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Sat. Mar. 11 to Fri. Mar. 17- Beaumont TX to Medina Lake TX.

Saturday- This is the first time we have been in an RV park which has a free breakfast! We walked over to their “ Breakfast Room”  and there were no employees there. There were several other folks. We decided to return to the MH, and up pulled the employee. The regular employee could not make it, so it was a sub. She said it would take about 20 minutes, so we returned to the MH and finished getting ready to leave.

We walked back over in about 15 minutes and there were more people there. The available breakfast was cereal, hard boiled eggs, English muffins, bagels, yogurt, and freshly made Belgian Waffles in the shape of the state of Texas!  Pretty nice for a free breakfast!

We left after we ate and continued west to the San Antonio area. We drove north to Medina Lake, to the TT resort. It is a bit out of the way, but we stay for free. We did opt to pay the extra $3 per day for 50 amp electric. We drove around and found a nice, FHU site, with the 50 amp. We settled in and sat outside enjoying the nice weather.

We went over to the Activity Center for dinner. They are only open on Fri and Sat for dinner, and breakfast on Sat and Sun. We both had the beef brisket. Bob could not have the salad because of the bell pepper, but he had coleslaw instead.

After dinner, we walked the dogs down to the lake and watched the sunset.

20170311_182746 - Copy (4)

20170311_182923 (2)

Sunday-  We went to the Activity Center for breakfast. They no longer serve omelets, because they take too long, but they did serve eggs or pancakes.

We decided that for lunch we would go to the In N’ Out Burger that we had seen on the way to the park. We drove back to the area near I-10 and had burgers. Then we went to Walmart and Petsmart.

We returned and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather. It is in the 70’s and sunny in the afternoon, but in the 50’s and cloudy in the mornings. We pulled out the BBQ and had chicken on the grill for dinner. Bob started to come down with a cold tonight!

Monday-  Once Bob got his head cleared out, we left around 10 and on the way out of the park we saw this herd of deer. There are deer everywhere in the park!

20170313_092138 (2)

The deer are not at all afraid of people, but they are afraid of Roxie. She thinks it is a hoot to run towards them, all 14 lbs. of her, and these big animals scatter. She is so easily entertained and so are we!

We went to San Antonio and found a parking lot that was only charging $5 for a day, and parked there. We walked over to La Villita. We were looking for this little church.

20170313_111441 - Copy (4)

My cousin, 1st removed, Brad Smilgin, was married in this little historic church.

20170313_111522 (2)

20170313_111605 (2)

We walked over to the River Walk.


20170313_112451 - Copy (3)

20170313_112835 - Copy (2)

20170313_113105 - Copy (2)

20170313_113148 - Copy

Above is the outdoor theater. My first cousin, Diane Smilgin, lives in San Antonio. During Nursing school, on summer break, we only had a couple of weeks. So I flew to San Antonio, since my father was in Alaska that summer and I stayed with Diane. She and her husband. Vic, took me down to see the show here. We sat in the front row and I was pulled into the show! That was a great memory!

We decided to take the boat tour of the river. $7 each/senior rate.

20170313_114819 - Copy

20170313_115159 - Copy (2)

20170313_115536 - Copy (4)

Note the sky, it started to drizzle while we were on the tour. The area also started to become very crowded!


20170313_120752 - Copy (4)

This mural of the history of San Antonio is made with thousands of individual 1 inch sq. tiles!

We arrived back at where we started, and we walked along the river, in search of lunch. The crowds became ridiculous!  There were 45 minutes lines at the restaurants. We stopped several times to check. We finally made it to the food court at the mall, on the river. Even there, the lines were really long. We finally got in line at the IHOP express, and had a breakfast meal, as this was the shortest line.

We left and returned to the car. We thought we would stop at the Alamo,  but we could not find parking. So we left and went to Costco for gas $1.89/gal, and some items.

We returned to the MH and settled in to sit outside and enjoy the weather, which by this time had cleared out. It was about 68 and very nice out. We ate dinner at home.

Tuesday-  We decided to drive to Fredericksburg TX. This is a little town in the Hill Country, founded by German immigrants.

We stopped at the Visitor Center and went in for a map. We walked through the town looking at the shops. One of the shops was an incredible place with lots of food samples. My two favorites were the Amaretto peanut butter and the Margarita jelly. Wow, were they good, but the containers were too big, so we did not purchase them.

We continued walking and stopped in a beer and wine tasting room. I tasted two wines, one of which was an excellent Moscoto, which unfortunately, was too expensive. Bob tried the two porters. Each taster was $1 each. Much better than the other places which would charge $12 for 6 tastings.

