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Sat. Sep. 9 to Fri. Sep 15- Westminster CO

Saturday- My birthday. We started out having breakfast at IHOP, as I had a free breakfast for my birthday. Then we went to the storage unit to start the cleaning it out. We packed up some items to take to the ARC as donations. Most of the Christmas stuff, except for a couple of items of sentimental value. We returned to the storage unit and I looked around that said to Bob, where are the photos that I had worked on last spring. The plan is to send them off via FedEx to  a company to have them moved to digital. We searched through the storage unit. We were getting panicky, as we could not find them! So we ran back to the ARC to make sure that we had not donated them, although we were pretty sure that we had not. They were not there! So we stopped for lunch, grabbing a free sub at Jersey Mikes, as I had a coupon for a free sub. We went back to the storage unit to go through it again. The pictures were not there! Both of us were just sick about this and could not believe that we might have donated them in May, and they were long gone!

As the only child of an only child on my mothers side, I have all the pictures of my grandparents and my great-grandparents. Bob might have been able to get copies of his pictures. Plus these were a lot of old family pictures that it would have been impossible to replace. This made for a very unhappy birthday!

We attended the social hour at 4, and went to dinner at Denny’s for another free birthday meal. 

Sunday- We did some laundry, budgeting, and went back over to the storage unit to keep condensing boxes. We went to social hour at the pavilion at 4.

Monday- I had a Chiropractor appt. at 9:45, so we went to Arvada to my appt.Then we went to Costco for gas and groceries. We ran back to the ARC and I spoke with the manager to ask if they had the pictures from the spring. No they did not.

We returned to the MH and did some stuff at home. We went to social hour at the Lodge. We had dinner at home.

Tuesday- We went to Bob’s Cardiologist appt. at 8AM. He had a good report. He has not had any episodes of the Afib. The cardiologist said that he wanted to place a monitor on Bob in December and we explained that we will be in Sun City. So he has written his plan, and is going to forward it to the new cardiologist in AZ.

We returned to the storage unit. I opened a box, and inside was a Direct TV box. I asked Bob why we were keeping a DVR box. It was heavy and when we opened it, the pictures were inside. Wahoo! We were dancing in the storage unit! Neither of us remembered moving them to this box! We both felt a lot better!

We took more items to ARC for donations. I had a dental appt. at 12:00, so we ate an early lunch, then I ran to my appointment. When I returned, I went straight to the Lodge to play Ponytail Canasta with the girls. We had a great time.

We went to social hour at 4 PM, then to Old Europe, our favorite German Restaurant in the area. We had a great dinner.

Wednesday- Back to the storage unit to do some more work. I dropped Bob back at the MH, and went shopping at Kohl’s. I stopped for a mani on the way back. We went to social hour at the Lodge, then we went to the dinner. This was a new thing they were trying. Fried chicken (leg, thigh, breast) green beans and mash potatoes with gravy and a glass of wine for $9. It was okay. Neither of us is big on fried food. We brought a lot of chicken back to the MH for leftovers.

Thursday- We stopped at Walgreens and had our flu shots. We went to Kohl’s for some shorts for Bob. I had seen some the other day. What a mess. From when I was there yesterday, they had moved the shorts to the clearance rack. The racks were marked with sizes, but the clothing was put on the racks in any order. We had to go through every single piece of clothing to find some shorts in his size. We managed to find 3 pairs.

We returned to the MH and took a short nap. We went to social hour, then to the Lodge for Taco night. $1 taco’s. After social hour, we returned the dogs to the MH and fed them, so we were a little late going to the Lodge. As we were walking down, there were 2 young Hispanic guys walking in the RV area. We stood and watched them. They noticed that we were watching, so they climbed the steps and kept walking. As they were heading  back to the gate, we saw Julie in her golf cart and flagged her down, pointing them out. She took off , with Noel, her husband in the car behind her, and she told them they were trespassing. They declared there was no sign, and she showed them the sign!

Earlier in the week, some guy kept cruising through the park in a black Subaru hatchback. So everyone is being vigilant on watching out for each other.

We had a nice Taco dinner with about 20 of us at the Lodge.

Friday- Back to Costco for gas, then to the Chiropractor.  Then back to the storage unit. We had some more items to donate, and we were able to condense two more boxes. We think we are ready to fit everything into the car for the transfer to Sun City!

We stopped at the ARC again, and picked up lunch for Bob at Dickey’s BBQ. We returned to the MH and I walked down to the Lodge for lunch and to play Ponytail Canasta with the girls. Jan and I partnered again, and won again! We had a really nice time playing.

I returned to the MH and we went to social hour. I asked Julie if it was okay to let the dogs run. She said yes. They had a great time! They ran around in circles around the big pine tree, doing laps. Someone came with an older golden retriever. Karlie dashed past the retriever, who kid of looked at Karlie and then decided running was a good idea, so now we had three dogs doing laps.

They were finally done, and came and jumped up on our laps to sit through the rest of social hour. They went back to the MH, ate dinner and took naps. Very happy pups!

The dogs are so funny! At 4, they know it is social hour and they start talking to us about going. They love to go, as they wander person to person getting petted!

We had leftovers for dinner. We have been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.

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