiches for us. This was an ice cream social, sponsored by the park. I took 2 and headed back to the MH for us to eat them together.

The guys finished about the same time. We did not have to pay for the door repair, as we had a credit with Leisure Coach Works. We did have to pay for the valve stems, again! Hopefully this replacement will work!

At 4:30 we went to the social hour. At 6 we went to the Roadrunner Dinner. This is our second club meeting of the year, with the election of the officers. We had a “Thanksgiving “ dinner with the usual trimmings. Then the elections. Jim is the outgoing President of the club. His wife Becky is the outgoing Treasurer. She was not there because she was sick. He had to call her and she did not answer the phone. So one of the gals took off to check on her. She was in bad shape with vomiting and diarrhea. The gal returned and asked if any of the nurses could check on her as she looked pretty bad. So CeAnn, Beth and I trotted back to their MH. She really did look bad. So I went to our MH and got some bottles of Propel to get some electrolytes back into her. Beth went and got a bigger basin for her to use, and CeAnn went and got some of her Zofran. She had some Imodium there, but had forgotten she had it, and had not taken  the med.  Then the issue was to get the meds down her long enough for her to absorb them. She finally went 1/2 hour without vomiting, and Jim had returned, so we all left. She looked a whole lot better!

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