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Sat Jan 6 to Fri Jan 12 2018- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Both of us were still sick, so we had a fairly quiet day. This cold is something! We binge watched Netflix and took a nap.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks including laundry, budgeting, and shopping. Neither of us felt well, so it was naps again today.

Monday- I feel a little bit better, but Bob is running 2 days behind me. Bob had a doctor’s appointment this morning as a follow up. So he went alone. More naps! We both have started the Meltdown Challenge today. I also started The Shred, which is a different contest.

Tuesday- I had the Retired Nurses Meeting breakfast today. So I was off to that. The speaker was a Dental Hygienist who has a business educating people about dental care. She pointed out a new study that shows that people who brush their teeth 3x a day, have a 65% less chance of developing dementia! Isn’t that interesting.

I had moved my hair appointment from last week to today so that I did not spread the cold around. Kathy asked me if there was anything new going on. I told her about Costco and Bob’s Baha. It turns out, one of the other gals, Joann is married to the Manager of the Costco! So Kathy had me tell Joann the story. She said she was going to tell her husband.

First day for me without a nap. I am feeling better. Bob is still not feeling well.

Wednesday- We had the Alfa monthly breakfast. Bob is bumping into walls today. He is just not with it. We went to the breakfast and there were only 5 of us there. We had a nice time. I had to meet with a client at 10:15, so Bob rode home with Allen. Donna and Allen had flown in last night from Oregon. Donna picked up a cold, so she was not there. Allen had the cold while in Oregon.

I returned and we went to Bob’s Gastroenterologist appointment. Bob is now scheduled for a colonoscopy in Feb. Wow, have they changed the prep! No Citrate of Magnesia. Much better than having to take that awful stuff!

Kathy called me and asked if Bob would do a letter about his BAHA experience at Costco. We returned and had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- I was off to Maj at 10. We had two tables today! You can tell that the snowbirds are back in AZ. I had a Chiropractor appt. at 3. I went and I had asked him to do my toes. One is killing me, the second from the right. They usually pull them straight and I think he twisted a bit. As a result I am in pain! We did not go Square Dancing this evening due to this.

Friday- The toe is still sore, swollen, but no brusing, so I am assuming it is not broken.  I am not happy and will not be going back to him. He did not even call to see how I was!

I went to the card making this morning. I am teaching a class next week, so I wanted to get the samples finished.

I was supposed to have an MRI of the left breast, but the facility called and cancelled. They said that they had not gotten the approval. If the gal had contacted me sooner, I could have given her the info she needed when submitting for the approval. So it is moved to next Thursday.

Bob had written the letter, so I delivered it to Joanne at the hair salon. The letter is going into the Costco letter and Mariano is going to get a bonus.

We went to dinner with Karen & John and Paula & Charlie. Paula and Charlie are in town, staying at the local Casino. We had a nice dinner at the Elks Lodge. Good thing we arrived at 4:45 or we would not have gotten a seat. The Friday night fish fry’s are mobbed. We both had grilled shrimp salads.

We went to our Square Dancing workshop from 6 to 7. We did not stay to “angel” the mainstream class because of my toe. We made it through and returned home. I iced, again, and kept it elevated.

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