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Sat. July 15 to Fri. July 21 Mammoth Cave to Ft. Knox KY

Saturday- We left and drove south to Bowling Green to the Farmers Market. They have a pretty decent Farmers Market. We bought a few items.I went shopping at Kohl’s for some tops, then we went to lunch at a place called the Wild Egg. We had  a wonderful lunch! I had crepes and Bob had a Quesada. 

We returned to the MH and had a quiet afternoon and evening. There was nothing going on at the park that we were aware of….as they did not give out a schedule.

Sunday- We did our usual budgeting and laundry today. It is National Ice Cream Day, so we drove about 8 miles south to a Carvel’s for some ice cream. They had a BOGO going. We returned and had a quiet evening.

Monday- Nothing much to do today! We have seen everything in the local area that we want to see. So we had a quiet day at home.

Tuesday- We packed up and moved north to Fort Knox KY. We traveled up I-65, then west on Hwy. 30 W. We arrived and set up at about 12:00. We had changed back from CST to EST on the way.

The park is nice. We have 50 amp FHU for $22 at Camp Carlson. It is not on the base, but belongs to the base. Bob spent time trying to get the satellite to work, but there were trees in the way. He was able to get the portable satellite to work. So we do have TV, as we are in a hole and cannot get the local TV stations. Then he started to work on the internet. We had no internet, so he put up our booster. We stayed home for dinner.

Wednesday- We decided to go to downtown Louisville today. We drove north on Hwy. 30 W and the northeast to the city. We went to the Louisville Slugger Factory/Museum. We found parking and walked over to the building. This horse was outside.


20170719_130634 (2)

Here is Bob in front of the famous Louisville Slugger bat.




Above were all in the museum area. Next, we took the tour. No pictures allowed on the tour. First they had a fairly young guy making a bat by hand. He was demonstrating how they used to make the bats. They had a template for the professional bats and they would use that to make, by hand, one as identical as they could get it. By hand, they took 20 minutes each!

Now they use machinery. The first machines were to make the generic bats that you can purchase anywhere. Then our guide showed us how they make the professional bats. Each of the professionals has their own design, with different thickness, weight distribution, wood etc.

They use a current model of the players bat and they can now make it in under 2 minutes, using the computerized system. Professional players use a lot of bats each season. The major league players get their bats for free, as the team pays for them. The minor leaguers have to pay for their own bats.

Next we saw how they remove the tips that they use in the machines, they showed how some of the bats have a hollow area at the end, we saw where they sand the bats, and finally where they paint them. We were able to look at and hold samples of the bats along the tour. They brought us back out at the museum and gave us each a little bat as a souvenir. They had a collage of famous people who have visited.


Across the hallway at the entrance there was a Lego exhibit.


They had various stadiums, build in Legos,


20170719_135414 (3)




The picture above is Derek Jeter made from Legos! They had information about each of the artists. There were three and they all started as kids who became obsessed with Legos and decided to turn their hobby into a career.


We left and walked down Main Street. Below is the Son’s of the Revolution Museum/Library. It was not open.


Below is the Science Museum.


Main Street. This block is also called Museum Row.


In the next block they had this statue.

20170719_140909  20170719_141010

This oriental park.


We left and went to Against the Grain Brewery and Smoke House where Bob had a flight. Yes, Bob is looking thin, but he wants you to know that this is just the top, he still wants to lose another 15 lb.s on the bottom!


We thought this building was unique.


Here is the arena.


We returned to the MH, walked the dogs and had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- We were out the door by 7:30 to go to the Lexington Airport. I was flying out to Dallas for the Optavia Convention. Bob dropped me off at American Airlines and I quickly went thru security. Since the knee replacements, I set off the alarms so of course I had to have the X-ray. I did not even have to take off my shoes or take my liquids out of my carry-on. I used one small suitcase and my back pack.

Bob went to the Social Security office to set up his Social Security account so that he could sign up for Medicare. It is a good thing he started this early. He had tried to do it online, as most people can do, but the site would not accept it. Bob does not have social security as he was a federal employee and does not have enough quarters to qualify.

