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Sat. Jan. 14 to Fri. Jan 20- Clermont FL to Tampa FL

Saturday- The original plan for today was to wash the carpeting. Forget that, it is way to humid. The laundry from yesterday was still wet! So we punted. We washed all the rest of the inside of the windows. I have been working on them for awhile. We cleaned the counters and up front.

We needed to go to Walmart, so we ran there and ate lunch at the Checkers inside. We returned and I went over to Barb’s to finish the second basket. Meanwhile Bob worked on a few more tasks around the MH.

At 2, we all went to the ice cream social, where we had a little ice cream and participated in the Magic show.

We returned to the MH and continued to binge watch Orange is the New Black. Barb and Sid picked us up and we all went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We returned and finished up Season 4 of Orange is the New Black. Then we started back into The Crown.

Sunday- It is still too humid to do the carpets, so I worked on laundry and Bob worked on washing and waxing the outside of the MH. We also did our usual Sunday tasks. We spent a quiet day at home in anticipation of a crazy day tomorrow.

Monday- I left at 7 to go to Mt. Dora to Aspen Dental. I had made an emergency appointment with them. The appointment was scheduled for 8:45. I arrived early, as the traffic was not bad.

Bob stayed home to be there for the RV Tech who was scheduled to arrive at 10 to repair the Aqua Hot. He arrived at 9:30 and went to work.

I was very impressed with the Dental office. This is one of those Dental franchises. I went in at 8:30 and was taken right in. The gal took me in for X-rays. I gave her my X-rays from April and told her that they would want an X-ray of the right upper side where I am having the issue. So she only took an X-ray of that area.

She took me into a room, the Dental Hygienist came in and checked to make sure that I had taken my antibiotic for my knees. Then he looked and said other than the problem area, my teeth looked good.

The Dentist came in and checked the tooth. I had a cracked filling. She said she could fix it if I was willing to wait for them to work me into the schedule. Of course, I needed to get this taken care of…

They took me to the office area, and I had to pay $177 for the filling and the cleaning. They really wanted to get that area cleaned out really well as I have a pocket there, which was causing all the pain, swelling and bleeding.

Then they took me back to the waiting area. I sat down and within 3 minutes they came and took me to the back area where the Dental Hygienist did a cleaning of all my teeth. Then I was moved back to the waiting room, where I sat for about 5 minutes, and they took me back to the chair.

The Dentist came in and put in the anesthetic, she left and returned a little while later, to replace the filling. Wow! Appointment at 8:45 and I walked out the door at 11:03. I was impressed!

Meanwhile, Bob was working along with the Hydro Hot guy. The Hydro Hot works on diesel but not on electric. It was because all the wires had burnt up! We had a small fire in the box. Fortunately, it is a metal box and did not go any further!

He had to replace the board and all the wires. He thought he would be done by 1, but he completed the job at 2:30. He did submit the claim to our Extended Warranty, but they are only paying $178.

I had left the Dentist and gone to the Chiropractor. I stopped for soup at Panera, since I was still numb! I managed to eat the soup without slobbering it all over myself!

I returned to the MH in time to clean and put a Band-Aid on the RV Tech’s hand where he had a cut from the day before.

Once the Tech left, we took off to go pick up our glasses. Then we stopped in Clermont at Sonny’s BBQ for dinner.

Tuesday-  Check out was at 11. We left the site at 10:30 and drove to the parking lot to hook up the car. It was busy there, so we left the resort a little before 11, texting Barb and Sid.

We met up with them at the rest area on I-4, and followed them to the Florida State Fairgrounds and the Florida RV Supershow. We entered at the specified gate and unhooked the car. Then we moved forward to wait.

The staff would take 4 RV’s at a time to the parking area. If you are traveling in a group, the group has to be together to enter and park together. Alfa’s are distinctive, so the parking people had no problem with putting us together.

We followed the guy in a golf cart to our parking space with the Alfa Sunrisers. We do not belong to this Alfa group, but have reciprocity, from out Roadrunner membership.  There are only 9 rigs here, but Deanna and Frank Jones are here and we know them, as they are Roadrunners also, of course, in addition to Barb and Sid.

Today was the Wagon Master dinner. We went over at 4 for happy hour, then dinner. We sat out talking and meeting people. We met Ellen and Hank, who had purchased friends Wendy and Doug’s Alfa last year at Quartzsite. Doug passed away in the spring.

Wednesday- We walked over to the show, a short walk through a parking lot. There are a little less than 800 RV’s staying here for the show. We wandered through the show, stopping to meet up with Megan and PJ, from McMillers. They are going to do some work on the MH, this spring. We are now scheduled to arrive there June 7.

