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Sat. Feb. 17 to Fri. Feb. 23- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had the patio sale today, so we set up a table and sat outside selling a few items. We made a little bit of money, not much. It was pretty busy, as the weather was beautiful and lots of folks rode their bikes around. We took turns riding ours, but we did not purchase anything.

We ate lunch, and read books. We ate dinner and watched some movies.

Sunday- Our usual Sunday, with laundry, filling pill containers, checking the accounts, and checking the budget. We had a quiet day at home. We watched some shows on Netflix.

Monday- I worked on articles. Bob did some tasks around the MH. We played Spades with a new couple in the afternoon. We watched The Ranch on Netflix.

Tuesday- I worked on more articles then I was off to Maj in the morning. Bob has been running back and forth to the hardware store working on a shelf in the front of the MH.  We Square Danced at Sun City in the evening.

Wednesday- I worked on more articles and played Maj in the morning. Bob continues to work on various projects. We went to a Pot Luck at John and Karen’s home in Sun City. It was for all the Alfa folks in the area, but only one extra Alfa couple, who are staying at Happy Trails RV park showed up.

Thursday- More articles. Bob still working on various projects. We square danced at Sun City West.

Friday- I went to the card making class, while Bob went to the hardware store again. At 12, we left for Bob’s appointment with the audiologist. The gal did tests with the various BAHAs and it was easy for both of them to make the decision on which one he will use.  I could tell immediately during the testing which one worked the best.  The bad news, is that he has to wait until the fall for the surgery. The way this all works, he will have the post inserted into his skull. Then, we watch for infection and keep the skin from growing over the post. The post has to heal for 3 months. Then they will put the hearing aid on the post and work on calibration over the next 3 months. We have to be here for all of this for 6 months. We thought about leaving and returning, but the audiologist said no, we have to stay here. We do not want to be here in the 120 degree summers or through the monsoon season. So, we will return late September or early October for the surgery. We have cancelled our volunteer work at the AIBF in October because it will be too close to the surgery, plus so dusty there. 

We returned in time to walk the dogs then to go to Scott’s (the resort manager) Town Hall Meeting. He updated us on what is going on in the park. Bob asked two questions. One is could an area next to some of the dumpsters become a small dog run and could they do anything about the Church folks parking on Sunday in front of the laundry room. Scott said that they are working on a different idea for a dog run and they will look at the parking on Sundays.

We ate a quick dinner of leftovers and went to our Square Dancing class. We stayed to ‘angel’ the new folks.

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