So, they had told him when he called that he had to take his birth certificate in to an office. So that’s what he was doing. He arrived to find that whoever put the address of his birth in, used the home where his parents were living, instead of St. Joseph Hospital in St. Joe MO. He was able to get that straightened out. The clerk also questioned our address, stating that it is a business, but when Bob explained that we are full-time RV’ers, she accepted the address and he has the account and is now signed up for Medicare. He is eligible on Oct. 1.

Meanwhile, I arrived in Dallas and called an Uber to transport me to the Dallas Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center. I really like Uber, The guy arrived in a new ( still had the new car smell) Nissan Pathfinder within 5 minutes. The app shows you where he is and tracks him on a map. It also says when he has arrived.  He did not say a word when I checked the license plate and his picture, while he was putting my suitcase into his vehicle.

I checked in at the hotel, which took a while since there was a long line. They had some entertainment while we were waiting.

20170720_133138 (2)

There were 4, 265 attendees, so I was really glad that I had gotten my room early! Not everyone could stay at the Gaylord. I also signed my roommate, Terri Aron’s, in. We had never met in person, although we have talked on the phone numerous times! We are on the same team.

As soon as I dropped my luggage off, I went over to the Convention Center, in the next building to the registration desk and to the store which was already open. I picked up a few items and returned to the hotel.  I caught up with friend Janet Trannum and gave her Terri’s room key. I had a meeting at 4 ( a first timers welcome meeting where they served plan compliant appetizers).

20170720_161009 (2)

Terri was arriving about 4. Janet was meeting her, as she and Terri had a meeting at 5 .

Meanwhile back in Ft. Knox, Bob had gone to the beer store to pick up some brew. He stopped at Walmart, returned to the MH and took care of the dogs.

I met up with my Health Coach Lorraine Lynch, and her husband Mike. We went to dinner at the River Walk Restaurant in the hotel. Talk about expensive, $33 for a salad!!! ( It was actually a buffet, but I only ate the salad).

After dinner we went back to the convention center to the opening ceremonies. The presentation of the colors was done by a Marine Corp. group. There was a lady behind us who could really sing. We all enjoyed her singing the National Anthem! We were running late, so we were in the back of the convention center and had to watch everything on TV monitors.

At the end, we met up with Janet, her hubby Dwayne, and Terri. Terri cannot walk distances and has lost 105 lbs. She was in a wheelchair, so Janet, Dwayne and I took her to the 30+ person line to get on the one, small elevator! The Gaylord should be ashamed! Only 1 wheelchair at a time can use the handicap elevator!!!

We returned to our room and got acquainted. We had a normal hotel room, although the bed was very comfortable. The room price was listed at $350 per night. We had a convention price of $187. Gee, they even gave us two free bottles of water per day! Whoopee!(sic)

Friday– We went to the morning session, which was for everyone. Since Terri was in the wheelchair, we went to the handicap section, which was close to the front of the convention center. Both Terri and I had earned an invitation to lunch with Dr. A. So we met up with Janet, who had also won an invitation, and we went to that luncheon. There were 125 of us! We each got to meet and have a picture taken with Dr. A. ( Dr. Wayne Anderson) Below is Terri with Dr. A.




After lunch we separated as I went to the Optavia Client Journey part 1 and part 2.  Terri is not a coach, so she was in the Client Seminars with Dr. A as the speaker.

Meanwhile, back in Ft. Knox, Bob found that the air conditioner on the Edge was not working on the drivers side. I had noticed it a few days ago, but then it had started working again. The temp was 95 with a heat index of 104, so Bob stayed in the nice cool motor home for the day.

Then I met up with everyone and we did some pictures.



Above is me with my Health Coach,  Lorraine.

Terri went to the room with Janet and Dwayne.I went back to the store to pick up some other items and to order my updated Coach Kit. They were having cooking classes and other different seminars in the store. It stood in line for 2 hours exactly!   I met up with Lorraine, Mike, Janet and Dwayne and some other folks for dinner at one of the restaurants. Janet paid for dinner! Thank you my friend!

We had Team Time in the evening. On the way, we ran into this singer playing in the lobby, so we stopped to sing and dance.

20170721_194415 We all went to Bryan Drollinger’s suite for an evening of meeting other members of our team. I have no idea what that cost, but it was catered and he had a 4 bedroom suite overlooking the lake with a balcony! So it was pricy!

Terri was tired and had opted not to attend.I returned to the room and we went to bed.

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