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Sat. Aug. 26 Barnesville MN to Fri. Sept. 1 Dickinson SD

Saturday- I had my Boot Camp starting this morning, so we left at 10 and drove the 22 miles to Fargo. Our first stop was at the Visitor Center. Outside there was this painted buffalo.

20170826_110609 (2)

The folks at the visitor center gave us a map of where others are located, but added that some of them are not there anymore, but they were not sure which ones. So we did not bother looking for them. We did see one other one, near our next destination.

20170826_123740 (2)

Outside, they also had a Celebrity Walk where celebrities had put their hand and footprints in cement, along with their signatures. There we a lot of familiar names.

Here is Toby Keith


Alan Jackson

20170826_110428 (2)

It wasn’t all country stars. Here is Chuck Yeager.

20170826_110702 (2)

20170826_110621 (2)

Inside, they had “The Wood Chipper” from the movie Fargo. The movie was not filmed in the area, but this is one of the original props. The Wood Chipper scene was actually filmed in Square Lake MN.


We talked to the employees and received a map of the city and were told about the Farmers Market and the Island Park Craft Show.

We left and drove to the Farmers Market.

20170826_112804 (2)

We did not buy anything. We stopped at a sandwich shop and bought lunch. Then we went to the Island Park Arts and Craft Show. We easily found parking and walked thru the show. There was not much of interest to us, so we continued our tour of Fargo.

Out next stop was at the Hopperstad Stave Church. We had seen a Stave Church on our Alaska trip in 2013. It was not open, but we walked around the outside. It was built in 1995.

20170826_124326 (2)     20170826_124520 (2)

We left and went to Costco for gas at $2.04/gal. We returned to Barnesville and the MH. We ate dinner and went to watch the town parade. We found out that the route did not go directly in front of the MH, but on the street behind. So we took our chairs over and sat down.

First, the police came by, with the presentation of the colors. Everyone stood and put their hands over their hearts as the Star Spangle Banner was playing.

20170826_173118 (2)

20170826_173213 (2)

They walked along throwing candy to the kids. There was a little boy, about 5, next to us who really raked in the candy! He probably did better this night than at Halloween!

20170826_173411 (2)

Here were the Tator Tots from last night.

20170826_173430 (2)


20170826_173508 (2)

20170826_173548 (2)

20170826_173640 (2)



There were lots of big pieces of equipment. At this point. my phone went black. It was fully charged, so we did not know what what wrong with it. So I missed taking pictures of the rest of the parade. The one float I would have liked to have photographed was a Large Shopping Cart, which had kids and big boxes of cereal in it! It was really unique!

They advertised that there were 150 participants and we agree, there were probably that many! These were not the biggest pieces of farm equipment that we saw. Plus of course there were the politicians who went by…plus the bands and the Shriners. The Shriners were a hoot! They were not in the little cars, they were on powered tricycles. They spun around. and raced up and down the street.  There were also motorcycle groups, one new motorcycles and really old ones. It was fun to watch.

After the parade, we went back to the MH and settled in for the evening. Bob was able to take apart my phone and do a soft reset, which seems to have worked!

Sunday- Moving day. We left at 8:45 driving thru fog, traveling west on I-94. The fog quickly dissipated and we had a pleasant drive to Bismarck. We took the by-pass and traveled to General Sibley County Park. We have a 4 night reservation with 50 amp. no water or sewer for $22.We added water to the fresh water tank, then got in line at the dump station. Check out was 2 pm and many people waited until 2 pm to leave. So there was a long line. When we finished dumping, we settled into site 30, and have both satellite and local TV stations. This is the first place we have been for awhile where we are close enough to the city to get the local stations. We like having them for a better weather report than we get on the Weather Channel.

We did nothing this evening except eat diner, sit outside reading and watch TV.

Monday- Bob took the towels, sheets and our underwear/socks to a laundromat to wash, while I updated and posted the blog. We were running out of undies!

I could not get into the CVS/Caremark website to change my mailing address and to order my medications. So I ended up calling them. I got a great gal on the phone. She assisted me with making the address change, although she had a hard time doing it. I had so many addressed in the system, that she had to go to another site to delete them. Then she had to add in the current address where I want the meds sent in addition to the new site in Paradise RV Park. She was very interested in our lifestyle and while we were chatting Bob arrived home. So I put him on the line to make the same changes to the addresses and to get his medications ordered and sent to the Elks Lodge in Westminster.

Then we went into town to lunch at the Cottage Café. It was an excellent place, and we highly recommend. Inexpensive and very good!

We stopped at Penny’s and I went in. Bob stayed in the car. The did not have what I wanted, so we went home. Although I tried on a really nice pair of Liz Clayborn pants which looked really good! 40% off, or at least that was what the sign said. They were 40% off IF you buy $40 worth of purses or jewelry, that was in the fine print! They went back on the rack. JC Penny’s wonders why they are going out of business??? I can get the same thing at Kohl’s and they will be a lot less expensive…. and no tricky signs…

Bob had seen that we were leaking water from the Hydro Hot again. Fortunately, he had taken the class and in certified, so he found the lose fitting and tightened it. He is going to replace that fitting as it loosens too frequently.

