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Sat. Oct 21 to Fri. Oct. 27 Sun City AZ

Saturday- More settling in to our annual site. With the annual, we can come and go as we want and our site stays clear for us. It is only a few more dollars a year, and we are actually getting a $300 gift card for signing up. We are slowly meeting our new neighbors.Our mail arrived and we started working on that… We sat out enjoying the weather. 

Sunday- We went to breakfast at Denny’s, stopped at Dollar Tree and Costco for gas. Wow, Sunday morning is a great time to do anything!

We did our usual bill paying and budgeting. We basically had a quiet day at home. The weather has been awesome and we sat out in the evening.

Monday- I was off to Water Aerobics. After I returned we decided to go look for some patio furniture.  We stopped in at an Estate sale store. We are looking for lounge chairs.

We tried another store, but they were not open on Mondays.

We ate lunch and returned to the MH. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather.

Tuesday- If you follow the blog, you know that we have been very tired. Part of that was the AIBF. Part of that was stress. I have a breast issue and we are very nervous about my having breast cancer. Neither of us have been sleeping well.

Before the AIBF I went to my primary physician. I did not like the look on her face when she examined my breast. She sent a referral to the Breast Care Center of Arizona. She has 3 Doctors that she would refer me too, and I had been able, through my insurance, to obtain an appt. with one. I had asked the PCP if it was okay to go to the AIBF and she said yes, as it would that about 3 weeks to get an appointment, and I would only be gone a month.

Yesterday, I had MaryAnn and Donna over and I told them what was going on. They went into protective mode and suggested that I have one of them attend the appointment to take notes. That is what the Sisterhood of the Traveling Ta Ta’s did when Paula had breast cancer in 2013.

Since MaryAnn  is taking care of Ray, post his ankle replacement. Donna volunteered to go with us. We left around 11:30 for the 12:00 appointment. We met with Dr. Kimberly Cox and she examined my breast. She thinks that my chance of having breast cancer is very low, but she ordered an MRI to be sure.

What a relief! So we left and went to Dillon’s for BBQ for lunch. We returned to the MH and I called the number that our insurance company gives us for scheduling MRI’s. The gal said that the request needs to go through Evercare, then they will send the authorization to this company. I did check to see which of the 3 facilities that the Doc wants me to go to is in the system, and the #1 is in our preferred provider list.

We sat out enjoying the excellent weather, ate dinner and watched some TV.

Wednesday- I was back and forth emailing with the Doctor’s office explaining what I had been told and who they had to send the request to for authorization for the MRI,

Thursday-  I had my follow up appointment with my primary physician. I saw the Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer. I also asked her to send some prescriptions to Caremark. Caremark keeps messing up my prescriptions. My Celebrex went to Westminster CO, even though they had the Arizona address in the system. Then it was lost in the mail. Julie finally found it had arrived at the Elks Lodge and I had her send it back to them. It has not arrived and Caremark deleted one of my refills, so I will be short of the med.

Then they had sent the medication to the AZ park, only instead of using the postal service, they sent it via UPS. Since we were in NM, the poor UPS guy was running around the park looking for us. So I had spend over and hour on the phone while in NM trying to straighten this out. Instead of sending it again via postal service, as requested and put into the system, they sent it again via UPS. So I ended up canceling the delivery at that time and had it resent. But now they have taken away the refill. GRRR, they are so frustrating!

Friday- I continue to do water aerobics every morning. Bob has been going to the exercise room and walking on the treadmill. His heart is doing very well and he is not having the high heart rate he was having.

We went around the area to all of the Estate Sales looking for patio furniture. We stopped in at True Value Hardware and they had two of the zero gravity lounge chairs, so we purchased them and put them into the back of the car.

We decided to go back to one of the estate stores and purchased a table and chairs that we had seen. We had them delivered to the RV site, as the table would not fit in the car. Now we purchased an umbrella and a pad for a stool which came with the chairs.

New patio furniture

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