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Sat. Mar. 31 to Fri. Apr. 6- Sun City AZ to Hemet CA

Saturday- We ran around doing some errands. It was a busy day for us. We stopped at Basking Robbins for ice cream, as it is the 31st and its $1.31 for a scoop. We cooked eggs and made devil eggs for tonight.

We left and went square dancing. It was the “Spring Fling” with the SCW group. There was a special caller, Dan, whose last name I cannot remember. We had a great time. This time we were the only ones who brought devil eggs, so they were gone really fast!

Sunday-Happy Easter! We did our usual tasks. We are working on getting the rig ready for travel this week. I cooked a corn casserole and we ran over to the ballroom at 3 PM to assist with setting up the room for the pot luck. We had to do a lot of work, since the Church people had not done their part.

At 4:30 we ran over to dinner. We had just 6 of us at our table, so we invited some new folks to join us. It was Ray, MaryAnne, Charlie and Paula with us. There was, of course, a ton of food. There were 60 people attending!!! We had set the room up for 64, and they had to add some chairs at the tables, so we might have had 70 people.

Monday- I had my nail appt., at 9, then returned to the MH for lunch. We left and went grocery shopping. We spend more time getting the MH ready for travel.

At 6, we went to dinner with Judy, Fred, MaryAnne, and Ray at Rosie’s Italian Café, one of our favorite restaurants.

Tuesday- Neither of us slept well for some reason. We were up at 5! At 9, we had our yearly call with our financial advisor. We did some re-arranging and will have papers to sign.

At 11:45 I had my hair appointment. Meanwhile, Bob has been putting things away and preparing the MH for travel. I returned home and we went to lunch, then we ran to Costco.

We ate dinner, and Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting.

Wednesday- We continued to get ready to leave and ran around doing errands. We dropped off mailing labels at the mail room and instructed them that if my missing medications arrived, that they were to send them back to Caremark, return to sender!

At 4, we went over to Jim and Diane’s to catch up and to play Pegs and Jokers. We gals won both games! We ate dinner at their house.

We returned home around 8, fed the dogs and went to bed.

Thursday-We drove out of the park at 8:45 and west. We turned north on El Mirage Blvd, and  took the 303 to I-10 west. We traveled all day. We stopped at exit 1 in Arizona to load up on diesel. The cost was $2.999/gal. Crossing into CA, it jumped to $3.79.

The worst of the travel was through the Palm Springs area. There is a lot of traffic there. Once you are through the traffic, you have to go uphill into the wind turbine fields. The motor home was rocking with the winds. They are always fierce there! There was an earthquake in the area, but we did not feel it, unless some of the rocking we thought was the wind, was the earthquake.

We turned south on Hwy. 89 and dropped down in altitude into the Hemet Valley. We arrived at Golden Village RV Resort at about 3:30. We parked in our site and got settled. At about 5:00 we went to Jim and Becky’s rig, joining Chris / Barb. and Brian /Carol Hood. The dogs love happy hour! They joined up with Jim and Becky’s dog and played.

Friday- We got up and did our walks. I worked on an article and Bob did some tasks around the motor home. We went to lunch at Polly’s Pies, a southern California favorite of ours, for their famous tuna fish sandwich.

We stopped at Sprouts and Walmart. We returned and greeted more arrivals. We went to social hour at 5 PM, with most of the people who are attending the Alfa AOC rally. We returned, ate dinner, watched some TV, and went to bed. 

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