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Sat. Jun 3 to Fri. Jun. 9- Clinton IN to Wakarusa IN

Saturday- We drove south to Terra Haute to the fairgrounds for a flea market and craft show. We easily parked and walked through the covered flea market and into one of the buildings for the craft show. We wandered through but did not buy anything.

We went to downtown Terra Haute to the farmers market, and again we wandered through. It is too early in the season for many of the vegetables to be sold. ‘

We returned to the MH, ate lunch and had a quiet afternoon and evening. Again we did not sit outside due to the bugs.

Sunday-  We slept in this morning, packed up and left the park around 10:30. We drove north on Hwy. 71 to Hwy. 41 then zig-zagged through the state of Indiana. We changed times zones 4 times! It drove us crazy when the GPS and phones would flip back and forth in time.

We finally entered the eastern time zone again, and pulled into the Jellystone RV Park in Plymouth IN. We do not usually stay at Jellystone’s as they are full of kids, but this is a PA park and we paid $19.25 for each night with FHU 50 amp.

They had given us a pull thru site with the wheels on concrete, and we were able to get satellite. We are staying for 2 nights before heading to McMillers for our new basement doors.

We settled in and had a quiet evening. It was hot and humid, with thunderstorms. We have the air conditioner going.

Monday- There is not much to do in this area, so we drove the 3 miles into town to take a letter to the Post Office, then stopped at a car wash as the car was filthy again. We stopped at Walmart and returned to the MH for lunch.

We had a short nap, and had a quiet afternoon and evening at home. We went for a long walk with the dogs around the park. The weather has gotten cooler and there is less humidity!

Tuesday-  Moving day. We don’t have to be out of the park until 1, so we are taking our time with moving. We are only going about 30 miles to McMillers, and will be boondocking when we get there. We left the park around 12:30 and drove northeast to Nappanee where we turned north on Hwy. 19 to Wakarusa. We turned right and then turned right into McMiller’s Debut. We stopped and went into the office. They called PJ and he told us to back in and park behind their rig.

We parked and set up. PJ and Megan both came to greet us. Wow, have they expanded in the last 3 years!  They now have 3 production facilities and 50 employees. When we had our MH done in 2014, the business was PJ, Megan, PJ’s brother, mother and father! Now even their kids are working here! They have a lot of different contracts. Megan said that the RV industry has picked up so much that Elkhart County is putting out 3200 new RV’s a month! We passed a lot of them leaving on the road while driving in.

We settled in and left at 4:50 to meet Donna and Allen Vore at the Applebee’s in Elkhart. We had a nice dinner meeting up with our old friends! We returned to the MH and went to bed. Fortunately the temps are cool, in the 70’s during the day and the 50’s at night with crisp bright blue skies!

Wednesday- We sat waiting in the MH until after lunch. We went to Elkhart with the car taking it to Gerber’s Auto Body and Glass the place recommended by our insurance, for the hail repairs. The General Manager, Zack, came out and did a very thorough evaluation of the car. Gerber’s will be submitting the estimate via a portal today and we should hear from Rebecca by Friday.

We returned and found out that the door did not arrive today. So it is supposed to be here tomorrow. We left and went to Nappanee to the Martins for a few items.

We had a quiet evening at home. We have 30 amp service, but have to conserve on water. The weather is nice, in 70’s during the day and 50’s at night with humidity in the high 60’s.

Thursday- The door arrived and they will be installing it tomorrow. We just hung out in the MH all day. This is the last day of good weather. It is supposed to start becoming hot and humid.

It started getting pretty warm inside the MH in the afternoon as the temp went up into the high 80’s.

Friday- They took the MH in at around 9. We stayed in the MH all day with the dogs. It was pretty nice inside without the hot sun on the MH the air conditioner was able to keep up with the increasing temperatures.

They installed the new door. Unfortunately, the locks are different so our previous keys do not work for this door. The locks are closer together and I am now able to open the door, which is why we were having this door replaced.

Basement door

It is going to be painted on Monday. Around 2:30 PJ backed us up out of the plant and plugged us back into the 30 amp. We had a quiet evening at home.

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