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Sat. May 27 to Fri. Jun 2, 2017- Batesville In to Clinton IN

Saturday- I took this picture, near the Adult Lounge, of the pretty lake while on my morning walk.

20170526_080220 (2)

We went to the local farmers market in Batesville. We were not impressed, although it was a cute little town. We returned to the MH and after lunch we went to ‘s Cincinnati. We have been here before so we only went to Trader Joes and Costco.

We returned to the MH and had a quiet afternoon and evening. We were watching the weather closely, as we were expecting bad thunderstorms with a front that was coming across the mid-west. Fortunately, it went south of us and we received nothing!

Sunday- We had a quiet day on Sunday staying home in the MH. The park is very busy with lots of people here for the Memorial Day weekend. There was a golf cart parade today.


There were some activities going on, but we decided not to participate as nothing interested us. We would have gone to Indianapolis, which is about 60 miles away, but this in the Indy 500 weekend and we decided to stay away from the crowds.

Monday- Another quiet day for us. We stayed home, read and watched some Netflix.

Tuesday-Bob went into town to the Post Office to send an envelop out. Other than that, we just had another quiet day.

Wednesday- Moving day! We were slow getting moving today. So we did not leave until after 10 AM.

We drove west on I-74 to Indianapolis, where we moved onto I-70 west. We stopped at a Pilot for diesel and for lunch at a rest area. We exited the interstate onto Hwy. 41 in Terra Haute. We drove north to the town of Clinton, then west, zig-zagged through the countryside, to the Twin Lakes Thousand Trails. We are spending 4 nights at this nice park. It is a little out of the way, but a nicer park than the last one.

We drove into the park and into site 10, one of the only 2, 50 amp FHU sites left. It is a very nice site. We did not think we would be able to get satellite with all the trees, but surprisingly we did.

We went to Clinton to pick up our mail. We returned and went through the mail We ate dinner and sat outside enjoying the great weather. It is warm and sunny, with temps in the 70’s. Less humidity also!

Thursday- We returned to Clinton this morning. We stopped at a thrift store and I bought a purse and Bob bought 3, almost new, golf shirts. We went to the Walmart, the it was the smallest one we have ever seen! So we drove south to Terra Haute to the super Walmart. We made our purchases, then stopped at Meiers for an item, then the Goodwill for me to buy two shirts and a pair of capris.

We returned to the MH, ate dinner and tried to sit outside, but the bugs were really bad this evening. So we went back inside.

Friday- We drove west into Illinois, to  the town of  Marshall, about 30 miles, to visit the National Road Welcome Center. Our first stop in town was at a little log cabin, where we learned a little more about this quaint town.

20170602_085517 (2)

20170602_085541 (2)

20170602_085635 (2)

20170602_090338 (2)

Harlan Hall was where the museum was located.

20170602_090341 (2)

20170602_090429 (2)

20170602_090457 (2)

We entered the building and a docent appeared. She told us that the first floor was a senior center. They were having bingo today and the seniors would be arriving any minute. They served popcorn and played bingo on Friday mornings. Other mornings they played other games. They also served lunch to the seniors.

This was this in the hallway.


We walked up a flight of stairs to the Opera House floor. Then we had to take the elevator to the third floor, as the next level of stairs was blocked off. We rode up with the county elevator inspector!

There was a small museum on the third floor. WE could look down to the Opera Hall level where they were getting ready to set up for a wedding tomorrow.


The statues around the upper level were of the various people who were important to the development of the National Road. They included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Colonel  William Archer. The town was named for Chief Justice John Marshall. This is William Archer.


He fought to have the road built.



The center balcony area held cabinets that were full of artifacts from the area and the pioneers who came through the area, some who settled in and some who continued west. They came in the Conestoga Wagons and on the other side of the balcony were dioramas depicting the time frames of the road and how it changed over time.

Eventually, of course, the country went from horses and wagons to automobiles and trucks, which necessitated the interstate highways. Locals kept the areas around the National Road, and today there are motorcycle trips and antique car rides on the old road. The free museum was small, but pretty interesting!

We left and returned to the motor home for lunch. We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home. We did run over to the Adult Lounge to drop off about 25 books and to pick up a few in trade. More out than in!

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