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Sat. May 13 to Fri. May 18- Westminster CO to Atchison KS

Saturday- We went to the storage unit again to move more stuff out. We took it to ARC. I keep working on the pictures. I am getting there! We also took the photo albums back to the storage unit. It is to expensive to digitalize them also.

At 2, we went to the big pavilion for a birthday party for the Camp Host, Julie’s grandbaby. We had a nice time, as all the RV’ers were invited.


Here is the birthday girl. They gavel her a large cupcake, but she did not make too much of a mess.


We went to Panera for dinner as we both were craving some salad.

Sunday-   Happy Mother’s Day. We went to the Lodge to the Mother’s Day breakfast sitting with some of the RV’ers. We did out usual Sunday chores. We went to lunch Hacienda hoping if we went late, that it would not be too busy. Wrong, we sat at the bar as it was a 45 minute wait for a table. We had a quiet afternoon. We went to social hour at 4.

We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Monday- I finished the pictures. We decided that we would wait until the fall to mail them, as they will be returned and we have no address to have them sent back to….

We took them over to the storage unit and shuffled some more stuff around. We are getting there with managing the storage unit.

We went to our last social hour, as the weather is turning. It is going to start raining and getting colder.

Tuesday- We went to the Cardiologist for Bob’s follow up appointment. His EKG was normal and he was discharged, with instructions to call if there are any issues.

Our next stop was right around the corner at the Endocrinologist. We had not been able to get appointments for both of us. When we called, it was too soon. When we called back they were completely booked. They called a couple of weeks ago and said they had one cancellation. So Bob took that appointment.

We arrived and they took us back. Dr. Cassara was very happy with Bob’s weight loss. His A1C was great and so were his blood sugar numbers. Since he has been off his diabetic medications for the last year, she decided to discharge him! Unless he gains weight or changes his diet and his blood sugars go up, he does not have to see an Endocrinologist.again! Great news!

Since we were there, I told Dr. C that I could not get an appointment, but that I had brought my lab results with me. She looked at them and said no changes. She was also very happy with my labs and my weight loss. She sent in the prescription for my Synthroid, so I am covered for the next year. No charge! I offered to pay the co-pay for the appointment but she said no.

We returned to the park, ate lunch, and I went for a mani/pedi.

We paid Julie for our extra 4 days and ate dinner at home.

Wednesday- We were up early. Bob left at 7:15 to go to Longmont to an Aqua Hot class. This way he may be able to fix out hydro hot when it breaks. They actually gave him an exam and he is now a Certified Aqua Hot Technician. It was an all day class.

While he was gone, I went to lunch at Panera with the girls. There were 9 of us. I arrived back in time for a Webinar which I wanted to see at 1 PM. I missed playing cards, but that was okay. We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- It was snowing when we got up, but not sticking. The weather people on TV said it was not snowing in our area, but it did start sticking to the cars and the grass at about 7:30.

We waited until it became rain, and checked the road conditions.  They were good, so we left around 9:30. We traveled east on Rt. 36 to I-70 east. We traveled through rain most of the day.

We pulled into the City Park in Ellis Kansas at about 5, $20 for 30 amp, the price keeps going up! We got set up just in time for a thunderstorm with hail. The hail was the size of golf balls. We waited until it ended to check the car. No extra damage that we could see. The city cop came around to let us know where the tornado shelter was located, as we were under a tornado warning.

We had a quiet evening as we could not get satellite.

Friday- Still not a great day. Here is a picture of the waterfall from the lake which I took on my morning walk.



The lake is behind the MH and in front of the church. It was full of water this time. The last two times we have stayed here, the lake has been empty.

We continued east on I-70 thru Kansas. Our destination was Basswood RV park outside Kansas City, where we have stayed in the past. When I called they said they had no sites as they were having a BBQ weekend. So we changed to St. Joseph MO. I found a spot at Sharp RV Park, which is a PA park. $15.

We arrived at the park at about 3:00. I walked into the office and the old man said that he did not have me on his list. I had talked to the son. So he called his son. Hmmm, they had overbooked. The son called the other park, AOK, where we have stayed before, but they had no room either.

We had to back track, 34 miles,  to Atchison KS , to Lewis and Clark State Park. We do not like to stay there as there is no Verizon, at least there was none in the past, but there was today! Yeah, we will stay there more in the future!

We easily got a nice 50 amp site for the senior rate of $21 per night. Just electric. While I was with the Camp Host checking us in, a thunderstorm came up. It rained  a lot, and we were glad we were in the site we were assigned, as it did not flood. No hail today!

We had a quiet evening at home.

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