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Sat. Mar.10 to Fri. 16- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I had a hair appointment at 10 so I was off to that.Bob worked on some issues that needed to be done.  When I returned, we ate lunch, did some tasks and went grocery shopping. We had a quiet rest of the day as it was rainy. Between rain drops, we ran over to visit with Sid and Barb.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks including laundry, budgeting, bill paying and filling the pill boxes. It was sunny today! So I was able to get out riding my bike and we sat outside reading.

We tried taking Karlie off the Meclizine, but she started having slight issues, so we put her back on. She did eat though! We grilled a steak and she had some of that as well as some food that Barb gave us. We are collecting dog toys, as we had way too many, and they gave us some. We are planning to take them to the local shelter.

Monday-  Bob dropped the car off at the shop and Barb picked him up. I called the Vet office about Karlie not eating. The Vet, a different one, called me back. She orders some Entyce, which is supposed to make Karlie hungry. She also said that maybe the vertigo is caused by her ear infection. Huh? She has an ear infection??? The other Vet had said he saw some debris in her ear, but nothing about an infection. If he thought she had an infection, why didn’t he order an antibiotic right then???? So she ordered an antibiotic and we started Karlie on the med.

Barb had given us some food that she is giving to her dog Mandy. It is a refrigerated food. Karlie ate it. So we went to Walmart and bought some food from their refrigerated dog food. Pricey, but maybe she will eat it.

I continued to work on articles and Bob washed the outside of the motor home. At 11, Bob, Barb, MaryAnne, Judy and I went to get tickets for the farewell party next week. Free pizza! But the times are staggered, so we had to get tickets together for the same time. We are in the 1 PM group.

At around 3:30, the car place called and we walked over to Barb and Sid’s and I drove Barb’s car down to the car place. We picked up the car, and returned, $1748 less in our bank account. At least it is under a 2 year warranty for parts and labor.

We ate dinner and watched some TV.

Tuesday- I was off at 8:30 to the Retired Nurses Breakfast. The speaker was from the Hospice of the Valley and it was pretty interesting. When I worked, I did a lot of referrals to them.

I returned to the MH, we ate lunch, and had an appointment with the breast surgeon. She did not find anything and we are waiting until the fall for the next mammogram. We returned, ate a quick dinner and went to Square Dancing. Since it is St. Patrick’s Day week, we dressed in our green. We had a great time. …

Wednesday- This morning we were off to Tivoli Gardens for the Alfa Breakfast. It was only Barb, Sid, Karen, Bob and I. We had a nice breakfast, then I returned to play Maj at 10. Bob went to the hardware store. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday- I was out the door by 6:30 to have my blood drawn. I had tried weeks ago to get an appointment, but with all the snowbirds in town, I could not get one. I was second in line, but got through the kiosk fast, so I ended up first in the queue.

I ran back home, ate breakfast and went to Maj. Bob decided to check the air in the tires and to check the batteries in the tire pressure monitor valves. Both of the outside dual rear tires had an issue. Some thing is wrong with the valves and we lost air pressure. So we have to call the RV service folks for them to come out and replace the valves.

We had lunch at home and went grocery shopping. We arrived back in time to go to the Residents Association Meeting at 4. Life is never boring! 

Our park has had the roads neglected for a long time! Encore, the owners, have said numerous times that they will repair the roads and it does not happen. Poor Scott, the manager, tries, but he can only do so much. So finally, some one planted pansy’s in one to the pot holes and sent him the picture.


Then, some one left a pail, shovel and rocks on his desk with a sign that said pot hole repair kit. He thought it was a joke and popped one of the rocks into his mouth, before he realized it was a real rock! We laughed hysterically as his description! Anyway, he is using these items as ammunition with his boss next week.

We returned home, ate dinner, changed into St. Patrick’s Day green and went Square Dancing in Sun City West. Again, we had a great time!

Friday- No car making group this week. This morning was the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Below is the Honor Guard. 

20180316_100401 (2)


Above are the Sun City Poms. They are a group of older women dancers. They have been on GMA and the Today show. They just marched but did not dance. Below is the Activity Dept. staff.  The guy to the left, standing with the microphone, is Mambo. He is a bit of a character. He was the MC.


Scott on the left and Chad the head of security driving.


Two of the clowns, but there are more to come…







The pet section was allowed to march. We did not know about it or we would have walked our dogs, as they love marching in a parade!





The Quilters.



The Peoria Fire Department.


We returned home and walked the dogs. Then we went to lunch in the ballroom for our Corned Beef and Cabbage. They had a Irish band.


We returned home, with leftovers for dinner, and took a short nap. We ate the leftovers and went to our Square Dance class .

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