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Sat Feb. 3 to Fri. Feb 9- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We ran to JoAnne’s for a few items. We arrived when they opened. I was the first person in line for material cutting. I had lots of coupons and a 20% of total at the end.

We ran to Hobby Lobby, but did not find what I was looking for so we ended up at Michaels. I want a mini bow maker and no one has it. So I ordered it off the internet. We stopped at Fry’s and Sprouts.

In the afternoon I worked on a sewing project. MaryAnne stopped by and while we were talking, another Alfa couple knocked on the door. It turned out we knew them from the Sunriser’s Rally in Florida. Now we are having a pot luck Monday evening.

Bob had been at the exercise room, so when he returned, we ate dinner. At 6 I had to go next door to feed the neighbor’s dog and take him for a walk. He did not like that idea! At all!! He barked, growled and snapped at me. I put down the food. I tried 3 more times, but no way was he going to eat or let me take him for a walk. He had acted like this for Bob,but last time I was able to walk him. I finally gave up.

Sunday- We did out usual laundry, budgeting, bill paying, and filling our pill trays. We cleaned the MH and did more laundry.

Cecil the neighbor came over. Fortunately, Koda did not mess in the their park model. I told Cecil what happened and he apologized for the dogs behavior I understand, the poor dog was just scared. 

We had a quiet afternoon ate dinner and watched the Super Bowl. We decided not to go to the Super Bowl party here at the resort, as there will be too much food! We rooted for the commercials!

Monday- Today was the end of the first Meltdown Challenge and we weighed in. Bob had lost 12 lbs and I lost 9. We were both winners on the Challenge, which meant that we both received back what we put in to join plus an extra $1.35. Okay with us, as it was a nice educational and fun adventure.  My editor had sent me a lot of articles to do and so I have been diligently working on them. Our Spades game was cancelled, so I worked on articles. Bob has been working on stands for our back up camera and the GPS.

We hosted a pot luck this evening at our place, as there were two extra Alfa’s in the park. We knew one of the couples from our trip to Florida, as we had met them at the Sunriser’s Rally at the Tampa RV show.

Happy hour

Tuesday- I went over and played Maj. Each morning before anything else I am working on articles. I am also working on the Roadrunner Newsletter. Normally we would Square Dance this evening, but Bob had the Astronomy Club meeting, so he attended that. I read and watched a Hallmark movie.

BTW, the weather has been awesome! Cool nights for sleeping and day time high’s around 80 every day! It is beautiful Arizona weather.

Wednesday- I went to Maj again this morning. It was colonoscopy prep day for Bob. As you can imagine, this was not a great day for him!

Thursday-  Bob had to be at the GI doctor’s office by 7:30. They took him right in. The colonoscopy went well, although he dreamed about having breakfast at Dillon’s BBQ. They are not open for breakfast….  the results were good and he does not need another one for 10 years.

We left and stopped at Micky D’s for an egg McMuffin for him. We settled in at home for him to recover. We had a quiet day, with an afternoon nap. I have not slept well for 3 days, and I really needed the nap.

Bob was still gassy from the procedure, so we did not go to square dancing this evening. We watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Friday- We dropped the dogs off at the groomers at 8 AM, then returned to the MH. I worked on articles until they called around 10 to tell us that the dogs were ready to be picked up. We went and retrieved them.

We went to lunch at Zuppa’s, for salads, then to Costco for gas, $2.19/gal. We picked up a few items then stopped at the Library to pickup a book. I was pretty upset. I had received a text that said I had a book to pick up. I arrived and the book was not there. The text said that I had to pick it up by the 7th. I had not looked at the text, as I get one 4 days before and so I thought I did not have to pick it up until Sat. Instead, the text arrived on the 6th and said I had to pick up the book by the 7th. This was the 9th. For some unknown reason, I did not get the 1st text and they were charging me $1. So I talked to the Librarian and showed her my phone and the text. She took of the $1 fine and re-ordered the book for me.

W went grocery shopping. We took another nap this afternoon and we went to Square Dancing. They had moved it this time to another facility as this weekend there is an art show in the Bell Center. So we had to find the new facility. Sun City has a lot of recreation facilities!

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