I went and had a mani/pedi at a very nice salon. Then returned and we BBQ’s chicken for dinner. We sat outside to enjoy the awesome weather. It is in the 80’s and sunny! Wahoo, much better than the rainy 60’s.

Tuesday- I had my Boot Camp Work Group this morning, so we stayed in until 10 AM. Then we left and went to the Old Governor’s House. This house was originally built for a liquor baron. When SD entered the Union, they entered as a dry state, so he lost his business. He donated the house to the state for a Governor’s Mansion and he moved out of state.

20170829_105421 (2)


The ice box in the kitchen.



Below is the fireplace.


Below is a double radiator. Since it gets to 45 below in winter here, that is not surprising!


There was a Bay Window and piano.

20170829_111139 (2)


The stair care was beautiful, but I noticed that the banister was lower than usual.

Upstairs had several bedrooms.  Notice the ‘humidifier’ on the radiator.



We also toured the garage/carriage house.



We went up to the Capitol building and we stopped and looked at the Sakakawea Statue.

20170829_122055 (2)

20170829_104428 (2)

Then we went to the ND History Museum. We just visited the replicas of the battleship and submarines that we named North Dakota.


We left the museum and went to the Capitol building for the free tour. We walked in thru security. Then we wandered looking at the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders Award North Dakota Hall of Fame,  while waiting for the 1 PM tour.

There were several familiar names. Here is Louis L’Amour


Eric Sevareid..



Peggy Lee.  Below is Lawrence Welk.


We took the elevator up one floor to the House and Senate. Even though this was a sky scraper, built in the 1930’s to replace the original building which burned down in 1930. It is art deco, due to the time period.



Below is the House.  Their legislature meets every two years.!


Below is the Senate.


This is the hallway between the Legislature and the Supreme Court.


Below is the elevator door. Pretty fancy!


At the entrance to the Secretary of State ofice, they have an entrance room which is called the “Eye Room”. It is made with an extinct wood from California. It looks like a face in the wood….They think that it is the only room in the world built from this wood.


We continued on to the Supreme Court. North Dakota is unique. There is no Court of Appeals,  all appeals go directly to the Supreme Court and any citizen is able to appeal to the court.


We went up in the fancy elevator to the 18th floor to look out on the city. They had pictures of the courthouse which burned.


North Dakota holds the Guinness World Record for the most people doing snow angels at the same time in front of the Capitol building.



They had these wicker chairs all over the top floor. They were made in the mental institution 70 years ago. They are so well made that you can sit on them. All of them were different.

20170829_133128 (2) 



20170829_133340 (2)

Well, now you have seen Bismarck! That was about it…

Wednesday- We drove west to Ft.Abraham  Lincoln Infantry Post .

20170830_101132 (2)

20170830_114321 (2)

We entered the park and went directly to the General George Armstrong Custer house. We arrived just before the start of the tour. We had a private tour, as no one else was there!


Below is the living room.



The bathroom.


The kitchen and our docent, Benjamin.


The household staff bedroom.


The trunk room.


The game room on the second floor.


Custer’s Man Cave.




His bedroom.


His mother, wife and father .


Infantry quarters.

20170830_112442 (3)

Then we went up to the top of the hill and climbed into the Blockhouse. This was the view.



20170830_115025 We left and went to the second tour starting at the Visitor Center. The building was built by the CCC. There was a small museum inside.

20170830_115521 (2)



Our tour was of the On-A-Slant village. There were 1500 Native Americans who lived in this village. The location was good, as they had the river for water and protection.


This was our docent for this tour. You can see the homes in the distance.

20170830_120535 (2)

20170830_120559 (2)


Behind the docent was a wind block wall. About 15 people lived in each one of these homes. The women actually built the homes. Look at the size of those logs!


This was a bed, up off the floor. The winter temp can reach 45 below! These were some ingenious, hardy people!


Bob is holding a toy.


This was given to the boys to work on their dexterity. Being able to get the round piece onto the stick is a challenge, we tried! But the boys would learn to do it and it helped with throwing spears at animals to kill them for food.

We moved to the ceremonial building. It was quite large, and it was where they held ceremonies and greeted visitors.

20170830_125003 (2)

20170830_124915 (2)

Above is one of the homes. The comparison is interesting, as how much difference there is in size. Plus it was built by the women. These structures would last only about 20 years due to the poor wood, Cottonwood, they had in the area to use for construction.

We left this area and drove through the campground. It was pretty empty, but then it did not have many amenities The park had four different types of historical significance. First the Native Americans, then Lewis and Clark came through, then Custer, and finally the CCC rebuilding the park. 

We drove back to the MH and had a quiet afternoon.

