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Sat. Nov. 19 to Fri. Nov. 25 Ohio Key Florida

Saturday-  We went to the Farmers Market in Big Pine Key and ew bought some veggies and chocolate/cinnamon rugalach.

We drove back north and went to lunch, in Marathon, at La Nina’s Cuban Restaurant which had 4.5 stars on Yelp. They were well deserved. Bob had a Cuban Sandwich, which is cheese, ham and pork. I had the pork sandwich. Both were HUGE and on some fresh Cuban bread. Cuban pork is excellent! We ate the sandwiches for several days….

We returned to the MH.  When we entered the park we were handed a sheet of paper telling us that they are having water issues. We are to boil the water until it is tested to make sure that there is no bacteria in it. Okay, we have extra water we carry in the MH for just this situation, so Bob pulled the bottles out of the bottom cabinet.

The weather is changing, with a cold front coming through, so we turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows! Bye, bye air conditioning, at least for awhile!

We sat outside reading. We ate dinner at home, then went to the park’s Saturday night ice cream social. $2 each for 1 large scoop. We each had the Chocolate Brownie. It came with hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry.

We sat with some folks from north Florida who are leaving in the morning. We talked for awhile, but it became so noisy that we left. We returned home, watched some TV and read.

Sunday- We had a quiet day, watching TV, reading and me with my foot up.  We tried to watch Amazon Prime shows, but the internet is terrible here! Fortunately, we have recorded shows.  We ate left overs for lunch, took a short nap, and ate dinner at home. I had called around 3:30 to the office to check on the water situation, and it was cleared up. So we ran a lot of water to rinse out the pipes.  We ate dinner at home and watched the Redskin game until it ended which was a late night for us!

Monday-  My foot hurts more in the boot than it did before! It’s waking me up at night with the knife like pain in the arch, 4-5 times a night!. So I called the doctor office for an appointment today. 

We ran to Marathon to eat lunch and to grocery shop, then Bob drove me to the  doctors office. They took off the soft cast and the boot, he looked at my foot, and ordered a topical prescription and an MRI. I am pretty sure that the MRI is not going to happen! To get the approval and the MRI scheduled before we leave on the 4th, would take a miracle with Thanksgiving this week. Our insurance puts the referral through some outside vendor. Then they look for a place to do the test. They do all this before talking to me, and of course, they look in South Dakota. Then when they call me to tell me it is scheduled across the state of South Dakota, or in Iowa, or Kansas or where ever, their closest contract facility is located, then I have permission to get the MRI closer. We have been through this before! Plus the only two places in the Keys to get the MRI are in Marathon and Key West at the hospitals. Anyway, I go back next Monday.

We returned, ate dinner at home, watched some TV and read our books.

Tuesday- We were out the door by 8 this morning, driving to Key West. We wanted to go to the famous Blue Heaven restaurant for breakfast. The problem with this plan was finding a parking place. We finally found a place in front of the Hemingway house. We walked about 4 blocks, back to the restaurant. We had a 30 minute wait, so we visited the gift shop where Bob bought a t-shirt. We settled in, sitting in chairs on the porch. Our wait ended up being about 20 minutes.

Bob ordered an omelet which came with their awesome bread. I ordered the eggs benedict, which they are famous for! It comes with a lime based sauce. Yummy! Once we finished, we ordered a piece of Key Lime Pie for dessert. Of course it is odd to have dessert at breakfast, but it was the best one we have had! All the meringue lightened the taste of the lime. Yeah, not on my healthy eating plan, but you have to splurge sometimes!

Blue Heaven Restaurant, Key West

Blue Heaven Restaurant, Key West



There are a lot of roosters in Key West. Here are two at the restaurant. Evidently these two fight often.

           Blue Heaven Restaurant, Key West                              Blue Heaven Restaurant, Key West

We went to Higgs Beach, which is very pretty.  At the entrance to the pier, there was the AIDS Memorial.

HIggs Beach Key West

HIggs Beach Key West

Higgs Beach, Key West

HIggs Beach Key West

Then we ran through the Naval Base RV park. It was packed.  We would stay there next time we visit this area, if we ever do….

We returned home. The car had been requesting an oil change. Bob had looked for a place to have it changed, but had trouble finding somewhere. So when we got back, he found a Ford app, which talks to your phone and the car. Interesting! Then  you send the info to Ford, and they tell you how much life it left in the oil. Whew, only 3%, so no driving around.

