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Sat. Jan. 21 to Fri. Jan 27- Tampa to Lutz FL

Saturday-  We ran to Walmart for a gift card, then to Bealls Outlet.  From there we went to the Post Office to mail two packages.

We stopped for lunch at Jimmy John’s for lunch. We returned home and took a short nap. At 3:15, I started cooking the rest of the wings for happy hour at 4. We went over to the tent and had a nice time at happy hour.

At 6, we left to get in line for the show. Tonight’s entertainment was the Rivoli’s. We had seen them in 2008 in Perry Georgia. They are a lot of fun!  Again, we did not win anything in the raffle, and we returned to the MH around 9:30. I seem to have lost the pictures of them!

Sunday-  We moved quickly this morning, getting ready to leave. There is a cold front coming through Florida, so we wanted to get moving and get settled before the winds picked up.

We said our good-bye’s to everyone, and drove out of the fairgrounds at about 9 AM. We drove north on I-4, then south on I-275. We turned north again on toll road 589 and travelled north to Hudson where we drove into Sun Coast Designers. We stopped and dumped our gray water, then parked the MH. We have 50 amp and water, but no sewer connection.

Just as we were arriving, the winds picked up and stayed very strong for the rest of the day.

In the evening we were under a tornado warning. We had to keep trying to figure out where the tornado alley was located and where we were staying. It was pretty scary, as the tornado’s were giving no warning. They are not like the tornado’s in the Midwest where you can see them for miles. In Florida, the tornado’s just drop down out of the sky unexpectedly.

There was a lot of rain and wind. The tornado warning ended around 7:30 and we were now with just a wind warning.

Monday- We were up at 5:45 for showers. We had been told by other folks in the parking lot that they would arrive at 7AM. The guy arrived at 7:15. He gave me paperwork to complete, then left. I started on it and Bob returned from walking the dogs. He completed the process.

They guy showed back up at about 7:30 and told us that since it was raining they might take the MH into the bay. So we got the MH ready to move.

At 12:30, Bob went to the office to see what was happening. It was sunny by then, and all the rain storms had gone out. He was told that we would be here for two more days. Huh? We have reservations for this evening. They had not told us that it would be several days. So Bob came back and we talked about it.

We both went over and talked to the gal. We were told that they always tell the customer that it will be 2-3 days, and it was posted on the wall. Bob was not told this when he called, but they also told us that the door window is glued in so it takes over 24 hours to set.  So we returned to the MH and I called Encore and changed our reservation to Wednesday. They were very nice about it.

We settled in and watched some recorded TV. One of us stayed in the MH the whole time in case they came to get the windows. They were supposed to get them today, but did not come.

We switched to binge watching the first season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. What a hoot that show is! We were laughing a lot!

Tuesday- We woke up at 6 and got up and dressed. Good thing, as the window guy arrived promptly at 6:30  while we were eating breakfast. They took out the windows. Bob was concerned as it took 3 hours to remove our 3 windows.

We left at 10:45 to travel to Tampa Bay Brewery in Ybor City(South Tampa). We met up with a friend of Bob’s from work and his wife, Don and Peggy Nowakowski.


We had a nice lunch and Bob had his beer flight. He said that all the beers were good. We all had a lot of trouble finding a parking place in the Ybor City area of Tampa!



After a nice lunch, we returned home, ate a small dinner, and watched a few episodes of House of Cards on Netflix.

Wednesday- We spent the morning re-routing our trip and making reservations.  We ate lunch and continued to wait, while binge watching season 4 of House of Cards. At around 3, the guys arrived to put the three windows back in. There were four of them, so it moved along pretty quickly. We were done by 4:30. We pulled in the slides and took off, with Bob driving the MH and me driving the car. We were only going 23 miles to Winter Quarters Pasco RV Park, another Encore park.

We arrived after the office had closed, so we picked up the paperwork and went to park the MH. We settled in and went to dinner at Benedettos Italian Restaurant. We had not looked at the menu, and wished we had. It was pricey. Bob had the lasagna and I had the baked ziti. We brought home half of both.

I had managed to wash three loads of laundry before bedtime, since we now have FHU 50 amp.

Thursday- I continued to do laundry in the MH and Bob took the towels to the laundry in the park.

We left at about 11, to go to Port Richey. We stopped for lunch at Trinity Seafood. This was a deli type place with tables and chairs. I ordered the shrimp tacos and Bob ordered the Maryland Style crab cakes. Both were excellent!. Someone in our travels had told us we had to see Port Richey. We never found anything exciting to see there!

We stopped at the Walmart in Hudson to purchase a few items, then returned to the glass place in Hudson. They had forgotten to give us the magnets for the door window, which we use with the shades. They had them there, and the poor gal in the office kept having problems with them all morning. She took them and put them on her desk, in anticipation of our arrival, and they attached themselves to her stapler and anything else metal! They are really strong magnets and you do not want to get your fingers between the magnets! Bob had done that and it was very painful!

We had an ice cream craving, so on the way back, we stopped in Land of Lakes at YoLo for ice cream. We split a brownie sundae, which was excellent.

We returned home and settled in for the evening. We have no satellite at this site, due to a large tree, but decided not to ask to move. We do have great local TV on the antenna. We ate the leftovers for dinner.

Friday-  I had a package that had not arrived, so last night at 11:30, I realized that I only had one more day to get the package. So I climbed out of bed and checked on it. UPS said that they had tried to contact me. Nope, they had not! So I called them. I cannot set up an account, as I have to put in my address, which would obviously create more issues in the future!

So I called and spoke with some guy whose English was a second, third or fourth language! He set up for me to be called at 10 AM. I guess that he meant by 10 AM, as the phone rang while I was in the shower, at 7:30 AM, and Bob spoke with them.

UPS is demanding a apartment number. Bob explained that we were in an RV Park and they could take the package to the office. Nope, they want to deliver it to the site. Okay, not the first time we have had this problem with UPS. We NEVER have this problem with FedEx or Postal service!

At around 10:30 we left and drove to Costco. We purchased a new coffee pot. We have tried to purchase a replacement carafe, as ours broke, but we have not been able to find one for our model. We even tried a universal one, but it did not fit, so we stopped and returned it to Walmart.

We stopped for a nice lunch at Perkins, then continued back to the MH. We settled in for a few hours. At 6:30 we met up with my elementary school friend Cathy Lambert and her daughter Patricia. We had a nice dinner with them at Chili’s just up the road. Cathy’s family had been my second family when I was a kid, so it was great to visit with her. It has been a long, long time!


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