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Sat. Apr. 22 to Fri. Apr. 28- Sun City AZ to Westminster CO

Saturday- We ran to the Verizon store today. We decided to change plans and get the new phones. We will be paying less per month, so that made us happy! Unfortunately, they did not have the phones. The Galaxy  S8 just came out, so we want the Galaxy S7, but they did not have 2. The guy is trying to get one from another store.

We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel with Paula, Charlie, Linda and Mike. It is Mike’s birthday.

AT 7 we went over to Mike and Linda’s for cake and ice cream. There were several of the neighbors there in addition to Paula and Charlie. The temp was in the high 90’s today, but it cooled off nicely in the evening.

Sunday- We did our final trip to the storage unit, taking over some chairs and the bikes. Plus all the other bike items like the rack, lock, chain, helmets, baskets, lights etc. The Verizon guy could not obtain the other phone.

We went to Walmart and CVS. Paula and Charlie came over in the afternoon and we talked for a couple of hours. We had a quiet dinner at home.

Monday- We said good-bye to Mike and Linda, then Paula and Charlie. After stopping at the office to return the mail box key, we drove out of the park. We turned left onto Union Hills, then left onto 107th. We turned left onto Happy Valley, then drove onto Hwy 303. We drove 13 miles through no traffic on this nice new road, to I-17 north.

We started having issues with hills almost immediately. We continued on our way. We stopped at each of the rest areas and gave the engine time to cool down. We have no idea what is causing this issue. We drove up the hills, only having the overheating alarm go off two times. We downshifted, drove slowly and watched everyone passing us!

We decided to go to the Freightliner in Flagstaff. Bob called ahead and made an appointment for tomorrow morning at 7 AM. He also called Black Bart RV Park and made a reservation. We rec’d a small Good Sam discount but paid $36.50.

We arrived around lunch time and checked in. We set up and were glad we were not on the road. The wind really picked up, with gusts 40-50 mph. There  is lot of dust blowing.

We ran over to the Freightliner to scope the place out. Then we went to Verizon. Again, they did not have the Galaxy S7 in two different colors. So we did change our cell phone plan. The reason is that we have already received a notice that we are going to be over on our talking on the phones. We have switched our plan to the unlimited Text, Phone, and Data, although when you hit over 22 GB(per phone), they start to slow you down. We need to keep an eye on that!

We returned to the MH and watched some TV while working on tasks. Our Hydrohot is leaking again, and we do not know why. It was just repaired and is leaking more now than before! So Bob looked at it and had to tighten some bolts. No more leak!

Tuesday- We left the park early and drove over to the Freightliner facility. Check in was 7 AM, but the tech’s do not arrive until 9 AM. Huh?? Seemed strange to us.

We settled into the waiting room with the dogs on our laps. At lunch time we left and went out for lunch. When we returned, they told us that they were going to keep the rig overnight and that we could not stay in it. So we started hunting for a motel. Almost everyone we called wanted at least $30 for the dogs, in addition to the cost of the room. They call that pet friendly???? We finally found that the Motel 6 would take us with no pet fee. So we made a reservation there and drove over to move in for the rest of the day. UGH, the place was really bare bones; no coffee pot, no refrig., no microwave. The chairs and the bed were hard. You get what you pay for!

We read and watched TV. At 6, Bob drove to Chili’s and picked up salads for us.

Wednesday- We stayed at the motel until 11, picked up sandwiches on the way back to the Freightliner and settled in for the afternoon. The dogs are sooooo gooood!!! They just slept on our laps all afternoon and evening. We were in comfy chairs.

The day dragged on! We finally went to dinner around 5:30. We went to Wildflower Cafe, which is similar to Panera for salads. We left the dogs in the car, as the weather had cooled down and they would not overheat. Of course, we did not spend a lot of time in the restaurant.

We returned and were almost the only folks left. They promised to have the MH ready by closing, which was 10 PM. We had made a reservation at the RV park for the night and paid for it, so we could drive the 2 miles back to the park when done. It was going to be cold, so we wanted to stay in a park.

They finished at 10 PM and we drove out of the parking lot at 10:13. I followed the MH in the car down the interstate.

As we were turning into the park, the light hit the rear of the MH just right, and  I noticed that we had fluid draining from the back of the MH. We were literally leaving a trail. 

We pulled into our site and set up. Bob went to check the puddle that was forming and found it to be antifreeze. Not good!!! We went to bed as we were exhausted!

Thursday- We were up early. We got ready to move, I turned on the engine and the low water light went on. So I turned off the engine and we tried calling the Freightliner. By the time it was after 7, they were still not answering the phone, so we took the car and drove over there.

The service guy at the desk greets Mr. Gray, by name. Bob explained the situation and the service guy called a manager. The manager came out and said that she would send a mobile tech over. He arrived about an hour later at the RV park. Bob noted that he did not hear the one thing he wanted to hear, which was “we are sorry for the inconvenience”!

At 9, when the park opened, I went to the office and told them about the problem and the puddle. The wind had picked up again, with winds 40 –50 mph forecasted and we could see the trees swaying. So I signed us up for another night, and we moved to a different site, so that they could clean up the mess.

The mobile tech tighten the hose and clamp, then refilled the antifreeze. He left and we settled in to spend the day relaxing. Our plan had been to drive down the road about 90 miles to a PA park and spend the night there, leaving before the winds picked up, but the winds changed that plan!

The park maintenance guy came over, looked at the puddle, and put stuff on it ( kitty litter??).

Friday- The winds in the north part of Arizona and New Mexico had diminished. They were still very strong over the southern part of the state. We left a little before 8AM and started our long drive east.

We are now behind and Bob has an appointment with the cardiologist on Tuesday. We should have had plenty of time to get there, but with this delay, and there is a winter storm heading for Colorado and New Mexico,  we are going to drive as far as we can before the storm hits. 

We settled on a casino west of ABQ, and changed our minds, continuing to San Felipe Casino, east of ABQ.

This put us in rush hour traffic in ABQ. We passed by 3 separate accidents so traffic was a mess and it took longer to get to the casino than we anticipated. We arrived at about 4:30 ( late for us, as we are usually parked much earlier).

We paid and settled in to the 50 amp. site, no water or sewer. $20. We decided to run to Applebee’s for dinner. We returned to the MH, watched some TV and went to bed.

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  1. Hey you need to put your newly painted RV on the top of the log.

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