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Jan. 7 to Jan. 13- Clermont FL ( Orlando area)

Saturday- It was 72 when we woke up this morning to hot, humid air. A cold front is coming in today, and the temp is going to drop during the day, as a cold front comes through with rain.

At 10 I went over to Barb and Sid Zelke’s Alfa to have her sew our front shade. This is the outside shade that we purchased in 2008, and there is no way my little sewing machine could handle this job. Bob had showed me one area that needed to be sewed, but it turned out there were a lot of them.

Barb has a heavy duty Viking sewing machine. She was able to do the repair, but it took all three of us to get it done, as this shade is large and has magnets in it. The magnets keep attaching to her machine!  We decided that it was the sun damage that is destroying the thread, although the shade is in good shape.

I returned home for lunch and went into my drawers to find the items that I needed for the afternoon. While I was rummaging through my drawers, I cleaned them out, getting rid of a bunch of junk.

At 12:30 I went back to Barb’s, who is assisting me with making another basket. I had the materials, but needed assistance with remembering how to do this! Sid also helped with turning the material. We worked until 5 PM. I returned home and we ate dinner.


While I was gone, Bob had added water to the tank. The boil water precaution had ended yesterday, so we can use water again. We made it though, by really skimping on water.

The Hydro Hot is not working on electric, again. Bob had spent time trying everything he could think of, but we are going to have to get someone to fix it. It works on diesel, which is good, so that we can run it if it gets too cold. It is supposed to be in the 30’s tonight!

Sunday- Brrr! Florida is supposed to be warm! It was 35 this morning, but with the winds, it feels like it is in the 20’s.  Bob got up and turned on the diesel Hydro Hot just in case. So for another day we are wearing jeans and sweatshirts!

We did our usual budgeting and checking our accounts. Then we did laundry and cleaned more drawers. We ate lunch and signed up for Netflix. We spent the afternoon binge watching season 4 of Orange is the New Black.  We ate dinner at home and  watched even more TV.

Monday- It was cold again last night and Bob got up and turned on the diesel hydro hot early in the morning. We worked on tasks around the MH. Bob is still trying to find an RV tech to fix the Hydro Hot. He finally found one in Tampa. He asked the guy if he would come to the MH at the Fairgrounds. Nope, the guy does not want to pay the $800 fee to enter the RV parking area.

He told Bob he needed a few more repairs in the Clermont area, and he would come to us here. He said he would call back in the evening to let us know when.

At 10:30 I went for a mani/pedi. I returned, getting stuck in the RV line getting into the park. While I was gone, Bob spent more time on trying to see if he could repair the Hydro Hot.

We ate lunch at home and then Bob went to True Value hardware. I spent some time coloring while watching The Crown on Netflix. I got hooked and then so did Bob when he returned. We binge watched it, through dinner and into the evening.

Tuesday- We spent the morning cleaning in the MH and other tasks. After lunch, we went to the Dentist office for a cleaning. GRRRR! We arrived to find that they only do an exam then it would take months to get our cleaning scheduled. Bob had told them what we were planning when he made the appointment. So we walked out.

We went to JoAnne’s for me to find some Pellon for another basket, but they did not have any of what I needed. We returned to the MH and I cooked some turkey meatballs for happy hour. We went to the happy hour at Barb and Sid’s motor home. We had a nice time visiting with new friends.

Wednesday- We were off to Universal Studios for the day. Traffic was awful and it took us almost an hour to get there. We parked in the parking garage, $20 for the day. We walked thru the City Walk to the split and went right to the Studios.


Barb had given me an old ticket so we started at Guest Services and traded the ticket in for another ticket which got me in, for free! We had bought another ticket for Bob on line. We also bought the Express Passes for each of us. We used it but found that we really could have gotten along today without it today.


We wandered through the park.  There were a number of streets like this which had nothing there. In this area there was just an ice cream shop.


Our first stop was at The Wizarding World of Happy Potter-Dagon Alley.


We went thru the ride, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.



We left there and went to a puppet show.


We wandered through to the MIB ride.


20170111_105946 (2)

We went to the Knights Bus.


Then we crossed the bridge and went to the Simpsons and did the Simpsons 4D ride.


Ugh, this is the type of ride that makes me ill, so I am not going to do any more of this type of ride!

We ate lunch at the Universals Studios Monster Cafe, where we split a half roasted chicken, with broccoli and a side salad.

We wandered around some more. There are a lot of the characters around.



We went to the Blues Brothers Show  which was very good!




We danced in the street, doing a conga line with the actors.




As you can tell, this was the highlight of the day! Bob also rode some of the more intense roller coasters.

We walked back to the Duff’s bar and Bob had a Duff’s Amber beer.


We decided we had enough, so we left. We returned to the MH and ate dinner.

Thursday-  We did some more cleaning in the MH, then we went to lunch with long time friend Marvin Williams at the Orlando Yard  House. Here are Bob and Marvin enjoying some beer!


We returned home, walked the dogs,and went to dinner with Barb and Sid Zelke and Glen and Suzi  Smith at Hurricane Grill and Wings, where we had been in October. Glen and Suzi are also Alfa owners. Both are younger and still working. Glen is an upper level ‘techie’ for  T-Mobile  and Suzi is an author and speaker about Barn Quilts. That’s the quilt art that you see on barns across the country. She is not a sewing quilter.

Friday-  We went back to Universal, this time turning left to go to Islands of Adventure.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of AdventureUniversal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of AdventureUniversal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of AdventureUniversal Islands of Adventure

The water rides were getting people really wet. Even folks who were wearing ponchos. They sold them at the park, as well as flip flops to wear on these rides. We skipped them as we did not want to get that wet.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

The dinosaur above moved and was animated somehow. He mad a lot of noise and pushed himself through the greenery. It was an interesting exhibit. We were one of the last folks to get our picture taken before they closed for lunch and rest for the actors.

After wandering thru the park, the weather started looking stormy. We had seen everything that we wanted to see and had ridden all the rides. Bob did several of the really wild roller coasters on his own, as I have benign vertigo and did not want to set it off. They were really intense!

We left the park and went to lunch in the City Walk area. We could not resist the Chocolate Factory.

Universal Islands of Adventure

We ordered the Croque Monsieur,  a French ham and cheese sandwich, which we had eaten in France, chocolate almond bread and a decadent dessert. What a great lunch! We only ordered one of each, and split them.

The characters stopped by the table and our waiter took a nice picture of us.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

We waddled back through the City Walk.  At the end of the moving walkway,there was an NBC free picture kiosk, so we took this one below in the photo booth.


We went to Costco, which was only a few miles away. Bob had lost his Fitbit yesterday, and we bought him a new one. We returned to the MH and ate diner at home. After two days of being a theme parks, below is how we feel!


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