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Sat Jun 24 South Charleston OH to Fri Jun30 Georgetown KY

Saturday- I had a WEBinar at 10, so we left at 11 to go to Dayton. We went straight to the City Market. It was located in an old railroad depot and it was a very nice with some vegetables and meats, a lot of crafts, music, and food vendors. We were glad that the side of the building was open (the other side), because if not, it would have been very hot in there!


We stopped at a Crepe vendor and each had a very nice crepe for lunch. That was all that we bought. We left and went to Costco, bought gas and a few items.

We drove downtown to the Dayton Aviation Heritage Center. Dayton was the home of the Wright Brothers. This is a free National Park.



The Wright brothers built bicycles and used a lot of the technology from the bikes to build their planes. They had originally started as printers.




Also in the museum was a  small Parachute Museum. This was very interesting for Bob as he had worked with parachutes during his career.

20170624_143829 (2)



Bob had actually worked on components of this ejection seat.

20170624_144318 (2)

20170624_144458 (2)    20170624_144451

We left and walked across the park to the Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop. We arrived right in time for the tour.

20170624_140156 (2)


Their bicycles sold for around $100, very expensive in those days! As they started their business, they just sold bike parts, before they started building their own bikes.


Below is the workshop.


After the tour, we returned to the MH. Bob walked the dogs. I checked on the Strawberry Festival we were planning to attend tomorrow and discovered that it ended today. So we fed the dogs and drove north to London OH to their Strawberry Festival.


It was okay, but much smaller than we thought it was going to be. We arrived right after the 5 PM parade. We wandered through, looking at the vendors. We ate dinner there, then returned to the MH for the rest of the evening.

Sunday- We went to Springfield about 7 miles away. We started our tour by stopping by a Frank Lloyd Wright house. “The Westcott House is a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Prairie Stylehouse in Springfield, Ohio. The house was built in 1908 for Mr. Burton J. Westcott, his wife Orpha, and their family. The Westcott property is the only Prairie style house designed by Wright in the state of Ohio”. From Wiki. We decided not to visit the house as we had just done one recently.


20170625_124916 (2)

We drove across town to the Pennsylvania House.



The Inn was used for a number of years because it is at the corner of the National Road and another very busy road( at least is was in those days). The Inn was sold numerous times and used as an Inn, a Flop House, and a Doctors Office.

Eventually the DAR took the building over in the 1930’s and renovated it. It burned down at one point, and the DAR had to rebuild it, so much of the building does not contain items that were there originally.

It was $10 each. We started by watching a movie. As we did, more folks arrived for the tour. We were not allowed to take pictures inside. Hmmm, the docent kept looking the other way! The reason is flash’s. I don’t use flash, so no problem with making anything fade.

This checker set is made with painted sliced corncobs.




20170625_142022 (2)

This picture is a needle point sewn with the smallest petti point stitching I have ever seen! It took the lady who did this over 3 years to complete. The stitching was about 1/2  the size of a usual petti point. Imagine how strained her eyes must have been and the poor lighting they had in those days!

One of the DAR ladies traveled a lot and she collected buttons on her travels, from around the world. She donated 100,000 buttons to the museum. The DAR ladies gave them to the Ohio Button Club ( I did not know one existed). The DAR ladies then opened a button museum.




The Ohio Button Club sorted and framed them. There were all sorts of buttons. There was one from Pope Pius XI, the British Royal Family, and other fascinating places. It was very interesting! The Pennsylvania House is only open 1-3 on Sat and Sun. Why is it called the Pennsylvania House?? Because the guy who opened it was from Pennsylvania!

We found that many of the places that we wanted to visit in this area were only open on Sat. and Sun. That meant we had to pick and choose what to visit.

Our next place on our tour of Springfield was to drive past the Madonna of the Trails statue which they had spoken about on the Pennsylvania House tour. The DAR ladies own the statue.

20170625_144057 (2)



Above is where the statues are located.

From there we went to the Gammon House. It also was not open. But it was a stop on the Underground Railroad. 20170625_145017 (2)

We continued on to view historic houses.

20170625_145720 (2)

20170625_145338_001 (2)

20170625_145921 (2)

It was just a pretty neighborhood. From there we went to The Hartman Rock Garden.

20170625_150656_001 (2)

20170625_150903 (2)

This is located in the back yard of a house in a quiet neighborhood. Mr. Hartman was laid off from his job. He was bored, so he started this garden and got carried away with the project! In 2008, after his death and the death of his wife, the Kohler Foundation took it over. They have a fund for quirky projects like this! It is open to the public and free of charge. Donations accepted.

20170625_150719 (2)

20170625_150751 (2)

The above two pictures are at the entrance/exit.

20170625_150758 (2)

20170625_150917 (2)

20170625_150934 (2)








Weird, but entertaining! We returned to the MH and had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- We went back to Springfield shopping. We stopped at Petsmart for a new collar tag for Karlie, then on to Best Buy. I wanted to look at a vacuum cleaner. Then on to Kohl’s for some pants. We also dropped some items off at the Goodwill. From there we went to Walmart, then back to the MH.

