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Sat. Jul. 30 Bremen IN to Fri. Aug. 4- Joliet IL

Saturday- We went to the South Bend Farmers Market, our favorite place in the area where we purchased a few items. We continued on to  Costco and Walmart for gas and a few more items. We returned to the MH and had a quiet afternoon.

Around 3, we left and went to Shipshewana. We wandered through our favorite stores and I bought a new purse, which was on sale. We went to dinner at the Blue Gate Restaurant where we had another awesome dinner.

Sunday- We had a quiet morning. At about 12:30, friends Marian and Tom were traveling by, so we met up with them. We had them park at the Martins in Nappanee. We picked them up and we all returned to the MH. We had toured their remodeled MH which is a Foretravel. They had been repainted and renovated the inside of their MH.

We sat and talked for about 3 hours, before they needed to be on their way to Ft. Wayne where they are having a new transmission installed tomorrow.

Monday-  We were up early and off to Wakarusa and Recreational Specialties who were installing the new door. The new service manager, Joe, checked the MH and discovered that some of our walls had come loose from the braces. So they re-glued them. They did not install the door, they wanted to let the glue dry.

We parked in our same spot and plugged into the 30 amp electric cord and settled in for the evening.

Tuesday- Joe had the guys install the door. Denise in the office called Mike’s Painting and they scheduled us for 8:00 tomorrow morning. We went to Elkhart for lunch and shopping. Then we returned and I dropped Bob off at the MH. I left and went to have my hair done in Bremen at The Gallery. I returned and we had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday-  Bob took the MH to Bremen to Mikes Painting while I waited for Recreational Specialties to open at 8. I paid for the repair, and ran over to Mike’s in the car. Bob and the dogs were wandering the parking lot as they had taken the MH right in.

We drove to a park in Nappanee and Bob walked the dogs. At 10 AM, I went to the Chiropractor next door to the hair salon in Bremen. I have been having awful sciatic pain, so I needed an adjustment. That seemed to take care of the worst of it.

We stopped at Subway and then went to a park in Bremen to eat lunch and to wait for the MH to be finished. It was supposed to be completed by 3 PM. At around 2, we left and went into Bremen and used the bathroom at DQ. We stopped at the local grocery store. As I was leaving the store, I saw the MH drive past. This was at about 2:30. We followed the MH to Mikes. It had been painted at their second facility.

We took the MH back to Pla-Mor and checked in for the night. We had a quiet evening.

Thursday- We left at 9 AM to go to Amish Acres for the 55th annual Arts and Crafts Fair. This is a huge event!

We parked in a field and joined the long line to get in. We finished our coffee in line and Bob took our cups back to the car. While he was gone, they called anyone who wanted to pay in cash up front. I went to a different line and paid the entrance fee of $6 per person senior rate.

We wandered through all the crafts and did not purchase anything. They had camel rides, and since this was on my bucket list ( along with riding an elephant which I will need to do somewhere… ). It cost a whopping $5 for two times around the ring. How cool! Here I am crawling on…




The guy stopped Jimmy the camel and said picture and the darn camel posed! It was such a hoot!


Getting off was harder than getting on….

We stopped to watch a “Whip” show.


The cowboy pulled this kid out of the crowd and had him hold two flowers.


Then he used the whip to cut the flower on the kids left side, then right side.


We left and returned to the MH at about 11:15. We finished packing up the MH and took off. We had to be out of Pla-Mor by 12:00.

We traveled west on Hwy. 6 to Hwy. 31 south. We turned south and went to Hwy. 8 where we turned west again. We continued on to the Hollywood Casino in Joliet Il. We settled in to a 50 amp, back-in site with water, $33 per night with a Good Sam discount. We were able to get satellite TV.

We called for the shuttle and went to the Casino for dinner at the Buffett. It was a lot less expensive on Thursday evening than it would be on Fri or Sat.

We ate then joined their membership club which gave us $10, each, to gamble with. We each took a slot machine and started gambling. I quit when I won $36.71. Bob quit when he won $13.50. We went to the 99 Hops bar and Bob had a flight of beer and I had a glass of wine. We ended up leaving, still ahead! We had paid for dinner and drinks. Both of us consider gambling ‘entertainment’ and expect to lose whatever we invest in the activity.


We called for the shuttle to return us to the MH and had a quiet, early evening.

Friday-We went to the free breakfast at the hotel then we completed some tasks around the MH. At 11;30 we went to Joliet for lunch and to pick up some dog food at Petsmart. Then we went to the Visitor Center downtown.

The Visitor Center was located on Rt. 66. That seemed to be their only claim to fame in town. We decided not to pay to tour their Rt. 66 museum. But the gal at the museum did tell us that on his 66th birthday, Paul McCartney drove the entire Rt. 66 road. He stopped at the museum in Joliet. Unknown trivia!



We decided that we should visit the famous prison. So we drove over there. What a waste! They are letting this historic site just rot! We found that they had signs so we read them.

20170804_142403 (2)

Okay, so we wander around looking at the signs and one of the signs talks about the historic gas pumps located around town. Also, the prison was the site used in various movies, including the Blues Brothers Movie. The gal at the museum did not know about any of this! Wow, is Joliet losing tourist dollars when they could be making money. So sad! They do not even have any info on where the gas pumps are located, just on the sign!


So here is the one gas pump at the prison.



We returned to the MH, walked and fed the dogs, then went to meet up with Bob’s cousin Jacque and her hubby Paul. We went to dinner at a Slavic restaurant. Sort of German, sort other foods. It was pretty good!

We had a great time visiting and hope to see them on the road. Paul retires in December and they are going to take off in their 5th wheel!

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