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Sat. Feb. 24 to Fri. March 2- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to Costco for gas, $2.19. Then to The Boot Store  for a new shirt for Bob for square dancing. We went to  lunch at Café Zupas and had salads for lunch. We stopped at Target for some items and Famous Footwear. I could not find any shoes for square dancing. We returned home and took a nap.

We had a quiet evening, eating dinner at home and watching Netflix. I ordered a pair of Zumba shoes for square dancing. Zappos said that they ran small so I ended up purchasing a pair one whole size larger, a half size for length and a half size for wide width.

Sunday- Another quiet day at home doing laundry, filling pill containers, checking our accounts, and checking our budget. We did the bill paying and started thinking about our summer travels. We ate lunch and dinner at home, watched Netflix and relaxed.

Monday- I continued to work on articles. The list is getting smaller! Bob worked on the design and planning to put a slide under the washing machine. The machine, when it collects lint, overheats while drying. It does not have the usual lint catcher. So he has to get behind the machine from the outside to clean out the trap. He has tried to do this, but it was still overheating while drying. This has been going on for several weeks. So he built the shelf, but the machine is too heavy for us to lift it out. Bob called Bulls Eye RV Repair, who we have used numerous times, and they are coming out on the 5th to move the machine out and to clean the trap.

We were tired, so we took an afternoon nap. Neither of use having been sleeping well and we really need to catch up on sleep.

Tuesday- I worked on articles and they we went to Sun City West to the CORE Orthopedic office for my podiatrist appointment. They did an X-ray of my right foot, where the Chiropractor had twisted a toe instead of pulling the toe, back in January. It is still bothering me. It was not broken, but the tendons and ligaments are torn. I also asked for a new pair of inserts. Dr. McAllister sent me to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a pair. We went to lunch, then to Dick’s where I purchased a pair of Superfeet lime green inserts, which the Doc had recommended,  and a new pair of New Balance shoes.

We returned home, ate dinner at home, and dressed to go to the Square Dancing. I had not checked my emails, and did not realize that they had cancelled. The building was being used for voting, so they had to cancel at the last minute. We returned home and settled in to watch some TV.

Wednesday- More articles. Bob has been diligent on working on various tasks to prepare to leave. I went to Maj at 10, but there were only 2 of us, so I returned and worked on another article. We had lunch and dinner at home.

Thursday- More articles, more Maj. Another quiet day. My new shoes arrived! They fit really well, even with being a size larger. They are ugly, but I was going for comfort and they have a circle on the bottom for twirling.

Friday- Another article. I went to the card making class. We made Giraffes. That was fun. I forgot to take a picture, but gave the card to MaryAnne as she has just been discharged from the hospital. We took a nice long nap. We ate dinner, and left to go downtown to the Grand Canyon Square Dance Association Square Dance Festival. This was pretty rinky dink, compared to the SD festivals we attended on the east coast.

The guest caller was Hunter Keller. We danced to him at the New Years dance and really liked him. He is 29 years old and a very good caller. He also does great imitations of various celebrities, like Elvis and Bill Clinton.  There were only 2 rooms. The plus room was Hunter, calling in the gym and the other caller was Lee Hailey who calls for the Sun City West group. Lee is a hoot, but he calls weird moves that he makes up as he goes along. He was calling the mainstream calls.

We had a great time and danced pretty well. The problem was that the music and calls echoed in the room. It was a horrible room! They have put wall dampers on the walls to help, but it was still pretty hard to hear. We quickly discovered that if we were in the first square, right in front of Hunter, we could hear fairly well. So we raced to that spot each time. We made it most of the time. Fortunately, they are moving the festival next year.

We won two door prizes that evening. The first was a little TY stuffed animal. There was a little girl selling Girl Scout Cookies. I told her, without showing her what was in the bag, that I would trade the bag for a box of girl scout cookies. She immediately agreed. So we went over to her mother. Bob slipped her a $5 for the box of cookies. The mother just rolled her eyes. Hopefully, she taught the daughter not to be taken by strangers!

The second prize was a pretty necklace from Nordstrom’s! That I kept. It was a 38 minute ride home.

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