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Sat. Jan. 27 to Fri. Feb. 3 2018- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were up early and off to Pueblo El Mirage Resort. I was participating in the Vendor Fair. Bob dropped me off and helped me to set up, then he left. He stopped at Lowes to purchase some plywood. He returned at 1 to pick me up.

We returned and I made Devil Eggs for our finger food for the dance this evening. We had cooked the eggs in the InstaPot yesterday. Then we took a short nap.

We ate dinner then left for the dance. It was at a different location, which was farther away. Our Tuesday evening caller, Dee Dee was the caller for the dance. We had a nice time, but it seemed that everyone brought devil eggs! We returned with 12 eggs.

Sunday– We did our usual laundry and budgeting.We ran to storage and put away the business items. We had a quiet rest of the day, eating dinner at home.

Monday- We worked around the MH this morning. We ate lunch and played Spades in the afternoon. Basically a quiet day.

Tuesday- I was off to Mahjongg at 10. I returned, we ate lunch, then relaxed. We square danced in the evening.

Wednesday-  I went to Mahjongg in the morning. Bob ran to the hardware store. He is working on a few projects. We had happy hour/pot luck at 4 at Mike and Linda’s with a lot of folks.

Thursday- I went o Maj again in the morning. Bob worked on his woodworking projects. We relaxed in the afternoon, and went square dancing in Sun City West in the evening.

Friday- I went to card making in the morning. We ate lunch and went to Costco and the grocery store as we are supplying the goodies this evening at square dancing. We ate dinner at home and went to the Bell Center to square dance.

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  1. Short and sweet. So glad you guys are enjoying living in Sun City.

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