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Sat. July 1 Georgetown KY to Fri. July 7 Jamestown KY

Saturday- We went to the Farmers Market in town. It was not much of a Farmers Market. About 10 booths. We did not find anything we wanted to purchase. We stopped to look at the Courthouse and the old Town Hall.

20170701_114910 (2)

20170701_114027 (2)

Then we stopped in at a jewelers for a ring guard for Bob’s wedding band. It keeps falling off since he has lost so much weight.

We returned to the MH for lunch, then went to Walmart for some items. We returned to the MH in time for the thunderstorms to start. We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Sunday- We traveled south about 17 miles to Lexington. We have been there before! We started at the local Farmers Market. This one was much bigger and nicer than the one in Georgetown. We purchased some heirloom tomatoes and zucchini.

We went to downtown. Our first stop was a the Welcome Center. Unfortunately, they did not open until 12 and it was 10:30. This sign was in front of the Welcome Center.

20170702_104046 (2)   20170702_104021

Across the street was the convention center. In front was a park, and in the park was a Carnegie Library Reading Room. This is it below. 20170702_104224 (2)

There was this cute little free book exchange.


There were hardbacks, paperbacks, and the bottom shelves were for kids books.

These were facing the fountain. It was a pretty and restful place.


We left and went in search of more history. Below is the Carnegie Library.

20170702_105030 (2)

20170702_105115 (2)

Across the street was this house.

20170702_105211 (2)     20170702_105222 (2)

20170702_105301    20170702_105637 (2)

It was also not open. So we drove around the old town. We stopped by the Henry Clay Legal office. It is never open.

20170702_105519 (2)

Then we went to the Henry Clay Estate. On the way we passed some murals.

20170702_105856 (2)

The one below was different!

20170702_110753 (2)

Here is the mansion. It was also not open, although the gate was so we went in and parked.

20170702_111410_001 (2)

20170702_111534 (2)

After his death, the home became the A&M College. It eventually was renovated and turned into a museum.

Abraham Lincoln and Henry Clay may never have met, but Lincoln was a real fan of Henry Clay. Mary Todd Lincoln new him well as their families were close.


As we were leaving we spotted this Thoroughbred Park, with its statues. .


And this mural of Abe.

20170702_113734 (2)

We left downtown, went to lunch, Trader Joe’s and Costco. We returned north to Georgetown, again, just before the thunderstorms occurred. We spend a quiet evening at home.

Monday- We left at about 8:45 to go to Frankfort the capital of Kentucky. It is a small city, with about 27,000 residents. There was not much to see there!

We went straight to the Kentucky Library and Archives to search for more of Bob’s relatives.

20170703_092312 (2)20170703_092511 (2)

There was security at the door and we had to put most everything into a locker. We entered the archive room and were met by one of the employees. He said that most of what they had was on Ancestry.He set us both up with Ancestry and we looked for info there. We did not find anything. So Bob went in search of land records. He still did not find anything.

We left around 11:30 and drove back to the MH. We ate lunch then took a nap. It rained most of the afternoon. We ate dinner at home.

Tuesday- Happy 4th of July. It rained all day! In fact it rained so much and so hard, that we put the dogs raincoats on to take them outside. It was easier than trying to get them completely dry.


We spent the day doing tasks around the MH. It finally stopped raining around 5 PM and the dogs got a really nice long walk then. We stayed home all day.

Wednesday- Moving day and I woke up feeling really lousy. I was not up to doing much, so Bob ended up doing my moving tasks. We thought about staying put, but it is supposed to rain really hard tomorrow, so we decided to head out.

We left at almost 11 AM. We were only travelling about 77 miles south on I-70 to Renfro Valley. We turned east and drove about a mile to the Music venue and RV Park. It was a PA park, $17 night for FHU 50 amp. We settled in and I was still feeling awful, so I suggested to Bob that he go ahead and visit Fort. Boonsboro He left and traveled north. I took a nice nap then watched a movie.

Bob went to the Fort where his 5th great grandfather was one of the founders, along with Daniel Boone.

Ft. Boonsboro 4

Ft. Boonsboro

Ft Boonesboro 2

Turpin memorial 1

Turpin memorial 2 (3)

William Turpin is the grandfather. Bob is not sure who Solomon Turpin is, but he is not a close relative.

Boonesboro 5

Ft. Boonesboro 3

There were about 15 cabins. Each cabin showed different time periods. They also had shops where they demonstrated skills like weaving, herbs, candle making, gun making, and soap making. Above is one of the later cabins. All of this was re-creations. The original site of the Fort was closed today.  In the pictures above, the first one demonstrated when they first arrived in the area, with not much to live on. The second picture shows a cabin when they had made furniture and bedding. The guide said that when word of the Declaration of Independence arrived, they could have cared less. They were too busy trying to survive!

Bob returned around 4:30. We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- We left around 10 for the 66 mile drive to our next destination. We did not realize that we were changing time zones, so we arrived a little after 11 AM at the Kendall Corp of Engineers park, on the Cumberland River. It is a beautiful park for $14 a night with our geezer card! 50 amp w/water. I sure with that everywhere we stopped was this inexpensive and this nice!

20170706_144739 (3)

It is hot and humid, at 90 degrees. We had one shower … then later in the evening we had a really bad storm. Not a lot of lightening or thunder, but heavy rain. The weather radio kept going off with tornado warnings, but not in the county where we were. We were home all evening.

Friday- We left a few minutes after 9 thinking it was going to take us about 1/2 hour to get to friends. Sharon and Gary Sunderland’s house in Monticello. Google had said it was 17 miles away. Well, that was as the crow flies. It took about 45 minutes to get there.

It was great to see our long time friends. We toured their new home and caught up on our lives. We left and went to lunch at a Black Stallion Steak House. We had a very good lunch. The waitress took our picture for us.

20170707_134832 (2)

We proceeded to Conley Bottom Resort, a very nice and large marina on the Cumberland Lake.

20170707_141219 (2)


This area is to houseboats what RV’s are to Elkhart IN. They build houseboats here so there were a lot of them! They rent them out. Gary asked if we could tour one and they said yes, so we did. It slept 12 people and was very nice! The model was a
Luxury Liner, 21 x 75 ft. It rents in season for $3450 for Fri thru Mon.


In 2010, they went for a world record. The white line in the picture is boats connected for the longest raft.

20170707_144625 (3)

20170707_144625 (2)

There was lots of wildlife.


We left and went to a mill.

20170707_151558 (2)

We walked down the hill to the mill and then over to the waterfall. There were several waterfalls, and when they run the mill (rarely) they re-route the water through the wheel.


20170707_152301 (3)

20170707_152319 (2)

We hiked back up the hill, with a stop in the gift shop. Then we returned to Gary and Sharon’s home. We picked up our mail, thank you to both of them for collecting it for us, and we returned to the MH.

We walked and fed the dogs, then went to dinner in Jamestown at the Jamestown Café. It was a nice little place which became very busy at around 6:30. We returned home to the COE park and sat outside enjoying the nice weather.

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