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Sat. Nov. 12 to Fri. Nov.18 Ohio Key, FL

Saturday-  We went to Big Pine Key to the Farmers Market. We bought some veggies and then a Garlic marinade, made with just garlic, a little oil and a little lemon juice. It is yummy, low fat, low sodium and next to no calories!

We returned home and dropped off the items, then drove to Marathon. We stopped at Home Depot for two new light bulbs for the bathroom, then we continued on to the Walgreens to drop off the Star Trek DVD.

We stopped at the Marathon Festival at the Marathon City Park. We wandered through the craft booths, and bought tickets for the food tastings. Bob had ribs and I had a sloppy joe and a lobster patty, both sliders which were small. Bob also had some Crab Rangoon. He also had a hot dog. We both had a scoop of  home made chocolate ice cream. Then we left and returned to the MH.

Marathon Festival

I sat outside and Bob went fishing. He caught several small fish. I joined him at sunset. Here was todays sunset, facing away from the sun.


We returned home and BBQ’d some pork chops. We watched Goliath on Amazon Prime which was pretty good! We will have to finish the series.

Sunday-  Bob worked on the water situation. We have really lousy water pressure. We had tried taking showers using the pump and our own tank, but the pressure was still really lousy. With doing that, we should have had great water pressure. So he had switched the shower heads, and that did not seem to help. Then he switched the water pumps, as we have an extra one. That also did not work. So finally, he took it all apart and found that the filter was really clogged. So he cleaned that and we now have good water pressure.

We decided to go to Marathon to pick up something for lunch. We stopped at Keys Fishery for a carryout lunch. I had a Lobster Ruben and Bob had  fish tacos. They both came with some lousy french fries which we threw away. The meals were good though and so was the coleslaw.

We returned and ate the lunch and watched the Redskin game. At 4, Bob walked the dogs and I went outside and read my book. At 5, we left and went back to Marathon to the Sunset Grill for dinner. What a view! Much better than at the RV park, because it was farther away. We will not go there again for a meal as it was mediocre and very, very expensive! We might go for a drink though to see the sunset….

Sunset Grill sunset , Florida Keys

I had the broiled trio of scallops, shrimp and crab. Bob had the Lobster Thermador. The waitress was awful. I finally asked for our bread and she went and got it. Then she delivered my meal with rice and mash potatoes, which was supposed to come with rice and mixed veggies. Bob’s came with the mixed veggies which had bell pepper. She whipped the plate away, not giving me time to say that I would eat the veggies,  and they did a whole new meal, with veggies without the bell pepper.

We returned home to watch TV. Bob’s brother Joe called and asked if he could visit over Thanksgiving week. He is making arrangements to visit us.

Monday-  I have been walking in the morning, so today I went over and did water aerobics. I returned and we worked on reservations. I have reservations through most of Florida, which is good, since Florida is very expensive and it is hard to get reservations!

I tried to get us a dental appointment, but was unsuccessful. Then Bob worked on it and got us an appointment in January in Clermont. I did get an appointment with a Podiatrist for my foot pain for Thursday.

I went to play Mahjongg with 3 other gals with the pet sitters wife, Susan and two ladies named Nancy. I had a great time. We played for money and I came home with exactly what I left with!

We had a quiet day at home. We ate lunch and sat outside reading our books in the nice weather. The temp was 80 and there was a slight breeze.

We grilled a steak for dinner and settled in for the evening. Bob took this picture of the sky near sunset.


Tuesday-  The King Tides came in last night due to the large full moon. As a result, I had to re-route my walk.

King Tide, Florida Keys

This is from the bay on the right. While I was power walking, there was a gal sitting on the pier. She showed me why!

Manatee,Florida Keys




These gentle giants were drinking the water from the hose which was leaking. How cool to get to see them up close in the wild. There were three of them and they were switching off drinking! This guy had flipped over onto his back! I quickly walked home and told Bob and we rode our bikes back to watch them.

Wednesday- It was a beautiful day so  we drove to Key West. We stopped first at the southern most point in the continental USA. There was a line, but everyone was very polite, and waited patiently.

