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Sat. Feb. 4 to Fri. Feb 10- Wildwood to Ormond Beach to St. Augustine FL

Saturday-  We left and went to the Carriage Museum. The museum is located in an Equestrian Center. We entered the gift shop and paid $12 each. The museum was larger than we anticipated. There were four different large areas.

The carriages went from ancient Chinese carriages, to British Phaetons, to covered wagons, Gypsy wagons, and sleds, to a Rolls Royce.

Carriage Museum












There were hundreds of them! I am not even going to try to figure out each one. They were all carefully restored. We had a quiet evening.

Sunday-  Moving day. We moved east to Ormond Beach, staying, again at the  Sunshine Holiday Ormond Beach resort. It is Super Bowl Sunday, but even so, we went out to dinner with long time friend Marc Nachman and his wife Rachel at Cracker Barrel.


We had recorded the game, and arrived home to start watching the commercials from the beginning. We caught up at half time and watched the half time show live. This is the way to watch the game! We buzzed through most of the game and only watched the commercials until the 4th quarter.

Monday- We went shopping, stopping at Walmart and Target. We also stopped at the Goodwill and dropped off clothes.

Tuesday-  We drove south to Daytona Beach and went to the Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station. We paid $6 each to enter. The lighthouse is 175 ft. tall and is one of the tallest in the nation. It has a first order Fresnel lens.




This lighthouse had three keepers. Above is the 1st keepers house, below is the 3rd keepers house.



Above is the lens.


It was a nice place to tour.

Wednesday-  Bob has been having muscle cramps, so we left and went to an Urgent Care. We waited about 1/2 hour and then saw the PA. He sent us to have blood drawn.

We returned to the MH, and settled in for the evening.

Thursday- Moving day. The weather forecast was for very windy, so we took off early. Bob drove the MH and I followed in the car. We usually do not drive in wind, or leave early, but we did both. We wanted to arrive at the RV park before the wind really picked up and they had a wind advisory. The wind was not too bad until the last 10 miles, and we only traveled about 40 miles.

We arrived at the park , outside St. Augustine, and they were not open. The gal was there and she told us what site to pull into. We had to play musical motor homes! We were scheduled to be in site A3. The people currently in A3 are to move to A1. The folks in A1, had not left. So we drove into A10 and sat for about 20 minutes until the A1 people left and the A3 people moved. Then we settled in. FHU 50 amp for $35/night.

I ended up chit chatting with two of the ladies up until lunch time. After lunch we did laundry.

We had a quiet evening.

Friday- We  drove into St. Augustine and went to the Old Town Trolley depot. In the fall, when we were here, we only used one day of our ticket because we evacuated for hurricane Mathew. The tour was for 3 days ( that is the least that they sell). I really did not think that they would honor the ticket, as the paperwork states three consecutive days.

We approached the stand and the woman looked at our receipt and gave us the two other days after we explained what had happened! Wahoo!

So we boarded the train and took the tour. We are only visiting places that we missed last time. Below is the Flager Memorial Presbyterian Church.

St. Augustine Presb Church

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

Henry Flager had 3 children. One died at age 3, his daughter died following childbirth, and his son Harry. He built the church as a memorial for his daughter. It was built in 362 days. It is made of poured concrete.

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

Above is Henry, his first wife, the daughter, and granddaughters graves.

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

The lights were interesting. They are crosses.

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

We continued on to the St. Augustine Distillery where we took the tour.

St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

Our tour guide served us two drinks. We both hated them!

St. Augustine Distillery

Then we moved to another room and were served two other drinks.

St. Augustine Distillery

We hated those too!!!

We hopped back on the trolley, and went to the San Sebastian Winery. We took the tour, but left the sampling.

Did you know that White Zinfandel was a mistake?? The mashed grapes must be kept at a certain temperature. If the temp varies, they have to throw away the mash. Sutter Home had this happen. Instead of throwing it away, the played with it and came up with White Zin, and history was made! It is the best selling wine in the country!

We hopped back on the trolley and went to A1A brewery for lunch. We had lunch there on Bob’s birthday back in October. We had a nice lunch, then hopped back onto the trolley.

We returned home, walked the dogs, and then went to the St. Augustine outlets. We stopped at the Corning Revere store and purchased two ramekins, two 8 inch plates, and 2 large salad bowl. We returned and had a quiet evening.

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