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Sat. Sep 29 to Fri. Oct. 6- Sun City AZ to Albuquerque NM

Saturday- We went to the storage unit and dropped off a few items. We picked up the bike rack and returned to the MH to get the bikes. We took them to the Bike Builder for a tuning. Mine is in pretty bad shape, so they need to do some serious work on it.

They thought that they might have Bob’s done by the end on the day, so we kept the bike rack in the back of the Edge. We went to the Peoria Farmers Market. We have not been to this Saturday market before and will definitely be returning. It was awesome!

We went to lunch at In N Out burger and took a short nap. We had  quiet evening at home.

Sunday- Bob’s bike was not ready yesterday, so we returned the rack to the storage unit. We did some errands and watched the Redskin game. Alan and Donna arrived today, so in the evening we met up with them and MaryAnne and Ray at the Vore’s MH.

Monday-  We started our trip east and had an easy drive to Flagstaff. There the winds started and we had to slow down. The winds were mostly from the west, 25 –27 mph and were a tailwind. We stopped in Sun Valley, AZ at Sun Valley RV park ( the park had been sold and was previously Root 66 RV Park where we have been before. It was still a PA park $22 W/E). We settled in and relaxed.

Tuesday- Happy Birthday Bob!! We continued our trip east. We stopped for diesel, then continued on to Enchanted Trails RV Park ( a PA park $23 night FHU 50 amp) where we are meeting up with the Roadrunners. Susan Prichard had texted us, inviting us to go to a brewery for dinner. We all left and went to the brewery, where we overwhelmed the staff. They had just started a food menu, and they ran out of food and let us get food from the pizza place next door and bring it in. Bob and I split a calzone.


Wednesday- We ran around ABQ doing some errands as we needed some items and picked them up at Walmart.

At 5 we had a social hour where we met up with everyone who was going to the Fiesta. Dale talked about boondocking for those folks who have not done this before. We returned to the MH and ate a light dinner and went to bed.

Thursday- moving day. We were caravanning to the fairgrounds and we were in the second group, at 7:30. I was finished getting the inside of the MH ready when there was a knock on the door. The guy(John) 2 rows over had fallen off his ladder. I called to Bob and ran over. We kept him still on the ground, covered with a blanket. He was on gravel and it was not comfortable. We called 911. Bob used his flashlight to check his eyes and his pupils were normal. He had fallen, gotten up, and fainted, hitting his head.  I sent one of our group out to the entrance to direct them to the site.

Once they arrived, I reported to them. Karen, can drive the MH but she was following him to the hospital. They were in the 1st group to leave, so we got ready and took their turn in line. John and Karen’s MH was staying in its site. Becky took over calling the resort later to check to see how long the MH could stay there. Jim and Becky’s alarm clock did not go off, so they had run late. They ran back to the rv park to take showers and to care for Karen and John’s dog. The MH would have to be moved as the park is full for the Fiesta. John was going to have to stay the night, as he had a broken vertebrae. So they packed up the MH and moved it to the fairgrounds with us. This made it easier to take care of the dog. If something is going to happen, at least they were with friends who would take care of the dog and MH.

We all lined up ready to leave at 7 There were 8 rigs in a row, with tow vehicles in between the motor homes( including 1 Alfa 5th wheel and 2 SOB’s (some other brand, RV’ing terminology! ). ) We left promptly. I had been appalled when Susan had said we were leaving so early and driving through ABQ rush hour traffic, which is notoriously awful! Susan and Dale, the wagon masters, had scoped out a surface route which was great.

I followed Bob who was driving the MH. We did run into traffic the closer we got to the fairgrounds. I lost Bob and was leading the pack at that point, with 4 MH’s behind me. We all were using walkie- talkies and Susan was at the next corner waving to me.

We turned into the park and there was a long line. So us gals went around the RV’s and went to the check-in station. We picked up the placards to place in the MH and car windows. I pulled back in behind Bob and we were led to our site. We are north facing in row 27. Last time we were here in 2011, we were in row 3.

We have 17 total rigs and we are all parked in a nice straight line. We park the Edge behind the MH and the row across from us parks in front of their RV. 

We all settled in and sat around talking.It was raining off an on… We had a happy hour at 4, then went to dinner with Paula and Charlie Gray at Texas Roadhouse. Isn’t this a great picture of all of us!


Friday- We had an 8 AM meeting so we carpooled (with Paula and Charlie) over to the W lot where we are going to be parking this entire time. We had the intro Navigator Courtesy Shuttle meeting. Then we had the golf cart orientation. From there they took us on a Trolley tour of the park. That was sort of a waste of time, as there were so many people on the Trolley, we were not able to see everything. So then we hopped on a 6 pack golf cart with John ( this was his second year) and he took us on a much better tour of the facility.

He wanted us to test drive, and I was the only one who agreed to do that. He had me drive to the top of route 4, which is a 6% grade hill. I drove the cart up and down the hill. Some people refuse to do this route, but Bob and I both liked it.

We all went to Costco and Chick Filet for lunch. We returned and had a happy hour that was dinner.  

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