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Sat. Jan 13 to Fri. Jan 19- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Today was Shoppers Paradise at the resort so we left at 8 to go over and set up. We had picked up my stuff at the storage unit yesterday afternoon. There were 10 vendor tables empty. I think that was because so many people are sick. There are several colds going around and of course the flu. My friends at the hospitals are run ragged. Two of the hospitals, Thunderbird and Good Sam,(now Univ. of AZ Med Ctr.) have triage tents out in front of the ER’s. They have run out of IV fluids and Tamiflu.

The show was over at noon, so we returned, ate lunch and took naps. We binge watched Stranger Things, season 2. It is an interesting show.

Sunday- Bob is finally better. We did our usual Sunday budget and laundry. We had a quiet day, only going out to return the business stuff to the storage unit.We did run by Costco and I purchased a Fitbit Charge 2. The Garman that I had purchased in Dec. is okay for the pool, but since I cannot do water aerobics anymore, due to my shoulder, I needed something for biking and walking.  I rode my bike for the first time today since my cold. I had still not felt up to it before now. We also sat our on the patio, as the temp was 75 and beautiful out.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- I got up and did my weigh in for the Meltdown Challenge and The Shred. I hopped in the shower and was out the door by 6:40. I had a fasting blood draw this morning. I could not get an appointment at Quest as they are so busy, so I wanted to be there before they opened at 7. I found it by driving around the building and spotting someone arriving with a piece of paper in her hand. They had moved the lab since we were there with Bob in December.

The new facility is larger and very nice. I was the third in line, after the first lady ( who was wearing a short sleeve shirt, capris, and sandals, it was 50 degrees!), and a man on oxygen. We walked in and there were 3 kiosks for signing in. Both of them were really slow ( the man needed the gal to assist him). I was done is a couple of seconds, so I ended up 1st in line. After the quick blood draw, I ran home. There was a beautiful sunrise, but the phone camera did not catch the beautiful colors.

Bob was just getting out of the shower when I returned at 7:25. We both had tasks that we needed to complete, including our weekly weigh in for the Meltdown Challenge.  He had weighed in and was down 7.5 lbs and I am down 5 lbs.! Great week one!!!

I cleaned out my email and printed out receipts for taxes. I also completed the paperwork for the Roadrunner Pre-rally in Hemet CA in April. Then I completed the paperwork for the Alfa National Rally in April, same place. I won’t send that one until next month. California is more expensive so we are paying for one this month and one next month.

Our plan for the summer was to then go north from Hemut in California, Oregon, and Washington. Then by August to be in Lolo Montana for a Square Dancing festival, meeting up with our SQD friends from here. The RV park in Montana is a Square Dancing park. There is another one in southern Colorado.

We are not sure that is going to be our trip this year. It all depends upon Bob’s BAHA surgery. We will not know the date of surgery until Feb. 23.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- I was off to Mahjongg at 10. Bob did some tasks around the MH and worked on our car insurance. Our agents retired, so we have been moved to another agent. Bob is working on seeing if we should change insurance companies and whether he wants to work with the new agents. We had 2 tables for Maj and several new people who want to learn.

I left from Maj and went to visit one of my clients. Then I returned in time to meet up with a potential client. It was a busy day. We ate dinner then went Square Dancing at the Bell Center.

Wednesday– We had to drop Roxie off early this morning for her dental appointment, so Bob dropped her off. They examined her teeth before they let Bob leave and told him that some of her front teeth are loose. It turns out that she has some bone loss, so they had to remove 11 teeth! Poor baby! Dogs have 33 teeth and she only had to have one molar removed, due to an infection. They called us several times during the day.

Karlie really enjoyed the day with us. She especially enjoyed her walks with Bob. We took her with us when we went out, and we stopped at Walgreens for passport pictures. Our passports are due. I played Maj in the afternoon.

We picked Roxie up at 4:30 and she was really wiped out. She did eat some dinner and drank water. It was so cute, she wanted to lay on the bed, and Karlie went in and cuddled her. Awwww…

Thursday- The vet called to check on Roxie. She had a little bit of vomiting during the night and she was making an odd sound. We are watching her closely. She does seem to be better this morning. She is a little bit more active. She is on an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic due to one infected tooth.

Bob was having a problem with his hearing aid. It did not seem to be working. So he put in some wax cleaner and sure enough, he had a wax block up.

I had Mahjongg at 10. We had two tables playing. I returned for lunch and we switched off Roxie watch. Bob went to the Endocrinologist office to pick up a referral for a Thyroid Ultrasound. He has a lump on his Thyroid. He set up an Ultrasound for tomorrow.

When he returned, I ran to the library to pick up two books I had requested. Then when I returned we went to the monthly Residents Meeting.  We returned home, cooked dinner and went Square Dancing in Sun City West. Roxie seems to be well enough we felt safe leaving her. We had a good time.

Friday- Bob was out the door at 8:20 for his Ultrasound. I rode my bike over to Card Rm 1 to the card making class. I was teaching the class today. It was a simple technique, but wowzer, the gals made some very pretty cards using the technique!

Bob stopped at the Post Office and mailed off our passport renewal applications. Hmmm, government shutdown? Well that will delay their processing. Fortunately, we are not planning to visit Mexico or Canada this year.

We ate lunch and went grocery shopping. We returned and had a quiet rest of the afternoon. We ate dinner, then went to the Bell Center in Sun City for our Square Dance Plus workshop. Then we stayed and were Angels for the students in the Mainstream class. My sore toe seemed to do okay this evening….

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