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Sat. Mar. 25 to Fri. Mar. 31- Mesa AZ

Saturday- We left and went to Camping World to return a laundry hanger. We had purchased it and it was way to big, so we returned it. There is a smaller one, so we will order one of those.

We went to Costco for gas, $1.99/gal, then to Fry’s for some groceries. We returned to the MH, ate lunch, and went at 1 PM to the next Genealogy seminar, Understanding Court Records. Carol does an excellent job of making her points, using real world situations.

At 3, we returned to the MH, and at 4 we had happy hour. We have 15 people at the rally. One couple did not attend the happy hour, as they had to take their dog on its final journey to the vet. It was also their wedding anniversary and since we all have pets, it was a real bummer for all of us!

We decided to go to a crepe place for dinner and we were really disappointed!

Sunday-  We caught up our budget and performed some other tasks around the MH.

At 11, we went to the conference room for our next seminar on Genealogy Cloud Tips.

We ate lunch and took a short nap. We had happy hour at 4 and a pot luck dinner at 6. It was a ‘bring your own meat and BBQ dinner’.

Monday- Today was the start of our Genealogy research on this trip.We drove east on Main Street to the Mormon Family History Center. We found the Temple easily, but had trouble finding the center. The building had a flood a few years ago, and they moved everyone to the Mormon Training Center. Too bad they did not tell Norm and Mary that! So we had to hunt around for the right place to be. We all showed up at 9 AM and they did a short introduction to the center and told us a little bit about the changes to Family Search.

Family Search is the free Church of Later Day Saints(LDS)  Genealogy website.  It is not quite as comprehensive as Ancestry, but it does have a lot of other items on it, so doing a search of their database can fill in gaps in family trees.

They had free access to Find My Past  and The New England Historical Society, in addition to Fold 3( military records).

We worked until about 3, then returned and went to happy hour where everyone talked about what they had found ( or not found).

We ate dinner at home.

Tuesday-  Bob had scheduled the RV tech to visit to fix the back up camera. So I drove to downtown with the group to the Irish Cultural Center, McClelland Historical Library, to research my Irish ancestors on my mother’s side of the family.

We arrive and paid $5 to do research for the day. They also have tours and an exhibit, which have an extra charge. We met with Marcus, who went over info about the library. Then they set us up on computers with volunteers who assisted us with finding information. To be honest, my volunteer was not very good, but she tried hard!

Finally at 2:30, Marcus came over and found the information that I needed. I still did not accomplish my goal, but I learned the different spellings of my family names.

Meanwhile, back at the MH, the tech arrived at 11. He said that that there was nothing that he could do, as even if he ordered the part, he had not time to come back to install it. He charged Bob for one hour! So Bob had him do some other tasks while he was there! What a rip off! Why did they not say that and save us the money!!! Bob made an appointment. for Monday in Tucson with another company.

The traffic on the drive home was pretty bad. The traffic is starting to increase due to all the folks in town for the Final Four. We had happy hour, then we ate had a group pizza dinner.

Wednesday-  We returned to the Family History Library in Mesa. This place is very noisy, I think because it was not originally designed for this purpose. We continued our searches.

We returned to the MH, fed the dogs, and went to dinner at Café Zupas, where we both had salads for dinner.

Thursday-  We took the light rail to downtown Phoenix, $8 round trip, each. It was only a 1 block to the Library. I had made appointments for both of us with volunteers, to assist us. We both worked on our searches. Neither of us were very successful. Irish records are awful, and much of it was destroyed in the early 1900’s. I found  a few small items, as did Bob.

We returned via the light rail in time for happy hour. We fed the dogs, and went as a group to a nice Mexican Restaurant called Casa Ramos, right on Main Street Mesa.

Friday- We went back to the Family History Library in Mesa. We only stayed until noon. I worked on my French Canadian ancestors finding a lot of information. Bob did not have much luck with his Irish side. We went to the Crepe Bar in Tempe for lunch. This was a very good crepe restaurant.

We returned to the MH, walked the dogs, then went to east Mesa to Best Buy to turn in my old computer. Then we went next door to the Half Price Bookstore. What an awesome place! We both bought books and we also purchased the Dummies Guide to Irish History.

We returned in time for our last happy hour, here in Mesa. We said our good-byes and ate leftovers for dinner.

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