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Sat. Nov. 18 to Fri. Nov. 24- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We had a little bit of rain, then the sky cleared out. Unfortunately, the wind howled! It had to be at least 20 mph. Today was the patio sale day. We had a few items to put out, but when I tried, it was “Gone With the Wind! “ Even our Thanksgiving flag flew off the pole and I chased it down the street.

I went over to Linda’s to pick up some fabric, as Karen is teaching us how to make a basket. I returned and picked up my coffee. Bob and I rode our bikes around the park. We bought a few items.

We left and went to lunch at Even Stevens A soups, salad and sandwich restaurant. It had just opened, and in one week had donated 2000 sandwiches to the local food banks. For each sandwich they sell, they donate one. A nice place but we seemed to be the oldest folks in the restaurant.

We ran to Home Depot looking for some items. We found one small fence, so we purchased one part of it to see if it would work under the MH. It did. We stopped at Costco for grapes and gas.

We returned home and Bob checked the fence. Since it fit, he went to the other Home Depot and purchased the rest of them. I sat out with the dogs in the fenced area. They really like the freedom and neither tried to go our under the MH.

New fence below MH

We decided we were tired so we texted Mike and Linda and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. The food was excellent, not like when I had to return it 2x and still hated it in ABQ, taking the steak home and feeding it to the dogs!

Sunday- We did laundry and watched the Redskin game. After the game we sat outside and enjoyed the fenced yard! Then at 4, we went over to Linda and Mike’s for a potluck. We had some new Alfa people who were visiting the park, so this was to get to know them. Below, from Left, Karen, MaryAnne, Linda, John, Allen, Ray, Mike, Bob, Nancy, Mike, and Donna.

Alfa Pot Luck

Monday- We ran to Walmart and Target. We also stopped at Sprouts and Leslies Pool supplies. Bob was looking for some of the strips to test the water, but they were only for Ph, not for the hard water. We returned to the MH, ate lunch, and went to the Activity Center to play spades. We played with Nora and John, again. Nora and I beat the guys, 2x.We returned home and ate leftovers for dinner .

Tuesday- I was off to Maj this morning. Only Donna showed up as MaryAnne was sick. We called Allen and Bob. Allen came and started to learn to play. Bob was already on his way to Walmart and the hardware store, so he came after, in time to play 2 games.

We returned to the MH, ate lunch and went to the Library to work on Ancestry.com for free.

While we were there, Karen texted me. Since MaryAnne was so sick, John was going to have to go to the installation by himself. So Bob is going to go with him. Karen and I are going to go to dinner with the guys, then she will drive me home and Bob will drive John home as John’s back is going to be hurting pretty bad by the time the installation is over.

I was sitting in my PJ’s watching a Hallmark movie and playing on my Ipad when there was a knock at the door. Cecil from next door was there asking for Bob. I explained that Bob was not here. He said that they are going on an all day trip tomorrow and wanted to ask if he could take the dog out. So I went over and met with Melissa and the dog, Koda Bear. He is a Dashound. He is very shy, but I was able to get him to sit on my lap. I took their key and promised we would take care of him. Yup, in my PJ’s and slippers!

Wednesday- We ran to Costco to pick up an apple pie for the pot luck tomorrow. We arrived just before 9 AM(when they opened) and we power walked down the side aisle, stopped to pick up tomatoes and  grabbed an apple pie from the center aisle. We trotted back to the front. We were out of Costco, in 6 minutes!

We went to Total Wine for some beer for Bob, then off to Office Max. I had purchased a banner to use as a vendor at some local events. They had not called me to pick it up. When we arrived the guy checked for it and said it had not come in. I told him we had been told 7 to 10 days, and it was way past that time frame! He checked and it had never been ordered. I told him I needed it for next weekend. He called the manager and they called another company and had the banner order rushed. They are picking up the cost of the rush order. We will see! Hopefully it will arrive by the 1st.

