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Sat. Nov. 25 to Fri. Dec. 1 2017 Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were low on gas, so we wanted to get to Costco early. We arrived at 9:30 and drove straight up to the pump. Wow, bet you could not do that yesterday, on Black Friday!

Bob needs new socks, so we ran into Costco for them. No line again! We left and went to JoAnne’s. I picked up the 2 items I wanted and purchased them for 25% off. We stopped at the Library to drop off books, then went to the car wash. The little bit of  rain we had a few days ago made a real mess of the car.

Then we were off to the storage unit to pick up the Christmas decorations. We returned, ate lunch, and started decorating. We had a quiet afternoon, ate dinner, then went to play Mahjongg with Donna and Allen.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday bill paying and laundry. It was a quiet day for us. We played Pegs and Jokers with Donna and Allen in the evening. 

Monday-  We both had hearing tests scheduled at Costco. I have some mild hearing loss. Bob has moderate loss and the manager, Mariano Flores, recommended a hearing aide. Costco has the best hearing aides and the price is $850 vs. $2800 for the same one at other stores! They also have a 6 month return policy.

The manager also recommended that Bob go to a Otologist/Neurologist to have his right side evaluated. There is a device called a BAHA ( Bone Anchor Hearing Aide). It turns out Bob has a cochlea,( he has been told in the past that he does not have one)  and it was registering some sound from the vibrations. He had a much more thorough test than I did because of the moderate loss. Mariano gave Bob the names of two Doctors to visit. This would be a surgery to install this device, but it might, for the first time in Bob’s life, give him hearing on his right side!

Bob looked up both Doc’s and called for an appointment. The first available is in February. So he signed up for the appointment. We are excited! Times sure have changed! He has decided to wait to hear from the Doc about the regular hearing aide for his left ear.

We played Spades from 1 to 3 and had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- I played Maj with Donna, Mary, and Allen. We had a quiet afternoon, then went Square Dancing in the evening.

Wednesday- Paula and Charlie arrived to stay at the Elks Lodge for a few days.  I had a hair appointment at 1. We went to dinner at the Elks Lodge with Paula and Charlie.

Thursday- I took off and went to JoAnne,s for some material to make a skirt for square dancing. I came home and started sewing. Bob did some work around the MH.

Friday- I ran to card making this morning.


Then at 11:30 Linda and Donna picked me up and we went to Karen’s house in Sun City to make baskets. The blade on my material cutter was very dull, so I had a hard time cutting the material. I finally used Linda’s cutter. Donna and I spilt the 100 ft. clothesline to go in the material for the basket. We worked on the baskets. For some reason, the bobbin on my machine was acting up and I did not know it until I was well into the basket. So I stopped and had to take all the stitches out. I decided to do that at home.  From the left, Linda, Karen, Donna and Me.


At 4:30 we went to dinner at the Elks Lodge. There were 16 of us, which is why we arrived so early. We had a nice dinner, as it was Fish Fry night,  then left around 6, as there were so many people in line and they needed our table. We went to our Square Dancing Plus workshop. Both of us were really tired!


From the Left, Doc, Judy, MaryAnne, Ray, Allen, Donna, Paula,  Paula, Rick, Linda, Mike, Charlie, Bob, Karen, and John. ( you can’t see everyone in the pic)

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