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Sat. Jun. 10 to Fri. Jun. 16- Wakarusa IN to Elkhart IN

Saturday- We drove north on Hwy 19 to Hwy 20 which we took west to South Bend We stopped at the Belmont Beverage for Bob to purchase some beer. Then we stopped at one of our favorite Farmers Markets. We loved this market and went there every week while in South Bend, in 2014, for the 10 weeks.

We wandered through looking at the new and old vendors. We spent over $100 there! We had a great time buying meats, vegetables and cherry salsa.

We moved on to Costco. We bought gas $2.09/gal which is a whole lot less than the going price in the area of $2.27!

We spent almost $300 buying a pair of shoes each, meats, and other items. Whew, an expensive day!

We stopped at Aldi’s for a few items and headed back with our bounty to Wakarusa, about 20 miles. We had a quiet afternoon and evening. The weather has turned to hot and humid.

Sunday- We left and went to Goshen to the Walmart Supercenter. We returned and settled in. It was pretty hot in the MH as the temp went up into the high 90’s. It was also pretty humid. We had the fans running and stayed warm, but not too uncomfortable.

Monday- We had the MH ready to be moved. We left the dogs behind in the MH and went to Elkhart. We arrived a little bit before 9 at the Enterprise to pick up our rental car. Then we took the Edge to Gerber’s for the repairs.

We dropped off the car and raced back to McMillers. They had moved the MH into the bay and the dogs were suitably freaked out! We thought that PJ was going to move the MH,(they know PJ) but another guy did it and we think the dogs were afraid that they were being dognapped!

The guys from Mike’s Painting sprayed the door, after putting plastic over the other areas and the floor. We hung out comforting the dogs until about 2:30 when they moved us back into our site outside. The paint guys are to return tomorrow to buff the door.

Since people were here working and if we tripped a breaker we could fix it, Bob decided to put the roof air conditioner on low and try running it with the one basement compressor. That worked. We had no issues, so that is what we are going to do from now on. We were much more comfortable in the MH with the two air conditioners running. When we are on 30 amp, we cannot run both basement compressors.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday-I woke up with an attack of benign vertigo. I have not had an attack in years! It was so long ago, I did not have any medication for it. When I was working at Del Webb, I would refer patients all the time to Banner Vestibular Therapy. The therapy had their own floor in a building across the street. So I know that there are exercises that the Physical Therapist does and teaches the patient for when this occurs.

So we Googled the exercises.  They are called Epley maneuver and Semont maneuver. Bob assisted me in doing the exercises. Then I took a short nap. When I woke up I still did not feel good, but the vertigo was gone. So I spent a very quiet day. 

Nobody showed up to do the doors. Megan called and Mike’s had 3 call ins, so we were scheduled for 7:30 in the morning. I had to call Elkhart campground and explain that we would not be able to arrive today. They were very nice about it!

We had a quiet day in the MH, using the 30 amp with the one basement compressor going and the roof air conditioner on low. We were nice and cool!

By evening I was sort of back to normal. I was still not feeling right, but the dizziness was gone until I laid down in bed. When I did, I had some dizziness, but went to sleep.

Wednesday- I woke up to no vertigo. Yea! I still did not feel back to normal, but I felt better than yesterday.

The paint guys arrived at 8:20 and went to work.


They buffed the side and were gone in about 20 minutes. We had the MH ready to roll. We had decided to leave after lunch. Good thing! We had run out of water. Not a problem, as we keep several gallons of bottled water for situations like this. We only needed it for the toilet and to wash a few dishes.

We ate lunch and said good-bye to Megan and PJ. PJ had looked at the second door, which they thought they could fix, but they decided that they could not, so the door guys had come over to look at it. Megan is asking them to replace it under warranty, and we are waiting to hear. They are going to have to make a new door. So we sat this morning looking at our schedule. We are re-routing and returning to McMillers on July 31.

We left around 12:10 and I drove the car behind the MH. We just drove north on Hwy 19 and turned right on the other side of Elkhart onto CR 4. We went one mile to the Elkhart Campground. We checked in and went to our site. We have FHU 50 amp and can get satellite. $40.50 with our Escapees discount.

We set up and Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry while I started washing clothes. We continued doing laundry all evening. We had some rain storms, but no thunder or lightening.

I worked on making reservations for Ohio and Kentucky. We now have a better idea of our schedule. With them cranking out so many RV’s, and no RV Parks being built, we need to make reservations in advance. That is not something that we have done as much of in the past.

Thursday- We woke up to rain this morning, but it cleared out. We left around 8:45 and drove to White Pigeon MI. Our destination was Bontrager’s Surplus. They purchase lots of surplus items from RV manufacturers and we are looking for some lights for over the recliners. We had put in some reading lights, which work, but are not that pretty. I wanted something nicer, but we have not been able to find any. They are 12 volt, so we have to purchase ones made for RV’s or boats. We stopped at Johnson’s Surplus also, but nothing their either.

I rec’d a text from Gerber and the car should be ready at 4 PM tomorrow. We returned home for lunch, then went to the surplus store in Elkhart. No luck there either.

We returned to the MH and had a quite afternoon and evening.

Friday- We stayed home all day up until 3:30, when we left to go pick up the car. I had two texts during the day that they were on schedule. We really would like to get our car back. The rental car is a Ford Fusion and we like our car so much better. But it is a hybrid, which is nice. We are getting really great gas mileage.

We arrived at Gerber’s to find that the car was not completed. One part had not arrived. It is the screen under the windshield wipers which keeps debris from entering that area of the car. The manager messed up and forgot to order it. It is being expedited and should be here at noon on Monday. He was very apologetic. We have reservations, which are paid for, in Ohio for Monday evening. Fortunately, the drive is only 145 miles. Good thing I did not make reservations for this weekend!

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