Key West, Southern Most Point in USA line

We noticed this building and the sign while waiting in line.

At southern most point in USA

DSCN7069 DSCN7070

We continued on to the Truman Little White House. This was a third try and we easily got a parking place about 2 blocks away his time.


As you can see above, it was used by a lot of presidents, not just Truman.


I was not allowed to take pictures inside. The guide said that the Secret Service will not allow pictures, but we think that is just so that they can sell their picture books. It was a shame that I could not get a picture of the poker table. It was unique!

Truman Little Whitehouse

Above is the side of the house facing the water. The water was much closer than it is now. The navy base, where the house is located, is no longer a navy base! But it was a deep water port, and they took the earth that they dredged and made more land in front of the house. Harry liked Key West and stayed here many times to relax. He hated the Washington White House. In Key West, he was free to walk daily on the base and he also walked in town.

Truman Little Whitehouse

Above is the street side of the house. The tour was 45 minutes long. The furniture is original and what the Truman used in 1948. Our guide was very knowledgeable.

We left and went to Pinchers Restaurant for lunch. The music was good, all songs we knew. I had the grilled shrimp which was really good and there were a lot of shrimp. Bob had the coconut shrimp, which he said was just okay.

We left and returned home. I sat out reading and Bob went fishing. Here was tonight’s sunset.

Sunset at Sunshine Key

Thursday- I walked this morning and did not see the Manatees, but I did see this bird. He did not move when I walked past him onto the pier!

20161117_073949I had my podiatrist appt. this morning in Big Pine Key at 10:30. I have had a pain in the arch in my right foot since March. This is the first time that we have been sitting here long enough for me to have an appointment. The Doc said that I have Posterior Tibular Fasciitis. I have an extra bone in each foot, which I knew about as it was discovered when I was a kid. This is right in the arch, where the fascia attaches and is pulling down on the fascia. This has caused the issue. So the Doc decided to put me into a soft cast and a  boot to rest the foot.

20161117_113317 I had to drive home, as Bob was not with me, but I did that in the soft cast, not in the boot.

I had a hair appointment at a place that the gals from Mahjongg had recommended, Nadine’s Hair Salon and Spa, so we went there for my 2:30 appt. It was expensive but worth it. I had the best hair cut that I have had in a long,long time! She also used a short time color.

Since we were half way to Key West, we continue to there. We went to the Waterfront Brewery for an early dinner. We thought we would be able to see the sunset from the roof seating, but they said no. So we ate dinner and then we left. We each had a sandwich. Bob had the beer flight and I had a Malibu Bay Breeze.

Dinner was good. We did not realize how far we were from Mallory Square. We walked over, which in the cast was not a  good idea. We watched the awesome sunset!

Sunset, Mallory Square, Key West


As you can tell, there were some clouds on the horizon!

Since it was such a long walk back to the car, we hired one of the Pedi-cabs for $14 to return us to the car. That was really fun. It was something that we have not done before and we were able to see some scenes in Key West that we have not see before! We returned to the MH, read and watched TV.

Friday- Bob decided to fix the hamper. Since we had the renovation in 2014, the hinges on the bottom of the hamper had broken. Bob could not easily get to the screws, so we have had issues with the hamper for a long time. Since we are sitting, Bob decided to fix the issue. He worked on it and had to purchase new hinges. So he ran to the Ace Hardware in Big Pine. Actually, Big Pine has 3 hardware stores and none had what he needed. So he ended up going to Marathon.

He returned, we ate lunch and he worked on the hinges. During this, he developed the A-fib. I was very glad that he did not have his colonoscopy today!

Bob took his meds and the A-fib only lasted about an hour and a half. So at 6, we went to Boon Dockers Restaurant for dinner. They were having an Oyster Festival. Bob had an oyster Po’Boy. I had the Lobster Salad. I ordered a Malibu Bay Breeze. It came in an 8 oz. glass which was mostly ice. The waitress, who was a nice school teacher on her second job, asked me if I wanted  another. I said no, the first was all ice. So she brought be one in a 16 oz glass with less ice. That was really nice! She got a good time and I managed to walk to the car without incident! Good thing Bob was driving!

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