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Sat. Oct 28 to Fri. Nov. 3- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We ran to some stores and did some tasks around the MH. In the evening we went to dinner at Buca de Beppo with Alan, Donna, and MaryAnne. We had a great time with our friends and an wonderful dinner. MaryAnn brought food home for Ray, who is still not allowed to walk.

Bucc de Beppo

Sunday- We went to Tivoli Gardens for breakfast.  We stopped at Walmart for groceries, then we returned home, did our usual Sunday budgeting. We watched the Redskin game, then ate dinner and had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- I was off to water aerobics and Bob ran to the exercise room. We went to Ultra and Kohl’s. We stopped at Petsmart for some dog food. We ate lunch and returned to the MH. We hosted a pot luck dinner for Alan, Donna, and MaryAnne.

Tuesday- Bob had a 9:15 appointment with the cardiologist. This is a new Doc, and he had all the info from Colorado. We liked him. He is starting a 30 day heart monitor on Bob, and we made the appointment for it to be placed on Friday.

My Fitbit had died, so we went in search of a new one. I had several discounts at Kohl;s and we went there. They did not have the one that I was looking for and the discounts were not allowed on the Fitbits. Fitbit sets the price and they do not allow discounts.

I am looking for a water proof exercise tool, and Fitbit only has the lowest and the highest ones that are water proof. We stopped at Costco to check to see what they had, then we ended up at Best Buy. They had a Garmen Viviofit 3 which is water proof. The price was $99. So while the sales guy was getting it out of the locked cabinet, I was on BestBuy.com where it was for sale for $66. They honored the online price, so we did pretty well.

The dashboard is not as good as the Fitbit one, but I can count my pool activity. That helps to keep my steps up!

At 3:30 we went to pick up MaryAnne at her MH. Paula and Charlie were there and we met up with them and we all went to Baskin-Robbins for the “31” sale. Each month which has 31 days, the ice cream is on sale for $1.50 per scoop. We had a fun time visiting. Paula and Charlie were just in town for doctors appointments. They will be back for a few days, with their Alfa, and we will see them again next week.

We had a quiet rest of the afternoon at home. We went to the Bell Center for Square Dancing with the group we danced with when we were here in 2016. We had a great time. It was good to go when everyone else were rusty also!

It is crazy, but we are not allowed to become members of this club. We can only attend as guests. While our address is Sun City, we are legally in Peoria AZ. Del Webb, when he built Sun City in the 60’s, did not want a “trailer park” in his city. Who knew that the motor home of today would cost more than the Sun City houses! Anyway, we cannot join, because the dances are at a city owned center.

Wednesday- I went to water aerobics again and Bob went to the exercise room. We ate an early lunch, then at 12 we arrived at the Sunrise Mountain Library to volunteer to assist with set up for the book sale this weekend. We worked until 2:30 setting up the books. We were allowed to purchase anything we wanted too, and Bob picked up  one book.

We returned in time to host a social hour. Barb and Syd Zelke, other Roadrunners, were in town, so we had a great time with them. MaryAnne, Donna and Allen arrived

Thursday- Bob took the dogs to the groomer and I went to water aerobics. When I arrived back and got dressed, the groomers called and said that the dogs were ready. We arrived to find that Karlie was asleep and Roxie was laying quietly. Guess they know where they are and that we will be back to get them!

We took the dogs home and went to the primary doctor office. I have a rash in the antecubital areas of both arms. It itches and is red. So Jennifer sent in a prescription for a cortisone cream to the Walmart pharmacy. I have been doing an over the counter cortisone, but it was not working.

We returned and ate lunch. Because I did not sleep well last night,  I took a nap, surrounded by dogs of course!

At 4 we took the dogs to the Vets. This was a new vet. We liked the young guy. He did a physical on Roxie and all was well. She was given her Leptospirosis booster and a Bortatella vaccination. They also drew blood for the yearly heart worm test.

The Vet started to examine Karlie. He immediately picked up a heart murmur. It was a 4 on a scale of 1 to 6. Not good! He immediately thought that she has a prolapsed mitral valve. She was overdue for her yearly senior blood work, so he drew that. She was also given the Leptospirosis  and Bortatella vaccinations. They also did an X-ray. He showed us that she has a distended right atrium, which is a sign of the mitral valve prolapse. She will be 14 , December 27th.

Both dogs are going to need their teeth cleaned in February. We are waiting for the results of the blood work for follow up on Karlie. There is a medication for her to take, but we do not yet know the price. The Vet said it is expensive.

Friday- I went to water aerobics and Bob went to the exercise room. We did some chores then ate lunch. I ran to JC Penny’s as they were having a sale. I managed to purchase navy blue and black pants. It is hard to find decent pants!

While I was there, the MD office called. The insurance had denied my MRI. I have to have a diagnostic mammogram( even though I had a 3 D imaging one in May). They sent the referral to the center. Later in the day the center called, but I was driving.

While I was gone, the Vet called Bob. Karlie’s blood values were perfect, except for the cardiac values. They were very high, so he wants to start Karlie on the expensive medication immediately. I stopped on the way back to the park and bought the medicine, which was $116 for 30 days. Karlie will be on it the rest of her life.

I returned to the park and met up with Donna and MaryAnne for some girl time. At 2:45, Bob and I left for the Cardiologist office. They gave Bob a heart monitor. They are monitoring him for Afib for 30 days. If no Afib, he may be able to stop taking the blood thinner.

We returned to the MH , ate dinner, and went to the Bell Center for a Plus Workshop for Square Dancing. We arrived to have the same caller, Dennis Farrar,  who taught us in early 2016. We had just enough people for one square. As Dennis, the caller, said, the best square in the room!

We danced until 9, then returned home to go to bed.

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