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Sat. Jan. 20 o Fri. Jan 26 Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Bob found a Groupon for $13 for the two of us at Harkins Theaters, so we purchased it and signed in for seats at the 11:35 showing of Star Wars-The Last Jedi. We did some tasks around the MH, then left for the show. Harkins has the recliner seats. Wow, were they comfy!  We sat down and settled in and the guy who is running the Monday Spades game, Marc, sat next to us, with his wife with him. The show started after 20 minutes of previews. All of the previews were of course for SyFy flicks! The movie was awesome! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

We left and stopped at Ulta as I needed some moose, then we went to Costco for gas. We returned home and worked on Genealogy. We ate dinner, then joined Allen and Donna for Pegs and Jokers. The guys won the first 2 games and Donna and I won the third.

Sunday- We did our usual budgeting and laundry. We went to the storage unit for more of the pictures to be sorted and prepared for scanning. We basically had a quiet day at home.

Monday- Bob’s hearing aide was not working. He thought he might have ear wax, so yesterday he cleaned out his ears. He did get some wax, but the hearing aide was still not working. So we ran over to Costco.

Bob went straight to the Hearing Center. They took the hearing aide and told him to return in 15 minutes. While he was doing that, I ran around the store picking up items on our ongoing list. Bob caught up with me and we returned to pick up the aide which had been clogged with wax. We think that having the aide in his ear is making his ear produce more wax. So now we know, clean it weekly to prevent this. He can do that when he is changing the battery.

We ate lunch and went to Spades at 1. The guys beat us once and we beat them once.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- I was off to Mahjongg at 10. I decided that the students could play on their own. It was time for me to be able to play fast today. We played about 6 games, but I did not win any. I was so close several times.

While I was playing, Bob did some running around in the car. I had to say good-bye to Donna after our playing. She and Allen are leaving to return to Oregon. She has surgery next week for Thyroid cancer.

I returned and we sorted more pictures. We ran over to the storage unit to return some items, and to pick up the last box of pictures. At least we thought there was another box. Nope, no more boxes. Yea! So now we need to get ready to mail off some of the pictures and take the scrapbook pages to Costco to be scanned.

We ate dinner and went Square Dancing at the Bell Center.

Wednesday- I was off to Mahjongg at 10. We played with 2 tables again. We worked on pictures again in the afternoon, ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- I was off to Mahjongg again at 10. Bob dropped me off and went to the hardware store. I returned at about 12:30 and we ate lunch. Then Bob went to pick up oranges at the Activity Center. There is a local guy who sells oranges on Mondays and Thursdays. Bob really likes these nice fresh oranges.

We continued to work on pictures and some Genealogy. We went Square Dancing at the JH Johnson Center in Sun City West.

Friday- I went to the card making at 9. I made 4 cards and had a great time! I returned, we ate lunch, then went grocery shopping. Bob worked on a project. He is making a shelf for the clock and GPS in the front of the MH.

We ate dinner at home and went to our Square Dance Plus Workshop at 6. Since we are dancing again tomorrow night, we only stayed the hour. I was a mess. I kept making lots of mistakes. Bob started making mistakes at the end of the hour. Good thing we were not planning on staying the other 2 hours to Angel the Mainstream class!

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