We went to Fry’s and purchased a few items, then returned home, ate lunch, and had a quiet afternoon. At 5:20, we went next door to take Koda out and to feed him. He did not like this idea at all! He greeted us at the door then hid in his bed. We tried to feed him treats, but he growled and snapped at Bob. We put his food bowl down. Weird, as dogs adore Bob.

We returned to the MH, ate dinner, did dishes and went back to get Koda. Bob stayed outside and I went in. Koda let me put the leash on him and we walked down the street to the grassy area. Bob stayed behind watching us. Koda kept looking back at him, but cooperated with me. He did his business, and immediately turned to return home.  I checked and he had water and had eaten his dinner. When I went to take off his leash, he turned on his back and gave me his tummy, a sign of submission. Poor little guy was so scared. I tried to give him treats, but he did not take them. I placed them in his bowl. Since he had eaten and had not done #2, we were concerned he would do it in the house.

Thursday- Cecil came over and we returned his key. He said that Koda seemed okay. We told him what happened. He said that Koda had eaten his treats and had raced down to the grassy area and did his business. No mess in the house. They did not get home until 11 P, so he thanked us for taking care of Koda.

I purchased an Ipad on Target.com. My Ipad, which is 7 years old, is having battery issues and other issues. It is 16 G, and the new one, which is more than half the price of the one I have, is 32 G.

We started cooking our little Thanksgiving lunch at home. We cooked a turkey breast in the InstaPot. Wow, was it moist! Then we cooked some turkey thighs. We cooked our favorite items and ate lunch. Of course, the Macy’s parade and the dog show were both on TV.

We started watching Gone With The Wind, which we had not seen in years. At a little before 3, we went over to the Ballroom to help set up the tables for dinner. That only took about 20 minutes. Bob went to the exercise room and I returned to watch more of the movie.

I cooked the green bean casserole, and we left at 4:20 to go back over to the Ballroom. We grabbed 4 seats for us and Allen and Donna. MaryAnne was sick, again. Linda and Mike had family members visiting and they had a table of 8, for the 7 of them. Total there were 60 people.

We sang Grace ( a little different but okay) and had a really nice dinner. Allan and Donna arrived right as we were getting in line for the buffet. We only waddled  home two pieces of the apple pie and a little of the green bean casserole.

Thanksgiving pot luck 2017

Donna took dinner to Ray. MaryAnne is not able to eat, again. She is having GI issues, and the doctors cannot figure out what is causing the problem.

Friday– Ancestry.com is having a nice sale on the DNA testing. $59, so we ordered two kits as our Christmas presents to ourselves. The least we had seen the kits for in the past, on sale, was $79.

At 8:45, I ran over to the card room to do some work. Then returned to the MH. I left to pick up Donna at 10:45. We picked up Karen and went to the Craft Fair at the Sun City Sundial Center. This is a huge craft fair held every year, on Black Friday. We stopped in at the art room and looked at Diane’s pictures. Then we stopped in at the Calligraphy room to look at the awesome greeting cards. We kept wandering through the building, out into the patio where a band was playing and the food trucks were located and into the second building where there were many more vendors. We wandered through for awhile, when I heard my name called. It was Diane. She was a volunteer at one of the entrances. We talked, then went to lunch on the patio. After lunch, we returned to walk past the rest of the items. Wow, they have a lot of stuff, all made by the Sun City craft clubs. From jewelry, to quilts, to wooden items etc…

We stopped at Dollar Tree to pick up some Christmas decorations, then I dropped them both off. I ran home and picked up Bob and we went to the Chiropractor. I had started having low back pain yesterday evening.

We stopped at Walmart and returned home. We ate our dinner of leftovers, then met up with Allen and Donna to play Pegs and Jokers. We played 4 games, girls won 2 and boys won 2.

We have noticed that they had put these signs up in the park. Cute!

New speed sign at Paradise

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