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Sat. Nov. 4 to Fri. Nov. 10 Sun City AZ

Saturday-  MaryAnn, Donna and I went to the local craft fairs. I have been to the first on on 99th Ave at a Methodist church in the past. It is a very nice fair. Donna purchased a purse and MaryAnne purchased a quilt banner.

We continued on to the local Catholic Church and their craft fair that was more flea market/garage sale. None of us bought anything. MaryAnn has not been feeling well, so we dropped her back at her Alfa. Donna and I went to lunch at Café Zupas.

We returned home and had a quiet evening.

Sunday- We did some  laundry, the budget/bill paying, and started watching the Redskin game.  At a little before 1, we left and went to Jim and Diane’s for a BBQ. This is an Escapees Boomers event. We had a great time with 10 others. Jim cooked brats and we had baked beans and potato salad, and ice cream for desert.

At 4:30, we ran back to the MH and walked the dogs really quickly, fed them, then returned in time to caravan to the Sun City Bowl, for a concert. We had to bring our own chairs. They check name cards and you have to be a Sun City resident to attend, or a guest. Jim and Diane sponsored us.  The concert was fun. The entertainment was the Sam Mathews Band. They are a southern rock back, who have opened for famous bands,  and played a lot of songs that we knew. We were up dancing with a lot of other geezers!


We expected the traffic to be bad leaving the venue, but is really was not!

Monday- Bob and I left and went to the Sunrise Mountain Library for a session on Genealogy. The librarian, Cathy, told us about the library’s various Genealogy sites. We ended up talking to another lady for about 45 minutes afterwards and had to race back, eat lunch and get to Card Rm #2 to to play Spades at 1.

We had a nice afternoon playing Spades with 6 other people, who we had never met.

Tuesday-  I rode my bike and then headed over to Mahjongg. This was Donna’s first day playing and she did very well. Susan, MaryAnn and I were all rusty,so it took us some time to get up to speed.

I returned at a little after 12 and we ate lunch. We did some tasks around the MH and sat outside reading. Bob went to the exercise room in the afternoon.

After dinner Bob went to Astronomy Club meeting and I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Wednesday- We left at 8:15 to go to Tivoli Gardens Restaurant for the monthly Alfa meeting. We met up there with Linda and Mike, who have just returned to the park, Susan and Lee, who we did not know, they belong to the South Loafers, Donna, Allan, MaryAnn and Karen. John did not come as he is still having trouble sitting after his fall before the AIBF.

We took Linda with us and went to her step-mothers condo. She is still cleaning out the condo and she had some table cloths there. I need one for Maj. We met up with Mike at Costco, as he had to go purchase some new windshield wipers for their Alfa. We purchased gas, and  wandered around Costco, since we were already there.

We returned home, ate lunch and ran some more errands. We sat outside and read our books. We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner.

Thursday- Bob went to the exercise room and I went to Mahjongg. I was still teaching. Donna has flown to Dallas to assist a friend with cleaning out her fathers home ( he died 3 years ago and she just cannot empty the house out.). We played with just Susan, MaryAnn and I until the last game, when a new gal, Trudy joined us. She was doing very well for her first game.

I returned to the MH, we ate lunch and did some laundry. We sat out and read in our lounge chairs and BBQ’d dinner.

Friday- My first day this week at Water Aerobics! We had a quiet day then went to an early dinner at the Elks Lodge, for the fish fry. We met up with Karen and John. He was able to attend, but left right after eating. Allan attended, but had to leave early also as his son was telling him and Donna, via Skype the sex of their grandbaby, due in May. ( a boy).

MaryAnn, her friend Sue, Linda and Mike attended. We had a very nice dinner. We left at 6, and returned home to feed the dogs. Then we left and went to our Square Dance workshop. We had a great time dancing.

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