We had lunch at home and took a short nap. We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- We left and drove south on I-70 into Kentucky. We turned south east and went to a little RV park called .Cabin Run Creek. The gal did not even know which of her sites were 50 amp! She was the owner! It was the only park near where we wanted to be!

We looked at the entrance and were not about to take the motor home down the one way road. We were afraid that we would lose the front grill of the MH, as it had a weird drop off. The gal said, just follow her, and she took her golf cart and took us down the one way drive the wrong way. Okay….

We drove into the “pull thru” site she had assigned to us. It was backwards. The water, electric and sewer were at the front of the MH not at the back. We could have turned the MH around, but then they would have been on the wrong side. Also, it was going to be a drop off the front to go down and out from the pull thru. Hmmm, so the gal offered us another site, but it was down on the lower level. The site would have been okay, but there was an electric wire ( Bob thinks the guy put it up himself) and it was too low for us to pass under.

Bob directed me driving to put the MH up on blocks and we parked.


I had to step down backwards, as the drop to the stool was about 2 feet! It was interesting getting into the MH!!!

We settled in for the afternoon and evening.

Wednesday- We left and drove over 30 miles to Cynthiana KY to the Battle Grove Cemetery. We easily found Bob’s Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother’s grave.


Above is Bob cleaning it off. Below is before he cleaned it. 20170628_110329

We found a great uncle buried behind the stone.

20170628_110140 (2)

We went to the office to check to see if anyone else was buried here. There were 7 others, but only 1 was a relative. So we went downtown to lunch at the famous Biancke’s Restaurant. Lots of famous people have eaten there.

20170628_120122 (2)

We had a nice lunch, then went to the Library to visit their Genealogy room.

We started going through various books and on their computer.which had Kentucky information. A woman arrived and she assisted us, as she was familiar with the systems and the area.

We left at about 2:30 and drove the 30 mile winding road back to the MH. This was the way we were going to be leaving the area and heading to our next stop, so we easily made the decision not to take the MH over this route!

We walked and fed the dogs and ate dinner. Then we left at about 6:15 to go to Kentontown Cemetery in Kentontown KY to meet up with Bob’s third cousin, Jim Reeve.at 7 PM. They have never met before. We had to travel about 22 miles on that same road!


Jim showed us Bob’s 2nd Great Grand Father and Mothers grave, and his 3RD Great Grandfather and Grandmother’s graves.  How cool is that!!

Plus several other family graves. We chatted for awhile with Jim, and around 8 we returned to the MH, back over about 22 miles of this awful road.

Thursday- We went back to the Kentontown Cemetery and Bob worked on cleaning the graves. The lady who used to take care of the Cemetery had passed away and the graves needed some caretaking.

Here is some information about the church and cemetery.

20170629_100107 (2)

Below is the grave of a 2nd great aunt. H

Her husband served in the Civil War and was one of Morgan’s Raiders.

20170629_101133 (2)

Here is his 2nd greats Amous junior, who died young,



Above is Amos Jr.’s wife, Bob’s 2nd great grandmother. Yesterday, the picture above is of Luther Reeves, which is Bob’s great grandfather, and Amos Jr and Alice are his parents. As well as parents of Austin below and Mary above.

So this is Great Uncle Austin. 


And this is Amos Senior,
Bob’s 3rd Great Grandfather.


We left the cemetery and went onto Cynthiana. This is the old Courthouse.


We went straight to the courthouse. They sent us to a different building. We found Bob’s various genealogical papers including marriage certificates and his grandmothers guardianship papers. 20170629_105342 (2)

20170701_114910 (2)

We made copies and then went to lunch at a restaurant called Trindy’s restaurant. The food was good but the atmosphere was lousy. It was dark inside…

We returned to the Library. Jim had given us a newspaper article which was not complete. So I went in search of that while Bob looked for other items. I found a history of the Reeves family in a book in a drawer. It was the one that Jim had given us, but was a complete copy.

We also found some other items. We left around 2:30 and returned to the MH. We had a quiet evening at home.

Friday- Now we had to get back out of that lousy site! Bob guided me backing out of the site. He had moved the car to the lower level and I had to back in a U shape to get to the lower level and facing out. Working together we easily managed it.

We hooked up the car and left, never to return to that RV Park! We backtracked to the interstate. We had a long back up when trying to get onto I-75 south. The GPS first said 4 minutes, then 8 minutes, then 16 minutes. Whew, it was slow going!

We stopped at the rest area after we were on I-75, walked the dogs and then continued on our way. We arrived at about 12:00 at Whispering Hills RV Park. What a difference!

We checked into a 50 amp FHU site for $33 per night with our Good Sam discount. We have an all gravel site, which is flat and north facing

We settled in for a quiet evening.

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