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Sat. Nov. 5 to Fri. Nov. 11, Ohio Key FL

Saturday- We left early to go to the Farmers Market on Big Pine Key. We purchased some tomato sauce and meatballs, bread, pickles and vegetables. When at the pickle stand, we spent about 20 minutes talking to the guy about full time RV’ing.

We left and went to the Big Pine Key Flea Market. It was the first weekend it was open, so there were not many stalls open. I stopped and purchased a necklace. We stopped for lunch at Moritas Cuban Café for lunch. This little deli type café had five stars on Yelp. They were well deserved as both of our meals were wonderful!

We returned to the MH, and of course vacuumed..We are still in flea mode! We are waiting for the new medicine to arrive. Our Vet office in Colorado called and said they were going to give 1-800-Pet-Meds the prescription.

We left around 4:30 and drove to Key West. This weekend is the Parrot Head Convention and rumor had it that Jimmy Buffet would be there. The convention was all sold out, but we thought he might have showed up to sing with his band on Duval Street.

We were worried that it would be very crowded, but it was not! We easily found a parking place at a meter. We stopped for dinner at DJ’s Clam Shack, which we did not realize had been shown on Drive-ins, Diners and Dives! Bob had the conch fritters and I had the lobster roll. Both were excellent! Bob even liked their fries.

We walked down Duval Street and I bought a pair of black Telec sandals at the Birkenstock store. We also bought some stemless wine glasses at the Tervis store. We saw some interesting people, such as the cross-dressers outside a bar.

This is the famous Sloppy Joes. Sloppy Joes was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway.


We left around 8:30 and drove back to the MH.

Sunday- The Redskins are on their by-week, so no game today. But we decided to have a quiet day at home. We did laundry; Bob washed the towels and I washed the sheets. Bob also washed the quilt and blanket again, for flea prevention. We of course, vacuumed again, and brushed the dogs!

We watched some TV. It rained several times and it is very windy! But here is the sunset from the dock.


Monday-  I was able to go to water aerobics this morning. Unfortunately, I could not get the CD on my I-pod to work, but there was a lady from Quebec there and we did a workout together.

I returned, took my shower, we ate lunch, then went to Marathon for groceries and gas. Well, gas in Big Pine Key is $2.59, it is $2.53 at the gas station at the RV park and $2.19 in Marathon, so we anticipate a weekly drive to Marathon for gas and groceries. It is only about 7 miles.

We also stopped at the Bealles Outlet and I bought a new bathing suit. We stopped at the Police Station and Bob purchased a fishing license. We also stopped at West Marine and he bought a new fishing pole.

We returned, and went to dinner with Alfa friends, Chris Moody and Barbara Leach, who stopped in on their way back up the Keys from the Parrot Head Convention. . Chris is the VP of the Roadrunners and Barbara is the Secretary. We had a really nice dinner at Springer’s Bar and Grill.


Tuesday- Here is the view from the dock on my walk this morning. We of course, brushed the dogs, vacuumed the MH, and did some computer work.


We left at 10 AM to drive to Key West for Bob’s GI appointment at 11:15. He is due for his colonoscopy, so we want to get that done while he is in catastrophic on the insurance.

We arrived and were taken right in to the Doctor. He met with us and then set up the colonoscopy for next Friday. Poor Bob will have a rough Thursday, but the timing works out for us.

We left and went to lunch at Bo’s Food Truck. Bob had the fish tacos and I had the shrimp tacos. They were delicious. The restaurant was interesting. It looked like a food truck that they had turned into a café. The guidebooks had highly recommended  it and so do we!

Bo's Restaurant Key West FL

Bo's Restaurant Key West FL

We had time left on the meter, so we wandered around. Then returned to the car and tried to get to the Truman Little White House. Unfortunately, we could not find parking. What a mess, as there are boat races going on! So we gave up and went to the Hemingway House. We arrived, finding parking about a block away. We had five minutes to wait, then the tour started. The tour guide did not introduce herself, but  she was very good.

Ernest Hemingway House

Ernest Hemingway House

Ernest Hemingway House

Ernest Hemingway House

You can’t see it but on the bed is a cat. There are 58 cats here, most have the six toes. Usually there are three cats on the bed.

The tour was an interesting half hour for $13 each. We finished by looking at his office and the pool. When I was a kid, I was able to swim in the pool, as a friend’s aunt owned the house. She paid 80 K for the house in 1964, and I was there a short time after that. This is what the house looked like in 1964.

Ernest Hemingway House

We left and went for some ice cream at a place called Key West Ice Cream Factory. Wow, I had a scoop of Amaretto Chocolate and Bob had  a scoop of that and a scoop of the Kailua. They were excellent! We left and returned home!

Wednesday– I went and did water aerobics by myself. I was able to get the I-pod to work today, after re-installing the CD’s.

I returned and we did things around the MH, ate lunch, and left to go to Key West again. Bob had his Cardiologist appt. Nothing new there. Then we went to find a parking place to go to the Truman Little White House. By the time we found a parking place a few blocks away, the museum was going to close in 1/2 an hour, so we went to Sloppy Joes for a Happy Hour drink.

Bob had the Sloppy Joes Ale. I had a Strawberry frozen Daiquiri. Whew, it had a lot of alcohol in it, as they put in 1.5 oz. of liquor! I had to sit there for awhile before I could walk out.

We left and went to the Mallory  Square  Pier to watch the sunset, after wandering through the various shops. We did not have a great sunset, but I did get a wonderful picture!



We left and walked over to Two Friends Patio Restaurant.  The meals were excellent. Bob had the Chicken Primavera and I had the Coconut Shrimp with a salad.

Mel Fisher was eating lunch there in the 1960’s when his son called the restaurant. So he waited for them to arrive. They pulled up in a Cadillac, with the trunk dragging on the ground. There were two chests in it. They left them there and they were not disturbed, while they all ate lunch. It was the first two trunks of treasures from shipwrecks and worth 450 million dollars! 

We walked back to the car and drove back to the MH.

Thursday- I did my walk this morning, talked to a friend via phone, and we went to Marathon for gas, $2.19/gal and to the Home Depot. The drying cycle on the washing machine is over heating, so Bob wanted to find something to stick down the hole to catch the lint.

We returned and Bob worked on the dryer and I cleaned the basement doors. The dogs liked being able to sit outside for short time, as they decided they wanted back into the MH.  It was not that hot outside, it was 82 degrees and the humidity was okay. There is not a cloud in the bright blue sky!

Then Bob started having the A-fib. Oh well, there went the Colonoscopy! He drank some Gatorade and took the medicine, but we are afraid for him to go off the blood thinner, for 3 days,  and you have to do that to have the colonoscopy. So we will wait until he is in a better area for health care. The A-fib was gone in about 2 hours!

We ate dinner and watched TV.

Friday- Happy Veteran’s Day! We went to the Veteran’s Day breakfast at 8:30. $5 for everyone except Veteran’s who were free. We sat with a couple who were with the American Coach Rally, that is here, and former Alfa 5th wheel owners. They liked our rig and said that they had been planning to come over and meet us!

We returned and worked on our plans for the west coast of Florida. We ate lunch, then went to Marathon to return the bottles of the prep for Bob’s Colonoscopy to Walgreens.

We returned to the MH and put out our big rug, as the dogs hate lying on the rocks. Bob went fishing and caught a few small fish which he threw back in. I stayed home, sitting out reading until about 5:15, then took the dogs and walked over to meet up with Bob for the sunset.


We returned and BBQ’s some chicken for dinner. We watched the Star Trek Beyond DVD we had picked up at the Redbox at the Walgreens.

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