I did not take any pictures in town, as it was just a town. No dramatic German architecture.

We returned to the car and drove to Friedhelm’s Bavarian Inn for lunch. We each had 1/2 of a nice lunch, bringing home the leftovers for dinner.

We left town and drove to Luckenbach! We both like the country song by Merle Haggard. It is a very small area with a few places and lots of people.

20170314_145700 (2)

20170314_143055 - Copy

20170314_143110 (2)

20170314_143141 (2)

There was a small bar.


An expensive gift shop.

20170314_143319 - Copy

Music starts everyday at 1 PM.

20170314_143505 - Copy

We left and returned the one hour drive to the MH. We sat outside enjoying the 72 degree weather, ate our leftovers for dinner, and walked the dogs around the park. I came down with the cold this evening.

Wednesday- We both had a bad night, so we slept in until 7:30. Late for us! We ate breakfast and got ready for a phone call from out “wealth manager” at 9 AM. As he is in the Washington DC area, he was calling from home, due to the snow storm. We reviewed our portfolio and updated him on this past year.

We left around 11:20 to go to Bandera. Bandera is known for its Wild West traditions, including cowboys, ranchers, rodeos and a number of historic ranches still in operation today. We saw a lot of pick-up trucks! Many more than cars…

We were taking the dogs to the groomer, much to their dismay.  We arrived and the gal came outside to let us know that she forgot to get our phone number and her dryers were broken. She had to close for the the next few days for the repair guy to visit. Karlie’s head was really long, as the last groomer had left it too long. So I asked if she would just trim her head. She said yes, so we went inside and she did a nice trim of her head with scissors.

This messed up our day. Our plan had been to drop off the dogs, go to lunch, then to the local laundromat to wash the quilt, blanket, and duvet.  Now we had the dogs in the car. So we stopped at the local Burger King and ate in the car. Then we went to the laundromat and washed the items, while sitting in the car with the dogs.

We returned to the MH and sat out to enjoy the weather. After dinner, we walked the dogs around the lake area.

Thursday- We left early and drove to San Antonio. We were able to get a parking place at the Alamo, $15 for 5 hours. We walked over to the Alamo. The place was mobbed. We are here the wrong week. It is school break ( Texas Week)!  We knew the craziness of Texas Week at Breckenridge. I think everyone who was not in Breckenridge was at the Alamo!

We got into the long line. Bob stayed in line while I went to take a picture of the historic entrance. Hmmm, a lot of people were entering to the left of the building. There was a photographer at the entrance taking a picture of everyone. The line was outside, into the next block, and under a cover looping around. About 200 people in line!

20170316_103901 (2)

The cop told me that you can go in the other way, but that you could not go into this building. That was the church building. I asked what was inside, and he said ‘to be honest, not much”. So we jumped out of line and went in the other side. We wandered through the fort.

20170316_105138 (2)

“San Antonio and the Alamo played a critical role in the Texas Revolution. In December 1835, Texian ( people who were living in Texas before the revolution)  and Tejano ( people who arrived at or after the revolution) volunteers battled Mexican troops quartered in the city. Feb. 23, 1836 Santa Ana arrived. The final assault took place on March 6, 1836.

Below is the Gift Shop.


There were audio tours that you paid for, or the fort was free. We wandered through and were not really very impressed. We stopped and watched the History Channel 20 minute video of the history of San Antonio and the Alamo.

20170316_110219 (2)

This is the other side of the gift shop. The building was built in the 1920’s.

20170316_110442 (2)

They had Living History with demonstrations and displays from the 1830’s.


This was the entrance area to the Research Center, where there was a Jim Bowie exhibit. You can see the folks still in line to the right under the arbor.


Below is an outdoor history exhibit.

20170316_110815 (2)

Below is a memorial …

20170316_111631 (2)

Our last stop was for the movie and to view the exhibits in the Long Barrack.

20170316_111724 (2)

Pictures were forbidden, but I snuck this one. I do not use flash, so there was no issue with ruining the exhibit. They just want to see their books.


We left and wen to the mall for lunch. We were trying to find the Chili’s, and had trouble getting to it. We could see it on the map, but the place was very confusing. We arrived to find that it was completely different from Monday. A whole lot less people!

We had a nice lunch, then stopped in to the Ghirardelli Chocolate store for the free sample! A nice dessert!

We left and stopped at Costco for gas $1.89/gal. We stopped at Walmart and returned to the MH. By this time I was really feeling awful, so we had a quiet evening. It was warm, but cloudy.

Friday- Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am 25% Irish! Bob is 1/16th. I still was feeling pretty lousy. So we had a quiet morning at home.

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