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Sat. Dec. 31 to Fri. Jan. 6- Venice to Clermont FL

Saturday- New Years Eve…. We left and went south to the Regis Cinema 16 and watched Rogue One, with our AARP discount, at the 10:30 AM showing. We stopped and dropped Sully off at the Redbox on the way. Rogue One was okay, but it kind of dragged at the beginning. You could tell that George Lucas had not written the script!

We went to First Watch for lunch as it was already 1 PM. We had a nice lunch, stopped at Walmart and returned home. Bob walked the dogs and I rode my bike around the park. It was a nice day.

Bob was not feeling well, and he wanted some comfort food, so I ran to the China King and picked up Chinese take out for dinner. There must have been an accident on I-75 as everyone was bailing off the interstate. I had to re-route to return to the MH.

We watched Creed on Amazon Prime and had a quiet evening at home.

Sunday- Happy New Year! We had a quiet day at home.

Monday- Back on our healthy diets today! I did laundry, we packed up getting ready to leave tomorrow. We ate lunch and dinner at home. Bob took a nap and we watched TV in the evening.

In the afternoon I rec’d a call from the Orlando TT. The gal said that they are doing their express check-in from 12-4. I said that we might be there before 12. The gal said not to arrive before 12, if we did we would be placed into a 30 amp site and could not move until the next day. Okay, we will schedule to arrive at 12.

Tuesday- We left Ramblers Rest at  8:40. It was Coffee and Doughnut day, so the parking lot was full of cars. We could not hook up the car in the parking lot. We had a back up plan, which was to drive towards I-75 and there was a pull off on the side where we could hook up. So that is what we did.

There was a lot of traffic on I-75 north. At Tampa we turned onto I-4 north. We stopped at the first exit to purchase propane at a Pilot, as we have been using the propane water heater for hot water. UGH, this was a very busy place. The propane was located in an awkward place, so we had to drive around the place a second time to position correctly. We did and some very old guy, with severe osteoporosis, ( he was driving a motor home and pulling a trailer, EEK, he should not be driving!! AND he is traveling alone with his dog!) he pulled up blocking us from making the turn to leave when we were finished with obtaining the propane.

We ended up having to disconnect the car so that we could back up the MH. The MH cannot be backed up with the car attached, as it can damage the car. So we quickly disconnected and I moved the car so that Bob could back up the MH. We only had about 40 miles to go so I just drove the car the rest of the way. There really was nowhere to hook the car up anyway, as we needed to get out of the crazy busy Pilot

We drove to the TT and were #17 in line! So much for them waiting until 12:00. We had arrived at 12:03. Evidently they do this craziness during the busy season!

We sat in line, arrived at the Ranger station, received our packets, and were directed to go to the parking lot at the tennis courts/pool. We had to wait to get into the parking lot. When we did, I drove in ahead of Bob to find that in the last spot, where I was headed, there were cars parked in the lot. We could not believe that they allowed that with all the RV’s having to move through there! I told Bob to stop and he backed up and took a spot that another RV had vacated. In total, we guess that this took about 15 minutes, which was not too bad. They did take everyone in order.

When the gal in the golf cart guided us to the area we wanted to stay in, she showed us an Elite spot which looked fairly flat, and it appeared we could get satellite there. It is along the fence, so there is no one behind us. We think that is the only reason it is listed as Elite.

The gal had taken us the wrong way on the road to back directly into the spot. I said to the gal, we are facing the wrong way to back up. She said, yeah, I am not good at that! Grrr! But, Bob was able to get us parked quickly, as there was a 5th wheel directly behind us and we needed to get out of there way so they could park.

It was hot and muggy! The inside of the MH by this time was really hot and it was so humid, we immediately turned on the air conditioner. The dogs were panting at this point, and both of us were dripping!

Once we were settled, I looked at the paperwork they had handed to us and discovered that we are under a Precautionary Boil Water Notice. They had some sort of leak that they are repairing. I wish they had told me that yesterday when they called, as I would have had Bob fill up the water tank. As it is, we are not sure how much water we have in our holding tank. There was no water coming from spigot in the sites. No one has water at this point.  So we are conserving water.

I texted Barb Zelke, a Roadrunner, who is in the park to let her know we had arrived. We texted back and forth, then a little later she and Syd  arrived to greet us. We packed up us, drinks, happy hour appetizer, chairs and the dogs and off we went for happy hour at their site. There are four other Alfa’s here in the park, so we are going to have several happy hours.

We returned to the MH at 6 for dinner. It started to rain and rained several times overnight.

Wednesday-  Still under the boil water notice! We had scheduled an Optometrist appointment for this morning for new glasses. We arrived, and Bob was taken in first. Then I went in. The Doc said that it is Florida law that the eyes be dilated. Great! Bob could not see, so too bad, I declined to have mine dilated. I am due to see my Ophthalmologist anyway, so I will get them checked in April or May.

We returned to the MH, ate lunch, walked the dogs and went to the Boot Barn ( which used to be Sheplers) to buy Bob new shirts for Square Dancing. We were planning to go Square Dancing this evening, but it turns out the dance was 41 miles away, on the other side of Orlando!

We arrived and purchased two shirts for him. We stopped for gas at the WAWA, $2.31. Gas is creeping up again….We returned home, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Thursday-  We are still under the boil water notice. We worked on various issues around the MH. On our to do list is some major cleaning tasks, so I started on that.

Bob called our insurance, as he had rec’d EOB’s that had him paying for services. He hit his ‘catastrophic’ in May, so he should not have had to pay for any services. He found out that several of the doctors that saw him, even though we were at an ‘in plan’ hospital, were out of plan. As a result we have some items we need to pay. We had seen this on TV, in a report on health insurance. We are very careful to go to in-plan Doc’s, labs and hospitals. We had no control over this. Fortunately, the amounts are small!

A large amount was for lab work at the hospital. It was coded wrong, as they coded that the lab work was viewed by a pathologist. Nope, no pathologist, so the insurance declined to pay. Why would he need a pathologist for cardiac enzymes? Those are checked by the cardiologist. This should have been part of the hospital bill, according to the insurance!  Hopefully, they will fix this and not send us a bill, as this is just the EOB so far!

The other issue is that when Bob had the stress test in Minnesota, he told the office that they had to get a pre-auth. When he arrived at the office for the test, he double checked and was told that they had rec’d the pre-auth. Now we are receiving a bill. Bob has talked to the office several times and the first time he talked to them, they told him they would wave the $100 fee. Then they keep sending us bills. Bob called this last time and they told him to appeal with his insurance. REALLY!!! Bob did everything right, and we are being penalized for their failure! So note to self, ( and everyone else) make sure that you get the authorization number before allowing a non-emergency test!

Bob talked to the insurance and filed an appeal. All the insurance has to do is state, on an EOB or letter to the Cardiologist office, that Bob is not liable for this money. Bob also sent the Cardiologist office a copy of the appeal and a letter explaining what had happened so that they have it in writing.

We left at 12 to go to Winter Garden for my hair appt. While I was there, Bob dropped stuff off at the Goodwill and looked for some pants. Plus he went to the Post Office.  He picked me up and we went to America Best for glasses. That was a waste of time as it will take two weeks for the glasses to arrive.

We returned home, ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Friday-  We went to Eye Glass World. They are able to get the glasses in 5-10 days. Hopefully! Fingers crossed!

We went to Walmart and returned home for lunch. We worked around the MH and I got ready for the happy hour this evening.

We ended up with six Alfa couples. There is a seventh Alfa, but they never responded to the note left on their MH.


We had a great time meeting some new folks.

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