I went and played Mahjong again.We were teaching two gals, so it was a slower game and not for money.That was okay; I enjoy teaching people to play.

I returned around 4 and received the bad news about the car from Bob. He found a place in Big Pine Key to have the oil changed, but could only get an appt. for Monday, as they are closed for the holiday. So we are driving minimal distances. We ate dinner at home, watched TV and read.

Wednesday- We have the big dinner on Thursday at the park so we decided to have our own Thanksgiving dinner today. We made our usual casseroles and cooked a chicken. We cannot find a small enough turkey to purchase, so we cooked the chicken we had in the freezer in the crock pot.

We read out books outside, as the weather was beautiful. .

Thursday-  Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful to be having our Thanksgiving in paradise!!

I cooked some brownies for the dessert that we are to take to the dinner. while watching the Macy’s parade and the dog show. The resort is providing the dinner, which is turkey, corn bread stuffing, mash potatoes, praline sweet potato casserole, peas & carrots, turkey giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, and rolls with butter. They also supplied ice tea, water and coffee. Attendees were to bring the desserts! This is the first park we have been at for a holiday that the meal was provided, free of charge!

It rained most of the morning, but cleared up just before the dinner. We went over at about 1:45, as senior always arrive early. There were a lot of us waiting, but they would not let us in until 2 pm. There were assigned tables and we were placed at table 16 out of 18 There were 10 seats at each table, for a total of 180 people. Wow, and the discussion at our table was that the park was not as full as it usually is!

The Activity Director was running the dinner. She liked to hear herself talk, so she did not start calling the tables until 2:45. We were the third from the last table, so we were near the end of the line, but there was plenty of food. They only ran out of cranberry sauce at the very end of the line.

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

The food was excellent, especially the praline sweet potato casserole. They serve the left overs at the happy hour at 4 pm tomorrow! The dessert  line started at 4 PM. They were also doing the Turkey Trot Poker Walk. Hmm, you pay $1 and you are buying 5 cards out of 5 decks of  cards. Then the person with the best poker hand wins. If they hit $100 then they split the pot in half. Whatever, we decided not to play, grabbed dessert and ran back to the MH to watch the Redskin/Cowboys game. Unfortunately, the satellite had stopped working! Grrrr!

Bob worked on it while I tried to get the game on the phone. Bob finally gave up and we were able to watch it on cable TV. The living room picture is not great on the cable but at least we could see the game.

At the end of the 1st quarter, I hopped on my bike and went back over to get my Tupperware container. There were a lot of brownies left, so I put them into another container and left them there for tomorrow! We did not want them in the MH.

Once the game ended, we switched to watching some shows that we had recorded and then watched some live shows on the cable.

Friday- Our other  two problems we are having is that the small propane water heater is not staying lit. So Bob has been working on that issue. We have the hydro-hot, so we are taking showers using the diesel heater. We don’t want to use the electric, as we have to pay for more for the electric and the hydro hot uses a lot! So we just turn on the diesel when we need some hot water, such as for showers and dishes. It only takes about 8 minutes to heat up the water. The second problem was that the seal on the toilet was leaking.

Bob finally decided to call an RV tech. He called and the guy is coming out on Monday. He would have come out today, but he was already coming to the park on Monday. That works for us, as we do have hot water when needed. He also told Bob to try something, and Bob is working on that. He has to blow out something, so he had to start the MH for the air compressor to work.

Meanwhile, I was doing laundry and decorating for Christmas. Bob also tried again to figure out what is wrong with the satellite. He can’t figure it out, so he tried calling the manufacturer, but they are closed until Monday. We know it is not Direct TV, it is the actual satellite dish, according to the error message.

We worked on what we are going to do after we leave Florida. Then at 4, we went back over to the clubhouse for the leftovers dinner. There were about half the people there that were there yesterday. They sent us straight into line. There was plenty of leftovers and they must have gone out and purchased some cranberry sauce, as they had that also.

We sat at a table and a couple came over and sat with us. They are full-timers from Ohio, who have been coming here every fall. They kayak the bay and ocean here, and they arrive in October to attend all the fall festivals.

We had a great conversation! We eventually left around 5:10, returned to the MH, got the dogs and went to see the sunset.  We fed the dogs, watched some TV and read. We have a whole bunch of magazines here and we are trying to read them all and trash them.  The park people tried to give us more leftovers to take home with us, but we declined. We have enough of our own.

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