Thursday- Moving day! We drove west of I-94 to Dickinson ND. We arrived, just before the winds picked up. This year has been really windy traveling! We were lucky, as we pulled in right ahead of the crowd. There were many RV’s behind us, all trying to get off the road.

We settled in and worked on some laundry. We ate left overs for dinner and had a quiet evening.

Friday- We left and drove west about 30 miles to Medora ND. Medora is at the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We stopped on the way at the Painted Canyon Visitor Center.

20170901_094646 (2)

Painted Canyon TRNP ND

Painted Canyone TRNP ND

Painted Canyone TRNP ND

Painted Canyone TRNP ND

Notice the sky looks cloudy? It is smoke from the forest fires in Montana. It was a sunny day and would have been really nice if not for the smoke.

We toured the town of Medora, which took about 2 minutes. We entered the park, free with our geezer pass, and went to the Visitor Center. We arrived just in time for the tour of Teddy’s Maltese Cross Cabin. So we went straight through the building to the cabin.

20170901_101305 (2)

Teddy was out here at his ranch when he received notice that his wife had a baby girl (Alice) so he raced back to New York. He arrived just in time for his wife to die of a previously undiagnosed kidney disease. Later, the same day, at the same house, his mother died of Cholera. So he returned to the cabin and grieved for a year. He also had a ranch north of here, but the building is no longer there. This cabin traveled across country to fairs before being returned to this location.

Here is the kitchen, which is located on the left rear.


Next is the living area, which was the length of the cabin on the right.


Teddy’s bedroom.


There was a second floor ( which we did not see) that housed the ranch hands.

Outside on the right corner, Teddy shot into the wood to design this Maltese Cross.


There is still one of the bullets left in the upper left, that you can see. Notice on the door,


there is a lot of graffiti. People left their mark on the cabin while it was traveling. The building itself is built of railroad ties. There is no good wood in this area of ND, so they used to steal the railroad ties to build cabins… Teddy did this!

20170901_102534 (2)

We returned to the Visitor Center and viewed the very good film. We were told that the drive through the park, 36 miles, would take at least 2 hours ( it took us 3) so we returned to Medora and went into a deli and bought “make it yourself” subs for lunch.

We reentered the park and started our tour. Below is some of the scenery. Note the road going through the picture, that is I-94. We crossed a bridge over the interstate to continue our driving tour.

Teddy Roosevelt NP

Our first stop was at Prairie Dog Town. There were a number of them in the park.

20170901_111504 (2)

We  drove a little farther to Skyline Vista. It was an easy 0.3 mile walk each way to the overlook. This time, we are looking at I-94 from the other side of the valley.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND 
Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

In this picture is the bridge that we crossed.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Some people tour in their motor homes. We don’t, we park and use the car, saving diesel!

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP NC

Teddy Roosevelt NP NC

Teddy Roosevelt NP NC

Teddy Roosevelt NP NCTeddy Roosevelt NP NC

The drive is a loop, so we continued on and the road turned to the north. Our next stop was at the Cottonwood area. Cottonwood is the only trees that grow in this area and they are very a very poor building material. There was a picnic area at this stop, so we parked and walked into the trees to a very nice picnic table. There was also a nice vault toilet in this area.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

We ate our subs, then drove into the campground. We asked the camp  host if it was okay to drive through and he said yes. It was a very nice place, but we would only fit on one side of the park. The cost would be $7 with the geezer pass, per night, with no hook ups.

We drove back to Scenic Loop Drive and continued our tour. The loop split and we took the loop to the right. Our next stop was the Scoria Point Overlook.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Eagle Eye Bob, noted across the road this petrified piece of wood in the rock!

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

The park does not tell you about the coal in the rock or the petrified wood. There is a Petrified Forest  with a 3 miles round trip walk in the park. We did not take that walk, as we could see quite a few pieces of petrified wood if we looked for it.

Here is some more.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

We were driving along and saw a car coming the other way stopped. We know what that means, stop and look, because there is something there.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

It does not show up in the picture, but I think this is the larges bison we have ever seen!

We saw these wild horses. Aren’t they beautiful!

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

And then we saw this herd  of bison,just relaxing.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP NDThe next stop was at Buck Hill. The trail was described as the highest accessible place in the park. The walk was 0.2 miles, straight up a short steep trail. In the distance I could see this lone bison. 

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

We drove back down Buck Hill to the loop road and continued on our way. We stopped at Wind Canyon over look. There were several people there and they pointed out in the distance a herd of wild horses. Both on the top of the mountain and the bottom.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

We passed by Peaceful Valley Ranch, which you can visit. Right after that we passed by the junction, having completed the loop.

We continued traveling back to the entrance. On the way, we passed several more prairie dog towns, bison, the little Missouri River and wild horses.

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

Teddy Roosevelt NP ND

We returned to town then we rode back to the interstate and the 30 miles back to Dickinson. 

Friday- We had a quiet day at home. We went to dinner at the Elks Lodge, where the prices were ridiculous. We paid $34 for two salads! Dickinson is an oil town, with a lot of people in the area working on the oil rigs.

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