We went to the Camping World area and purchased new tire covers. Ours had pretty much rotted over the last 10 years. The new ones are a little bigger, which is good.

We also purchased a few other items. We ate lunch and returned to the MH. Bob walked the dogs, and we went to Eye Glass World, as Bob’s glasses needed adjustment. Then we went to Best Buy and purchased a new filter for the refrigerator, then to Total Wine for some beer, and we returned to the MH.

Thursday- We left early to go back to the show. Today we looked at Class C motor homes. The plan is eventually to buy a park model somewhere and to then travel in the smaller RV for part of the year. NO TIME SOON, but we were looking at what was available. Most of the smaller RV’s make us claustrophobic or they do not have some of the items that we require, such as a bedside table for Bob’s CPAP. Some of them even have mattresses that have to fold in half so that they can close the slides. We did find that we could live with the Winnebago Cambria. We would only purchase used anyway!  

We decided we wanted pizza for lunch after seeing a guy walking past with a nice looking piece. We could not find the vendor, so we left. As we were walking back to the MH, I said, I wished that there was a Ledo’s. We looked at each other and Bob started to Google Ledo’s. There was one! So we walked the dogs, and ran to the Ledo’s for lunch.

At 4;15, I started getting the oven warmed up to cook the wings for happy hour at 5. Because I was doing a large amount, I was using the GE Profile, instead of the Breville. It started warming, and finally, after 20 minutes, it beeped. Then I put in the two trays. The oven showed that it was reheating. It never got hot enough. At 5, I finally said the heck with this and dumped them in a casserole dish and microwaved them! They were a hit!

We went over and stayed until 6, then we left and went over to the fairgrounds to the show. It was Keith Allyne, who is a Neil Diamond impersonator. He has been the impersonator of the year in Branson.


He was good. He has an interesting history! He is autistic, a high functioning guy with Asperger’s Syndrome.  He had a great sense of humor and was able to ad lib extremely well. He did say that it was a hard room to work, as the room was a rectangle and the stage was in the middle, with people going up the sides.

We really enjoyed the show. This guy can do over 50 impressions. Bob loved his Louis Armstrong/Kermit the Frog impersonation. It was excellent!

Friday-  We went over to the Sunrisers tent for breakfast, then drove to St. Petersburg. Our destination was the Chihuly Exhibit. We paid about $39 for the two of us and went on the 10:30 docent led tour. It was very interesting, learning more about the glass blowing process and how Dale Chihuly This is one of his two permanent exhibits.




Above are drawings that he does as part of the creative process.


The above piece was in some ladies house, locally. When she heard about the exhibit, she donated the piece to the museum. It was taken apart, piece by piece. The pieces where then brought to the museum and placed on the floor, lined up by size and color. Then the piece was re-constructed into this position. Each one of the glass sculptures are dusted by a professional crew to assure that dust does not accumulate on the pieces. Glad that is not my job! Below are on a wall.





This is a large exhibit of the balls, which have been placed in an Italian fisherman’s boat.



If you notice above, there is black Plexiglas below the exhibit. The reflexion down is fantastic! The ends are clear, so that it looks like ice on the tips.  Below is in neon, using blue light.





Above is part of a garden. Below is the next part.


Note below, these bowls, which have  20-22 layers of glass, appear different inside the bowl, than on the outside! There is no paint involved, the glass is rolled in other color glass to make the colors.

20170120_110521 (2)


Bet if I said, lets go look at some glass sculptures, you would look bored. But if I said lets go look at some Chihuly, you would be more interested! HIs work is spectacular.

We went outside to look at another sculpture. Chihuly was commissioned to do a sculpture for the 50th anniversary of Israel. Because they could not put a concrete pad down, he came up with doing this item in plastic. This is a plastic replica. The plastic pieces felt almost like glass!


Then we went down the street for lunch at the Dome Cafe.

We returned to the Tampa area, and stopped at Home Depot, then Lowes, then Ace Hardware looking for a straight stop valve for the shower. Someone at the rally was talking about it. By using this valve, we do not have to turn off the water, all the way, when taking a shower, and then have to wait for the water to get hot again.

We returned and went over to the tent to meet up for carpooling. All of the Sunrisers, many who were not staying at the rally, met at Shell’s Seafood Restaurant, near Busch Gardens for a very nice dinner. Deanna and Frank rode with us, as they wanted to ride in the Edge. They are in the market for a new car.

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