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Sat. Dec. 2 to Fri. Dec. 8 Sun City AZ

Saturday- Wahoo, Bob’s heart monitor 30 days ended today! No episodes of A-fib. We met up with MaryAnne, Paula and Charlie at Cracker Barrel. MaryAnne had to drop off her car for service. We ate breakfast and then went to Kohl’s for some shoes for Bob. He has found that he likes the Nike Air Monarchs which were 25% off at Kohl’s.

We stopped at Walmart over in Surprise. Ugh, it was mobbed and they did not have several of the items we wanted. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon. I worked on pulling out the stitches in the basket.

Sunday- We left early and went to Costco for gas ($2.15). We stopped at JoAnne,s for some other items and to Walmart to pick up the other stuff we needed. We returned home and I fixed some pants and sewed the basket. It still did not come out like I wanted and I will have to do this again.

We ate dinner at home and watched TV. The Carol Burnette 50 Anniversary show was wonderful!

Monday- We mailed off Bob’s heart monitor and I signed up for the vendor show on Saturday. We returned and cleaned the refrigerator. It really needed it!

Bob had an appointment with our PCP this afternoon. We went to the PCP and he was referred to the GI doc for his overdue Colonoscopy.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- We had to drop the dogs off for their grooming at 8AM, then we went to breakfast at Denny’s.  I played Mahjongg at 10 and Bob picked the dogs up at the groomers. We had a nice lunch, then I went to the Chiropractor in the afternoon. I have changed Chiropractors, as the one at The Joint, which is a nationwide company, was obnoxious. She did a good job, but she was pushing constantly for me to spend more money. I still have 3 visits on my package which I will use this summer when we are traveling.

I really liked the new Chiro. Donna had recommended him. If you donated a toy for Toys for Tots in their office, you received a discount. We had stopped at Walmart and I picked up two toys.

I showed him my hand. I have been having a problem with my left thumb. Many years ago I had a skiing injury, and stretched the tendon. I used a brace for awhile years ago, and every time it bothers me, I just put on the brace for a few days. This time the pain did not go away. So he looked a both hands.

I had not noticed, but I have a real problem with my left palm. The hands do not match. Ugh, I think I see surgery in my future!

We had a nice dinner at home, then Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting. I stayed home and watched some Hallmark movies.

Wednesday- I called and got an appointment with my PCP. I went at 10 AM to the Stamp’in  Up card class. I made 7 cards. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday- We ran to the Peoria Farmers Market at 9. The wind was howling so there were not many vendors or customers there. At 10, I played Maj. At 1 we went to the PCP. She took one look at my hand and said that is a tendon issue. She sent a referral to a hand surgeon ‘STAT". Later in the afternoon the doctors referral office called and gave me the name of the surgeon and the Doc’s phone number. I called and the first appointment I could get was in January, since I do not have a fracture. The gal said she would send it to the nurse for review, but at that point they had not rec’s the referral.

In the evening, we went to Sun City West and went Square Dancing with a different group. Several people we knew were there. We had a great time!

Friday- The wind finally died down enough that I was able to ride my bike. I went to the weekly card making class, but no one showed. I had left early last week, so they must have announced that it was cancelled, after I left.

We ran to Costco and bought cookies for the workshop this evening. It was our turn to bring them.

I returned and worked on a few tasks. We had a quiet afternoon. We ate dinner at home, then went to our Plus Square Dancing workshop. We had a fun time messing up our dancing! LOL

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